Plot of the Movie

Plotof the Movie

Themovie is centered on the traditional setting of Egypt where gods liveamong men. It begins with a boy (Bek) stealing a dress for hisbeloved (Zaya) to attend the coronation of Horus (the god of air).Set (the desert god) interrupts and kills Horus’ father Osiris hisbrother and seizes the throne after beating Horus and plucking hiseyes out. After that, Set exiles Horus and brings a new regime wherethe dead will pay for their afterlife not by their deeds, but riches.Set makes Horus lover his mistress (Hathor). Zaya working under Urshua chief architect, a close human confidant of Set, comes with a planto steal the eyes of Horus with the help of his boyfriend Bek, as Sethad become ruthless to the people. The plan succeeds, but Bek onlymanages to get a single eye. They are discovered, and they run fortheir lives. In the process, Zaya is shot with an arrow by Urshu, andshe dies. Bek in desperation gets the eye to Horus after making himpromise that he would bring her lover to life. Horus thinks thattheir grandfather lord Ra would grant him powers, but he refuses andinstead gives him some water, which could quench the power of Set.While this was happening, Set was killing other gods and taking theirpowers to set himself above all. Horus finally decides to fight Setwith the Help of Bek, and he regains his powers when he chooses tosave Bek instead of retrieving his eye who soon dies. He kills Setand restores the kingdom and brings to life Zaya and Bek (Proyas,2016).


Bekis a thief who is very intelligent and in love with Zaya.

Horusis a god of air who loves justice and a kind ruler.

Setis a god of the desert who is jealous and obsessive with power.

Hathoris a god of love who is selfless.

Zayais a girlfriend to Bek who is pure of heart and sees good in others.

Whatis the audience expectation of the movie?

Theaudience expectation can be different depending on what one has beenexposed to. For instance, when one hears the title Godsof Egypt,one would expect a movie about Egyptian gods while those who haveseen a preview would be expecting a movie that is very exciting.

Howdoes the movie create a sense of time?

Themovie is developed within ancient time as people are usingtraditional methods to sustain their daily lives. This can beelaborated by the mode of weapons, transport, building designs, lackof technology, and modes of dressing, which are used in the movie.

Howdoes the film create a sense of space?

Themovie has exploited the use of deep focus as it has extreme clarityon many occasions while in some instance there is the shallow focus.The space created by different frames that enclose images ischaracterized by a blend of use of gold decor and pyramids, whichmagnify the mood of the movie. The camera in the movie follows thecharacters capturing every detail.

Howcan you characterize the perspective?

Themovie has utilized various perspectives, but the most that has beenused is close-up to mid shot. There are also an element of bothaerial and linear perspective.


Whatare the conventions of your films genre?

Inthe God of Egypt, there are five conventions that have mainly beenused.

Weapons:The movie begins by Set interfering with the coronation of Horus withan army equipped with weapons such as spears, arrows, swords amongothers. Set himself gets powers from other gods as he tries to makehimself the strong god. Thus, he makes himself indestructiblebecoming the ultimate weapon of destruction

Mission:The movie is centered on Bek and Zaya’s plan to free the peoplefrom the Kingship of Set. Though Zaya dies in early stages of themovie. Bek and Horus carry the mission to liberate the people as theywork together to kill Set

Killings:Set introduction into the movie scene is marked by the killing of hisbrother, he goes ahead and kills his former wife and Thoth, the godof his wisdom. He attempts to kill his grandfather, but he fails.

Catand mouse chase: Set sends his loyal subjects to hunt down Horus andBek from the time he discovered that Horus had found one of his eyesand was not yet strong enough to defend himself

Fights:The movie is centered on the fight for power and justice. Horusfights for the legacy of his father, while Set fights for hisobsession to be the most powerful god (Proyas,2016).

Whatare some of the formulas/myths of your films genre?

Themovie employs various gods and mythical characters that have richlyfound in the history of the Egyptians. For instance, the movieretains the attributes of Egyptian gods who could transform intovarious creatures(Fleming &amp Lothian, 2012).Another mythology that has been adopted in the movie is from theancient Greek mythology of riding the Sphinx. In the movie, Horusretains his role as the son of Osiris, the true king who is the godof air and sky. In the mythology, Horus loses a single eye to Set whois seen a chaotic god. The mythology of a wise god (Thoth) has alsobeen exploited as depicted by his character in the movie. Moreover,the formula of people’s hero and payback has also being exploited.Set kills Horus’ parents and takes over the kingdom and enslavesthe people. Horus comes back, saves the people, and kills Set(Proyas,2016).

Whatare the audience expectations for your film?

Theaudience expectation can be different depending on what one has beenexposed to. For instance, when one hears the title Godsof Egypt,one would expect a movie about Egyptian gods while those who haveseen a preview would be expecting a thrilling movie that is veryexciting.

Whatare the six genres and corresponding film components of each?

Themovies exploited various genres such as drama, adventure, romance,action, history, and fantasy. The drama was elaborated well in themovie when Horus’ beloved became Set’s mistress and when Horusregained some of his strength, her beloved came back to him. This ledto an argument, but later they came to an understanding. Moreover,romance can be well elaborated by Bek and Zaya. The movie begins withthese two deeply in love with each other, and when Zaya dies, Bekdoes everything to bring her back to life. Furthermore, there is anadventure in the movie, which can be shown by Bek’s action to tryto steal the Horus eye from the Set’s secret chamber, which washuman proof. Bek succeeds and embarks to find Horus with whom theypass through a lot of challenges in their journey to liberate peoplefrom Set. Action can be demonstrated by the fact that the movie isfilled with scenes of fights. The movie begins with war, Set killinghis brother and ends with a fight, Horus killing his uncle. Also, themovie borrows or assimilate history by using god characters that wereassociated with ancient Egypt, and finally employs fantasy as whatthese gods can do is limited to the imagination of the producers ofthe movie (Proyas,2016).


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