Pepsi Product perceptual Analysis


PepsiProduct perceptual Analysis

PepsiProduct perceptual Analysis

Productor service perceptual maps play an important role in directing acompany marketing strategy (Coughlan,Anderson, Stern &amp El-Ansary, 2001).Perceptual maps entails what the consumer perceives about theattributes of the product or service in terms of price, quality,availability, durability among other special products aspects(Solomon,2014).

Mapplacement explanation

Pepsiis perceived to be very expensive with low energy level content. Forcoke, consumers believe it to be expensive but have high energy levelcontent. Monster energy drink is perceived to be less expensive withhigh energy level. Dr.Pepper energy drink has been perceived byconsumers to be very cheap with moderate energy level. Lastly,RedBull has been perceived to be cheap while having low energy level.


Demographicsegmentationbased on this segmentation, Pespi company targets male and femalefrom the age bracket 15-45 years. The company targets both high andaverage income earners whether student, employed and falling in anyother professionals. Additionally, Pepsi company targets newlymarried couples and single people based at home. Therefore, there isneed to reduce the price and make it relatively cheap to meet thebudget of the consumers in this category (Dudovskiy, 2016, May 09).

Behavioralthe company focuses on various attributes shown by their consumerssuch as regular consumption, and ambitious individuals. This segmentlooks for source of refreshment, drinking a good taste drink to havegood time and fulfilling their satisfaction. Employing the strategyof increasing the energy level of the drink will make them becomeloyal consumers (Dudovskiy, 2016, May 09).

Geographicsegmentation here the market is divided into urban and rural, andthe company tends to implement strategies to exhibit the productlocally and internationally.

Lastly,in terms of psychographic segmentation there is focus on eitherpeople who fall in the lower, middle or upper class based on socialstratification. It is important for the company to improve theperception of the brand through reducing its retail price andincrease the energy level.

Inconclusion, the perceptual map has provided a base for the marketerto detect the aspect of the product, which is the cause of reducesales through understanding the perception of the consumers.Therefore, in this case, Pepsi Inc. should focus on reducing itsprice and increase energy level to counter the competition of Coke,which is its main competitor.


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