Saturdaymornings were always the best times for my brother and I when we wereyoung kids during our time in Cuba. Back then, cartoons were theorder of the day. When it was time for cartoons, my brother wouldcome running to my room screaming &quotCartoon time sister! It`scartoon time!” He loved Superman. &quotSuperman is the best&quothe always would start an argument after that day`s episode ended.&quotNo, the Simpsons is better!&quot I would always retort. &quotIbet Superman can destroy the Simpsons in a minute!&quot he wouldcontinue trying to justify his opinion. I never quite understood whyhe loved Superman with that much vigor. &quotIt`s kid stuff.” Ialways thought to myself.

Afterspending most of our childhood in Cuba, our family relocated toFlorida in the US. We would stroll down the streets of the citytogether with my brother on our way home from school. &quotI missCuba,&quot &quotwell, I miss Superman,&quot he neverfailedto remind me of this cartoon. In Florida, we never got the time towatch cartoons anymore, especially with school to think of and alsofor the obvious fact that we had now matured. On one eventful day, aswe were taking our usual path home in the evening, we came across arobbery incident in progress. A woman was being robbed. It was anunexpected sight. Before my mind could even come to terms with whatwas happening, my brother was already trying to act as a hero. &quotWehave to do something!&quot He shouted at me as he ran across theroad to the scene of the crime and tried to rescue the woman byfighting off the assailants. It didn`t go well. The muggersoverpowered him, and he ended up severely scarred. At least the womankept her handbag.

Aswe talked in his hospital bed, I finally understood why he did whathe did. It was stupid but brave of him. My brother wanted to be ahero just like Superman. He saw bad guys and wanted to help. Hewanted to save the day. He hated thieves, killers, robbers, and justlike Superman he hoped to change the world one bad guy at a time. Heloved peace and helping those in need. This made me so proud of him.His zeal to help victims and eliminate crime is an inspiration to me.


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Author’s name

Personal Experience

Prompt 1

It has been my routine to quickly rush through some of the best newschannels covering issues around the world in a bid to find newdevelopments. Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC, Deutsche Welle, among others,are my favorite media houses. One morning I wake up,and the first thing I do is to switch on myTV. The BBC headlines read “Pokémon’stears for Syria” (&quotPokemon`s tears for Syria – BBC News,&quot2016). Shortly, a picture of a young boy appears. He is holding apaper with Pokémon on it, and below theline, it reads “Iam from Kafr Nabl inIdlib province. Come and save me” (&quotPokemon`s tears forSyria – BBC News,&quot 2016). I could seesorrow in his eyes, what a handsome young man with big dreams? Iquestioned myself. This picture has never escaped my head. I see theboy in my dreams and ask myself what happened to him?

I realized that people are suffering out there and there is nothingI can do about it. However, I thought of the world as being a globalvillage, and yes, I cannot do so much,but at least, I could show the will. I decided to visit my innerself, the soul and examine what I was reallyborn to do. I concluded that I could changemy view of the world I could reform to a better person, whosepriority is to serve humanity. During this moment of introspection, Ithought of my parents and the way they raised me. They wanted a manof values in me they wanted me to be partof the change that saves the world. I decided to seek their counsel,and I believe I am a better person now. I have planned to establishan anti-war activist group that would champion peace. I know I canso help me God.

Prompt 2.

During the evenings, we walk through the streets of Chicago withSmith, especially on Fridays. “Buddy, it isFriday what’s your plan man?” I can never forget his repetitivequestion. Fridays always excited other friends andus in college. I get fascinated by Smith’s go-getterattitude. Anytime we spot a beautiful girlSmith hesitates not. “Hey there, what’s your name, can Iget your number?” I always interrupted him, “What is this? Do youeven have to be this direct to a lady dude?” I thought it was notcool of him asking for numbers from any lady.I know what’s on your mind does he even have a girlfriend? Yes, hedoes, Sharon, such a gorgeous girl we metduring our first year of college. I wanted to court her,but she chose him, because he was funny, and easy going. Believeme it hurt a lot, funny enough thiswas the moment we became friends, chasing the same girl.

In a move to surprise me, this best friend, Smith asked me to meethim at Rivers Casino Des Plaines, and I did not want to frustratehim, so I went. He introduced me to somevery strange guys we left the Casino for astreet stall whose name was Joyous. “Dude, you want to get high?”He pulled some marijuana out of his backpack and lit it. Thiscaught me by surprise I had neverseen someone smoke marijuana. I refused,and surprisingly he scolded me, asking his buddies to kick me out. Iran with haste I thought these guys werenuts. Actually, they were. In the morningat home, my iPhone rings, and it is Smith, come on! I nodded toconfirm it was not a dream. “Man, I amsorry, I want to meet you now, you are my dearest friend and what Idid was stupid. I hope you forgive buddy I love you”. I was leftwondering, how come this guy calls me this minute, he scolds and askshis friends to kick me the other, and nowto apologize? I started digging deeper andrealized my friend is a victim of substance abuse, not marijuanaalone he was doing cocaine. He haddeveloped bipolar I mood disorder due to drug addiction.However, I am glad that his rehabilitation sessions have picked now,we had problems with him during the initial stages of enrolment tothe rehabilitation center, but now, hewillingly attends. I want to see him new Iwant to help him become a man, to change his destiny. In the firstyear, he used to ask me, what are friends for?Whenever he did me a favor, and I believemy turn is now.


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