Physician Communication Skills


PhysicianCommunication Skills

Physiciancommunication Skills

Curingof patients is a course that encompasses certain considerationsbeyond disease treatment. The process involves other skills a doctorhas with other practical expertise. According to somestudies conducted before, it is evident that patient’s fulfillmentand compliance goes one on one with the physician’scommunication skills. To measure and improve individualcommunication skills formalexercise programs have been put in place. Basing on communicationskills the ideal codes for a doctor to possessin such a case may include greetings and professionalism.

Timeis one of the key fundamental requirements for decent patient-doctorcommunication. There is a highchance of patients not being satisfied if doctors do not take areal time.There are somethings that doctors are supposed to do to their patients toestablish high-qualitycare. Some of these things may include doing of greetings, additionaltests, convincing patients to accept to be screened, encouraging ofvaccinations and all that(Hassan, 2013).

Theother thing is that there should be active communication to thepatients especially when it comes to the care they get. In this case,it will give them an opportunity to be heard and learn about theirconditions more quickly.

Doctorsalso need to learn on preparation basing on the reaction from thepatients. The ability to absorb info varies from one patient to theother in response to what the physician communicates. In mostclinical settings somehuman response isconsidered, with thismany physiciansadapt the sense of managing styles of lots of patientsTravaline J. M. (2005).

Thebreakingof wronginfo to the patients is also one major factor to be put inconsideration. The issue is because bad news will always have asevereimpact on one’s life. Thebreakingof sad news to a patient is a composite communication art thatincorporates giving out of the actual storybut at the same time involving doctor’s thoughtfulresponse of the doctor to handle the reaction(Kumari, 2015).

Inconclusion, the superiorityof communication between a physician and a patient can besignificantly affected by simple choices in words, body positions,and facial expressions. These are far-reachingoptionsthat can be learnedand adapted by the physicians to fit individualclinical circumstances. Patient’s physical bonds that patientsbelievedo notexist can be emolliated by the perfectingof the simplecommunication skills and in most cases by doing away with drawbacksin communication.


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