Weare the Michigan Wolverine Company with the headquarters based inTrenton, Michigan. The organization is an e-commerce facility thatwholesales to different companies that provide winter andcommercially based clothing. The motto for Michigan Wolverine Companyis “Live Well and Play Safe.” (Dimkoff, 2014) The motto is aptsince it signifies the quality of their products as well as therecords of the items that they sell.


Theitems that the organization provides includes a combination of headgears and team jackets. The aim of this organization is to providequality products for the consumers at pocket-friendly prices. Over40, 000 items are produced for the satisfaction and fulfillment ofeach customer (Dimkoff, 2014). Michigan Wolverine Company values yoursafety and commitment. The products that the company produces aredurable and of a high quality. Customers prefer such clothes becausethey are worth the money they spend on it (Dimkoff, 2014). They arealso warm and guarantee to protect its wearers from the cold weather.


Themain competitors of the company are Alterations &amp Sew Much,Michiganteamsportswear.com, and Monkey’s Resale (Hollensen, 2015).The customers feel that these three stores provide fast and an easyway of obtaining the products. Their prices are also lower comparedto Michigan Wolverine Company. However, the quality of the itemsproduced by Michigan Wolverine Company is of a much higher standard(Hollensen, 2015).


Thetarget demographic are the youth. Most of the winter apparels thatare manufactured have logos of the most supported teams in highschool, college and even professional level(Dimkoff, 2014).


Thegeographic is areas that experience this weather since the materialsare solely meant for winter wear. The company is actively involved inonline systems. Customers from different regions can purchase theiritems which are quickly shipped to their location (Dimkoff, 2014).This system is efficient in ensuring that every individual can accesstheir goods regardless of their geographical location.


Everyperson that is deemed worthy of adorning the attire produced by thiscompany should be confident, and they must have the desire to achievemore in their lives than what they have already obtained (Wang etal., 2016). The goods sold by Michigan Wolverine Company inspiregreatness in every individual.


Themain population that buys the products of Michigan Wolverine Companyare essentially loyal customers. Various institutions have beenordering large purchases for many years (Dimkoff, 2014).


MichiganWolverine Company has various toll free services through which itscustomers can easily reach them. They keep themselves updated withthe latest trends to ensure that their consumers can get the highestquality of cold weather hats. This strategy makes the company alwaysto remain ahead of its competition.


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