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Planningfor Adult Learners

Teachingis often an intricate activity. It involves complex planning andcareful preparation of the curriculum. Adult learners, unlike theyounger group of students, need a different form of handling wherethe tutor clearly shows an understanding of their needs and developsspecialized methods of ensuring that these academic needs of thelearners are met in an appropriate way. When planning instruction foradult learners, theinstructor should consider the nature of the adult learners, theinstructions should relate to the learners, and the instructionsshould be easy for the learners to comprehend.

Itis important for the instructors to always understand the nature ofthe students who they prepare the instructions for. Adultlearners tend to be more practical, goal oriented and relevancyoriented. The planning process should, therefore, consider thesecharacteristics and ensure that it incorporates active learningexperiences in their education processes and promote discussions assuggested by Cranton (2013).

Theinstructor should make the instructions in a way that relates to thelearners and meets the specific academic needs of adult learners.Adults are a group of individuals who have accumulated extensive lifeexperiences and some level of knowledge (Caffarella, 2013). Whenplanning for instructions, the instructors should recognize thelearners’ wealth of experience and expertise, and ensure that theguidelines are relevant to the learners.

Theinstructions should also be comprehensible to this particular groupof learners.Adults are known to face the challenge of lack of sufficient time andconfidence in their learning process (Caffarella, 2013). They shouldbe formulated in a manner that creates an active learning experiencein this group of learners. Due to such, the instructions offered bythe tutors or instructors should be easy to understand and should becreated in a way that will enable them to generate meaning in anuncomplicated manner.

Toconclude, it is clear that the instructors should have the differentcharacteristics of adult learners in their mind during the planningof instructions. Adult learners have great experience of life and anaccumulation of experience and should, therefore, be handled in anappropriate manner. The instructions should be comprehensible andrelevant to the learners.


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