Part One



Article1: Zhang, Tianrui Bianji. China-Europe Freight Train to Open NewMoscow Route by End of 2016. Nov 04, 2016&lt

Accordingto the article, there are expectations that the end of 2016 will opena new freight route covering China-Europe from Chengdu throughSichuan province to Moscow. The General Manager of Chengdu IndustryInvestment Corporation, Mr. Tao Xun, disclosed this informationduring a promotional event held on 2ndNovember. In addition, the Manager disclosed that, the incomingChina-Europe freight routes will have to cover the entire economicregion of Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Sea Rimand connect with the Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Macau and otherAsian Countries.

Routesthat start from Chengdu, Nodes in Poland and terminals located inGermany and Holland have already been set up. These lines will haveto expand to other ten more terminals part of Madrid, Milan, andParis. In the meantime, there are overseas warehouses as well asallied agencies that have been established within the cities that arealong the lines.

Article2: Ma Danning, Bianji. Tech Insider: What Is The World No. 1Supercomputer Processing? Nov 04, 2016&lt

Asset out in the article, China`s Sunway Taihu Light is the globalfastest supercomputer and since its start of operation on June 20, ithas been able to come up with more than 100 core achievementswithin various 19 fields covering climate, biology, material science,medicine, marine life, aerospace and particle physics. Generally, thesupercomputer has been able to work in various significant nationalprojects such as setting predictions on the falls of the line ofChina former space location component Tiangong- I (projected todescend back to the earth by 2017). In addition, it has been offeringcommercial services, it routes data for Envision Energy which is aShanghai-based oomph technology service supplier. This Chinesepowerful computer was able to calculate China wind resources in 2014and 2015 within 12 days only, while it was simultaneously processingother jobs.

Article3: Kou Jie, Bianji. Baidu to Make Self-Driving Cars Available ToPublic by 2018. November 4, 2016,&lt

Asexplored in the article, there are expectations that by 2018 aself-driving car service will be commercially practical in China.During the time, there will be a mass production dealing withself-driving vehicles that will be out within five years. This wasaccording to the announcement that was made by Baidu, China’sInternet Giant. The remarks were made by Wang Jin who is the SeniorVice President of the company. He stated that the firm would have totest the self-driving car during the third World Internet Conferencethat will be held in Zhejiang Province. Actually, the firm has beenable to undertake significant achievement in the self-drivingtechnology industry. In general, Baidu self-driving car is currentlyboasting an accuracy rate of 90.13 percent in terms of recognition ofobjects. In terms of recognition of traffic lights and passenger, thevehicle has scored 99.9 percent and 95 percent respectively.

Article4: Du Mingming, Bianji. New Heavy-Lift Carrier Rocket Boosts ChinasSpace Dream. November 4,2019&lt

OnNov 3, China launched its innovative heavier lift carrier rocketEXTENDED MARCH 5. This rocket seemed to be copious faster whencompared with the older rockets of EXTENDED MARCH series. Thelaunching process of the rocket was however delayed for almost twohours from the time that was formerly programmed. Since it was theprincipal unveiling of March -5 in the innovative unveiling location,there was the need to debug many parameters as well as the need ofthe various system that would match with each other. Actually, itconsiders normal preparation works to make sure that the first launchwas successful.

Themain target for the launch was to verify performance and design ofthis new rocket as well as making the test of the rocket flightprogram. The efficacious inauguration has made China be placed at thefront of the ecosphere in relation to Rocket stentorian volume whileit marked a milestone in the nation in terms of transition to being amajor space player. Actually, the Long March-5 has two –stagerockets possessing payload capacity of 25 tons to a low Earth Orbit.The carrying capacity of the rocket is almost 2.5 times of thecurrent Long March Classicalhauler rockets. The rocket uses two typesof fuel, the fuel/fluid oxygen, and Fluid Hydrogen/fluid oxygen whichwill make it more environmentally friendly and less costly.

Article5: Wu Chengliang, Bianji. China FAST Telescope Reportedly to JoinSearch for E.T. November 4, 2016&lt

FASThas been in operation in China, Guizhou Province since Sept. It isthe world’s most sensitive telescope. The services of FAST havereceived the high demand from the scientists in various ranges offields. One of the newest scientific clients is SETI (Search forExtraterrestrial Life), which is located in Berkeley, California. Theproject by SETI aims at conducting a ten-year survey of theintelligent life in space, and it has partnered with Fast with theaim of succeeding in achieving the goal.

Article6: Curtis Stone. State Spokesman Struggles With Facts: As The USPivots To Asia, The Regions Turns To China. November 04, 2016,&lt

Backin Nov 2011, the US President made an announcement of his pivot toAsia and made the declaration that the US has been and will alwaysremain part of the Pacific Nations. This announcement was made duringthe time China started to gain more economic powers. Almost afterfive years since then, the US Department of State held a PressBriefing where the State Spokesperson was questioned about China andrebalance of Asian-Pacific. The spokesperson made two points that therebalance is not all about China Nation while he still argued againstthe aspect that the countries have turned away from the US and turnedto China noting that the idea “is just not borne out by the facts.”However, the rebalance has been much about China with the idea thatthere are more and more countries that have turned away from the USto China.


Despitethe facts attributed above by the articles that there is growth inthe economic State of China, the underlying factors for its successhave not been well understood. The advantages of the high technologyhave been apparent to every nation with the fact that it would be acore area of foundation for the economic superpower (Angus 15).Actually, economic leadership tends to come with the capacity ofdeveloping high quality and high technology products and creatinginnovative new products and technologies. In appreciating thelong-term potentiality of the country, it is relevant to consider thecomprehensive outlook for the country’s innovative capacity (Angus21). The growth of the country has been attributed to be almost fourtimes faster than the set world average. However, the fact is thatthe percentage of individuals with high education in the populationis low according to the developed country standards this would bedue to the country’s enormous size, but it has the critical mass ofpeople who are fully educated in areas of scientists and engineers(Angus 36).

Aswell, the country has huge expenditure in the area of Research anddevelopment. Due to this, the country has reaped large innovationcapability that has been deployed to cater for the need of the nationas well as in performing research and development for multinationalcompanies. Hence, China has become an increasingly player on theglobal stage. Innovation in China needs to be considered toincorporate the knowledge that is new to the world as well as theknowledge that is new to the country. It is worth to account for suchdimension of innovation since it aids in understanding the economy’sfaster growth and how rapid the country may grow in the long run(Angus 44).

Onthe other hand, the advancement made in technology has dissolved theinternational boundaries and has opened a culture suitable for theentire arena which has enabled globalization to take place (Angus45). Generally, globalization may be an empowering entity for thenations. It the can interconnect the entire world with the support ofeconomic developments, providing relevant information and aiding indeveloping a universal village. Globalization aspect in the nationhas the capacity of mobilizing and empowering the citizens, offeringmeans of self-representation, support of collective identity via theprocess of socialization and offering employment opportunities (Angus47).


AngusMaddison. TheWorld Economy: Volume 1.Paris: OECD, 2006.