Pathogen Escherichia Coli


Pathogen: EscherichiaColi

Summary of basic factsabout the pathogen:

Escherichia Coli isa gram-negative bacteria of the family Enterobacteriaceae. It isfurther classified among the coliforms, and this means that it canferment lactose.

Escherichia Coli isof medical significance because it is responsible for infant diarrheaand gastroenteritis.

Summary of findings fromresearch:

  • Source 1: Johnson, James R., et al. &quotAbrupt emergence of a single dominant multidrug-resistant strain of Escherichia coli.&quot&nbspJournal of Infectious Diseases&nbsp207.6 (2013): 919-928.

    • Summary of information learned:

Escherichia Coliwas initially known as Bacterium coli. The microbe is mostlyknown for food and beverages contamination because of the presence oftoxins.

Most of theEscherichia Coli do not cause diseases in human. The E. coliO157:H7 is associated with several infections.

The microbes can befound in the intestines of cattle, chickens, sheep and pigs and canbe transmitted to human beings when they consume beef and dairycattle from infected animals.

  • Source 2: Doi, Yohei, et al. &quotCommunity-associated Extended-spectrum β-lactamase–producing Escherichia coli infection in the United States.&quot Clinical Infectious Diseases&nbsp56.5 (2013): 641-648.

    • Summary of information learned:

Escherichia Coliinfections are diagnosed by observing specimen of an infectedperson.

One of thepreventing programs that can be adopted to manage Escherichia Coliis ensuring food safety.

Escherichia Coliinfections are now being treated using antibiotics.


  1. Target Audience: Who do I want to reach with my message?

Generalpopulation. This includes parents, school going children and oldpeople especially those in farms.

  1. Message: What is significant about the pathogen or disease that I want the viewer to understand? How will the message in the poster increase awareness about this topic? Use information from your supporting research to explain your message.

Thesignificant thing about the pathogen is that it is found in theintestines of beef, chicken and other animals that human beings loveto eat.

Themessage in the poster will increase awareness because it willhighlight some of the complications associated with EscherichiaColi. Additionally, it will describe the resulting implicationsand respective treatment and preventive measures.

Afterviewing the poster, the target audience will be able to understandthe importance of food safety and why there is need to ensure thatfood is properly cooked.

  1. Action Step: What is the call to action? What do I want the viewer to do? How can the viewer help solve the problem?

Tosolve the problem, the initiative aims at encouraging the targetaudience to practice food safety by cooking their food properly.

  1. The significance of Issue to the Public: Why is this issue important to the public?

Certain strains ofEscherichia Coli such as E. coli O157:H7 can cause infectionsin human beings. Understanding about the microbe will allow foreffective preventive measures.