Personal Statement for Application Review

PersonalStatement for Application Review

PersonalStatement for Application Review

HowI have prepared for my intended Major

Historyis an exciting and challenging, which demands discipline andextensive time. I have chosen the subject as it plays a criticalfunction in nurturing a well-rounded development and impartingvaluable career skills in writing, exploration, documentation, andargumentation. Instructors impart knowledge and lead people tosuccess while policymakers develop strategies that elevate proceduresand developments for individuals. Historians must commit themselvesto the art of policymaking, instructing, and comprehension of pastand present affairs. Thus, I have partnered with my friends tocommence a research project on the significance of contemporaryhistory to the advancement of the human race. Presently, I am workingas a News Researcher for an online paper, a position I feel willassist greatly in enhancing my career as a historian. Take cognizancethat I have mastered the exploration and writing skills necessitatedby my career hard enough to advance the process of historicalpractice and efficaciously extend my efforts to empower the peoplethat will need my service. I have always wanted to associate myselfwith the history of the world the love of history has permitted meto respect all legends of the ancient times who worked solidly andenthusiastically to make the world a better place.

Iam preparing for my major by undertaking short prerequisite coursesthat are indispensable to history. To boost the level of mycomprehension, I have made it a custom to visit variousarchaeological sites and study the fundamentals of history afterevery two weeks. Currently, I am exploring the AmericanHistorical Review,TheJournal of Contemporary History,TheHistorical Journal,History,and Past&amp Presentto have a critical understanding of historical concepts andstructures. Watching historical documentaries has broadened my scopeof knowledge and assisted in attaining a different perception onhistorical matters. History is mostly about gathering information anddocumenting research thus, I have taken technical writing, library,and law courses to prepare adequately. In college, I undertook acourse in General Education and this has facilitated my conception,understanding, and dissemination of historical matters therefore,majoring in History will be the ultimate career path.

HowI express my creativity

Mostpeople believe that creativity is best applied in technical areas.However, it is an all-around aspect and encompasses conceivingsomething novel and valuable. Creativity is the art or capacity oftranscending conventional phenomenon, concepts, and patterns togenerate meaningful and fresh forms or elucidations. Progressiveness,originality, and imagination define the art of creativity, whichmeans one must envision an idea and transform it into an originalform to be labeled a creative individual. I have a natural techniqueof expressing my creativeness visually, particularly in the form ofdrawings and charts. For example, in presenting a proposal or idea toorganization’s stakeholders, I would couple up the contents of theproposals with visual design components like posters and graphs toheighten the presentations. Apart from visualizing designs, I amcreatively ingenious in solving problems that affect people on adaily basis. For me, a creative problem-solving process encompassesidentifying the various sources of a problem. Ascertaining thefoundation allows me to disregard other issues that may contribute tothe problem but are not inherent. The second phase involves groupingthe identified sources according to their level of contribution andsimilarity. The third stage encompasses analyzing the groups anddeveloping various solutions. I compare the solutions and utilize themost cost-friendly and effective.

Mynatural ability consents me to take data and package it in differentstyles, such as, graphic media, clear images, and arithmeticaldesigns. I practiced my creative skills during my previous Englishresearch paper, which required that I document the history of theexodus from Europe to the United States of America. The scope andlevel of creativity I had, permitted me to portray the number ofimmigrations using graphic design representations. To make the papermore interesting, I designed a sequence of colorful graphs that wentalong with the paper. To differentiate my research paper from otherexisting research papers, I incorporated the content with smallsketches and good-looking color structures. My creative mind allowsme to approach any problem differently depending on the situation andthe stakeholders involved.

MyGreatest talent and how I have demonstrated it to help others

Itend to believe that success paves the way if one knows where tosource it. For me, the sky will always and has always been the limit.I am a go getter with a great ambition and not even mediocrechallenges will stop me from triggering my efforts towards my desiredsuccess. Nevertheless, I do not pride myself in having the passionfor identifying something and going for it. Motivation has alwaysdriven me and allowed me to attain great things. I am glad that soonI will be in an institution that will fuel my motivation. It isnatural that when we are surrounded by determined people, we achievesuccess more easily without struggling. I have utilized thisincentive to inspire people to change their bad behavior, undertakenew projects, become leaders, and develop solutions for theirproblems. The art of motivating other individuals has become my mosttreasured skill, as, through it, I have come to appreciate them andrealize the importance of positive relationship in any success.

Successesare attained through teamwork, inspiration, and determination. Thismeans a lot to people, as they cannot purport to be inclined to anyaccomplishment without collaborating with other people. Communicationand interpersonal skills play significant roles hence, I have alwaysutilized them to motivate and exhort individuals to push theirlimits. My competence of motivating my peers has been clear eversince my childhood times I would motivate my soccer team no matterhow bad the situation was for them. Despite the fact that I barelyhad any football skills to coach, I made a huge significance to thegame that my team played, as I made sure they always remainedmotivated. In high school, I participated in various extracurricularactivities and my inspiration skills rose to another level.Motivating people is a tremendous asset any individual can ever havesince it permits people to retain a positive outlook even inundesirable situations. I have always thought that individuals needto be valued for them to feel motivated as by being motivated, peoplehave the courage have to face life. I will sharpen and effectivelyuse my skills to help other individuals and attain my objectives.

Onething that sets me apart from the rest

Beinga versatile personality, I am not limited to work on any niche sinceI believe that I can always learn on the job and perfect my art. Ifeel that the kind education achievement I am going to attain willnot only allow me to explore more opportunities but will also make mepush my agendas further. Being a go-getter is one thing that has mademe have a competitive advantage over my peers as never a time have Ifeared to get things attained despite the environments that I findmyself existing. I grew up in the harshest environment one canimagine, nothing favored me, hard times existed in my childhood timesand this forced me to define success in my own way. Never a time inlife have I encountered frustration when it comes to settingstandards and most peers admire me for remaining positive about life.

Iam different, charismatic, exceptional, go-getter, and anever-give-up person. In fact, my charismatic nature is evidenced bymy art of inspiring even the faint hearted. For example, I remember ascenario in high school where I encouraged a new student to avoid thevarious passes made on her by school bullies. The University ofCalifornia wants to have the experience of a great personality and Iam the ultimate option for the campus. In rare occasions doinstitutions have students who have the capability to get over theircomfort zones, influence other students positively, as well as, allowthem discover their purpose in school. It is against this backdrop ofinspiring people that I feel my personality gives me an edge inundertaking a major in history in your esteemed institution. Beingadmitted to the establishment will provide me academic expertise andinsightful aspects of life. Pursuing my dreams not only has shaped myself-confidence but it also has enabled me have control of unknownfears and live a vibrant life. Thus, I feel I merit a position inyour institution to undertake my envisioned major.