Personal Assessment of Strengths

PersonalAssessment of Strengths

The realization that I am anachiever, arranger, developer, futuristic and relator made me viewmyself as a potential future leader. Typically, I noted that all ofthe strengths relates to my leadership style. This is because mydream is to become a democratic leader who will build consensusthrough participation. For instance, as an arranger, I desire to worktogether with people in order to come up with maximum results.Equally, the strength of being a relator is of significance inrelation to my leadership style. This is because forming goodrelationships with the followers will aid me to give them directionwithout being constrained (Loomis,2013). Observably,the strength of being futuristic is essential since it will enable meto lay down proper strategies for accomplishing the set goals.Moreover, being an achiever and a developer will be of significancesince the strengths willplay a pivotal role in helping me innovateand achieve the strategic goals while putting in mind the interest ofmy followers (Loomis,2013).

Observably, there are traits thatI need to work on the most in order to become a good leader. Thisincludes the trait of being futuristic and an achiever. This isbecause a leader who is futuristic has a potential incredibility toperceive what may happen in the near future. It is the strength ofbeing futuristic that drives them towards exquisite accomplishments.The strength of being a relator should also be worked on the mostsince it will aid in creating good relationships between the leaderand the followers. Such relationships are paramount for successfulleaders. The strengths do not differ from the ones that I need tobecome a manager (Loomis,2013). Reasonably,managers also should be futuristic and good relationship builders inorder to manage the employees and activities in an organization. Forinstance, managers should be futuristic since they should predict theextent to which competition with another organization is likely toincrease within a specific period of time. Additionally, managersshould establish a good relationship with the employees for theorganizations to run smoothly.

In college, the strength that Ianticipate to use most is the one of an achiever. Typically, being anachiever will aid me in pursuing my academic goals. As such, it willaid me to work hard so that I can achieve the best results. Thestrength of being a relator and an arranger are likely to help mostin the future career. Essentially, I would like to be a manager.Therefore the two strengths will play a pivotal role in helping me toorganize activities effectively and manage the employees in a waythat can translate to exquisite performance in an organization.


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