Person`s Strengths as a Manager


Person`sStrengths as a Manager

The success of a business entity is dependent on the qualities of itsmanagers. A manager with the right qualities helps an organization toachieve its goals. This paper will address the attributes that makemanagers successful in the execution of their roles.

Business world keepson changing. As such, some managers who were successful in the pastmay fail in their endeavors to lead a productive workforce in thefuture unless they adopt new approaches to management. To be aneffective manager, one needs to lead from the front. This managementstyle entails removing all the barriers that prevent the workers fromachieving their career aspirations. A manager should motivate his/herjuniors to achieve their personal aspirations. Additionally, he/sheshould refrain from the traditional idea of management, whichemphasized on leading by fear, control, and commands. Since employeesare the most valuable assets within an organization, managers mustgive them a chance to make significant contributions toward theachievement of the set goals (Morgan, 2016). Empowered employees aremore committed to ensuring that the organization achieves its goals.

Leadership is theother significant attribute of a manager. A successful manager shouldinvolve the workers when coming up with the organization’s goalsand mission. He/she should also assign responsibilities to the teamsin a clear way to ensure that the set goals are achieved. Besides,good leadership skills enable a manager to create a clear visionwhich gives a sense of direction to the entire workforce. Throughgood leadership, a manager is able to influence the employees tofollow the direction that the firm is taking (Morgan, 2016).

Apart frompossessing relevant leadership skills, a manager must be a goodcommunicator as well. Managers who cannot communicate effectivelywith their workers will undoubtedly fail in their roles.Communication is vital for the smooth running of the operations inany organization. Managers need to communicate their needs,expectations and opinions to other members of the organization.Additionally, they should send the correct messages to the workersand ensure that the latter get the intended information (Carpenter,Bauer &amp Erdogan, 2011). With good communication, a manager willbe in a better position to get feedback that will allow him/her toimprove on his/her weakness.

Good organization isanother important strength of a manager. A good manager should be ina position to schedule, organize and follow his plan. He/she isexpected to organize all the necessary resources for smooth runningof all operations (Carpenter et al., 2011). A good understanding ofthe rules and procedures will also be helpful. Besides, a managershould be able to forecast any future changes within the industry andsuggest the course of action that needs to be taken to avert anyforeseeable challenge.

A successful managershould also possess strong team building skills. If a manager doesnot create strong teams, competition will arise within theorganization leading to disunity (Carpenter, Bauer &amp Erdogan,2009). However, healthy competition between teams within anorganization should be highly encouraged as it improves the overallperformance. Managers should look at the problems experienced by theteams and initiate programs that will build trust among workers.

To be a successfulmanager, a person needs to be ready to welcome changes in their lineof work. The dynamic nature of the business environment requires amanager to be flexible and adaptable in dealing with new developmentswithin the organization or industry. Sometimes changes happenunexpectedly, prompting the need for quick decisions to avert anypossible problem that may threaten the success of an organization.Consequently, conservative managers tend to resist change resultingin business failure. A good manager should employ change managementskills to help in overcoming the turbulences that characterize themodern business environment. For instance, he/she should inform thestakeholders of the planned changes and involve them in the processof adopting new ways of doing things (Morgan, 2016).

In summing up,managers should empower and motivate their employees. Also,successful managers need to possess leadership, excellentcommunication, and team building skills.


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