Poem and Homophones

Poemand Homophones


TheBlack Book

Istruggled to READ the book, but all that I READ was perplexing,

Ikept thinking that I was very CLOSE yet everything waned at my eyes’CLOSE,

Ikept being cast into a SPACE that was overly bleak and my PACE feltslowed,

Thebook was an ENTRANCE to my heart because it was an ENTRANCE to me,

Itpushed the WIND out of my lungs, and I repeatedly decided to WIND up,

BecauseI thought that the FEAT was too high for me and I was not FIT enough.

Iwish I had a RECORD to RECORD my love for you,

ITHOUGHT to myself as I THAWED,

Andcontemplated about the AMAZING the sound of my music and your AMAZINGself,

Isupposed that it would be a magical CONCERT, but I would have toCONCERT my energy,

Butif not I would have to seek the most unusual PRESENT and PRESENT itto you,

Agift of Cupid that would prompt you to BOW to me after the BOW struckyou.

Myheart was in WONDER, whether my gift would make you WONDER,

WhetherI was the right person to READ your READ,

Allthat I THOUGHT about was the THOUGHT that crossed your mind wheneverwe met,

WasI the RIGHT pick or was your understanding of RIGHT different frommine?

Andcould I shift your PERCEPTION into a PERCEPTION that was similar tomine?

Examplesof Homophones (K12reader)

  1. Clue, Crew

  2. Our, Hour

  3. Flower, Flour

  4. Blue, Blew

  5. Stroll, Straw

  6. Poke, Pork

  7. Ant, Aunt

  8. Buy, Bye

  9. Hi, High

  10. Knot, Not


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