Personal Statement


Ata tender age, we left war-torn Cambodia with my parents and came tothe United States of America. It did not take me long to discoverthat I was unique, in various ways, from other pupils. All of asudden, I developed feeling of being insecure, less confident andlonely due to our low status in the society. My parents are not wellup, but they are generous. My father prepares donuts, and my mothersells them near our residence. Every Friday, my dad would bake extradonuts so that I cantakethem to my friends. He assumed I had close friends in the school. Iremember before I started offering donuts, there were only a fewstudents used to be left to play chess. After I startofferingdonuts, the number quickly increased that I was required to bringeight to nine dozen of donuts for each to get a piece. I felt somotivated how the number increased, the little me could draw a bigcrowd for the chess and homework club just by giving out my dad`sdonuts. I felt like I am the cream of the society, I felt empoweredby my achievement. From that time, I enjoy helping and giving others(Rybarczyk, 2014).

Myinterest to associate with people and get to know their encountersand perceptions was ignited when we shifted to the U.S. What Iexperienceinmiddle school encourages meto help others in high school. I formed a Facebook forum, wheremembers can post questions and get answers regarding homework. Ianswermanyquestions as my time permits and remind members of assignment’s duedate. My active role in helping others earns methe pre-med club co-president position with almost two hundredmembers. Reviewthe paper and make sure correct tense is used!!!My peers rally behind me because I am the leader who they can rely onhelp and count on to get work done. In college, I rise to theposition co-president for Scholar Alliance due to my commitment tothe organization. I organize social events to arrange peer mentorshipfor first-year students and ensure their smooth transition to collegelife. I do this because I was once a freshman and was quite lost fora while before I adapted to college life. When it comes to helpingothers, I am the leader in the field. Through my struggles, I careand understand the needs of others and never fail to help (Rybarczyk,2014).

Ivividly recall one day my mother narrated me a story with the aim ofmaking me understand how the hospital setting operates. My mom,twenty hours after water breaking, vaguely heard a nurse announcethat the baby was in distress. The doctor started telling her topush and another nurse urging her to stay awake. Mustering allmuscles in her body to push her baby, through the birth canal, is allshe did for about three hours. Cesarean-section was not an option atall as she had no money to afford health insurance. She ended uppaying the doctor fifteen hundred dollars for a natural birthdelivery. Fearing her condition would jeopardize the life of herunborn, she started to get worried. The doctor assured her she woulddeliver with the help of the forceps. Nothing could prepare her forthe pain of seeing cuts and bruises on the baby’s face and headafter being wrenched out of her womb. I do not recall the trauma thatmy mother described or understand the struggle of the unaffordablehealth care. The unfairness of the physician’s judgment stilllingers in my mind, but now I understand that they had to measure theassociation between the kid and the mother as opposed to their rolesto patients together, and to the community. Now, am mature and readyto pursue health related course. I will make all patients, regardlessof their social class, understand physicians’ motives under certainconditions (Rybarczyk, 2014).

Therewas a time a miscommunication erupted between Covered California andKaiser Permanente, and my name was deleted from Kaiser Permanentemembership list. I suffered a lot to fight microbes as no medicinewas helpful to me. I was reluctant to go to the medical center for adiagnosis as I feared huge bill that my family could not probablyraise. Mistaking a severe case of strep throat for the common cold, Itake over the counter medication for cold and flu and thought that mycondition would be okay shortly. However, my condition worsened. Ionly agreed to go for a diagnosis when a close friend of minevolunteered to take me to the hospital for free. His aunt was a nurseat that hospital. I felt so weak that I could not resist such offer.Her aunt took care of me as quick as possible. It did not take me along time to recover. I was so amazed how my friend’s aunt takencare of me. I felt more motivated to study medicine and help poorpatients in the community. I will be able to fulfill my dreams I willset up a foundation that will be helping patients that are destituteto settle their bills. I will also build a hospital which will beoffering services at lower prices to enable a low-income family toacquire the necessary health facilities. Giving and helping othershas been my forte (Rybarczyk, 2014).

SinceI completed my senior school, I have been involved in varioushospital activities. On a daily basis, I attend several patients,some in the relief care groups. This has increased my understandingof the health care provision, particularly in non-familiarfacilities. Of late, during my free time am usually involved inchildren’s home activities. I have dedicated my life as well asmedical profession to help kids, especially from low-income familiesand children’s home. With the aid of other well-wishers anddoctors, I will be ensuring that if a child is suspected to beexposed to any life-threatening disease, or he or she is ill, propercare is given with immediate effect. Also, to prevent discovery ofconditions when it is too late, I will encourage all medicalpractitioners to be ensuring that medical examinations are done inthe proper way. After completing my education, I will go back to mylocal community, pay visits to children’s homes among otheractivities, to assist and direct the vulnerable in attaining healthyand independent lifestyle in a universe that can at times is sointimidating (Rybarczyk, 2014).

Shiftingto the United States of America totally change my life as well as theperception of the life, as a whole. I could hardly believe that I canassociate with all people from any scope of life. Life experiencesinstill me with the leadership skill and the compassion to serve themedically underserved communities in the best way possible. I gothrough hard life, fighting poverty, and as a result, I haveaccumulated enough knowledge to help such communities. I believe itis more gratifying to give help wherever possible. I am from the poorbackground. My parents are refugees from war. It is the kind-heartedU.S. citizens who reached out across the continent and rescued themfrom the war-torn Cambodia. When I attend UCSD for my undergraduate,Chancellor Scholarship Foundation helps me with the grant to fund myeducation. For all the help, which I and my family receive, it is anhonor for me to help the needy and upheld the legacy of helping theless fortunate (Rybarczyk, 2014).


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