Outline The Role of Single Gender Education and Parental Choice on Academic Achievement

Outline:TheRole of Single Gender Education and Parental Choice on AcademicAchievement

ThesisStatement: Single gender education is the best suited for students’achievements inschools.

  1. What is Single-Gender Education(SGE)

  2. Background of SGE

  3. The Importance of SGE

  1. What is the impact of parental choice of school on academic achievement?

A.Role of Parent’s feelings and perceptionsB.Parental preferencesIII.Can school choice improve academic achievement? A.Impact of SGE on Students’ self-esteem B.Impact of SGE On gender stereotypesC.Impact of SGE on gender perceptionIV.Literature reviewV.The Pros and Cons of SGEVII.Why the Advocacy for SGE

  • The pros outweigh the cons


  1. Restatement of Thesis

B.Weknow current research indicates there is a mixed opinion of theimpact SGE on Academic Achievement, but does parental choice impactthis? C.What we know about the impact of SGE and parental choice on academicachievement.D.Final thoughts.References