Philip Pullman His Dark Materials

Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” is a trilogy of fantasynovels consisting of Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife, and The AmberSpyglass. The book describes the transition of two children, WillParry and Lyra Belacqua, as they wander through the paralleluniverse. Pullman’s work was influenced greatly by the work JohnMilton and William Blake. In this case, Pullman went to the extent ofquoting some borrowing some of the themes in the other readings.

One of the major works of John Milton which significantly impactedPhilip Pullman book was the &quotLost Paradise.&quot After readingJohn’s writing, Philip Pullman wanted to write another version ofit but in three different books for teenagers. According to PhilipPullman work, character traits in the three books were to be the sameas that in Milton’s work. Additionally, there were also some themesthat cut across the two books. For example, the theme of Temptationwas brought out in both books, but difference instances were used toillustrate the act. Additionally, freedom and authority were alsoportrayed, and they helped bring about the other theme of religion(Nooteboom &amp Massotty, 2007). Other concepts borrowed from Miltonincluded disobedience, ignorance, and knowledge.

William Blake also influenced Pullman`s work. It was through Blake`swritings that Pullman was inspired to tackle themes of bravery,rebellion, and innocence. Additionally, the naming of characters wasalso influenced by Blake’s works. In his book, Pullman mentionedBlake as one of the people who influenced him to write some part ofhis book. Pullman cited Blake`s poetry in the headings to thechapters of The Amber Spyglass (Pullman, 2007). This confirmed thatPhilip Pullman did not just read William Blake book, he alsoconsidered him a mentor and a successful writer.


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