Painting As a Popular Artistic Medium

PaintingAs a Popular Artistic Medium

PaintingAs a Popular Artistic Medium

Paintingis said to be the most popular artistic medium of visual arts becauseit relies on the highest degree of the artist’s imagination and italso involves a lot of manual work (Taylor,2014).The painting also has a great impressionist aspect which hascontinued to gain popularity since the nineteenth century. Theprocess of painting also relates to the reality, and this makespeople identify with it more than other visual arts like sculpture.The painting also has a mental aspect, which makes it more attractiveas compared to sculpture or architecture.

Sculptureand architecture are less popular than painting because they are lessimpressionist in comparison to the paintings. Taylor (2014) arguesthat painting is made based on different realities and this makes itinteresting to explore. The world is also seeking the art that isvery impressionist, and this explains why people are leaning towardspainting and not sculpture and architecture. Also, the impression ofreality in the painting makes it possible for the medium to changewith time maintaining its vibration and sense of interest. Paintingis more dynamic as compared to sculpture and architecture and this iswhy it has remained popular for such a long time. Painting is capableof moving through time and adjusts to newer techniques and perceptionof art (Taylor,2014).

Inthe painting medium, oil paint is preferred to tempera paint. Oilpaint has the advantages of bright colors, greater contrast, andgreater depth. It is also paramount to note that oil paints dry morequickly making them easier to use. Because of these advantages, amovement began in Europe in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries andartists moved from tempera paints to oil paints.


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