Preparatory Composition”


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ABracelet, an Odd Earring, Cracked Teacups

  1. What is your first memory of moving out in a house?

Myfirst memory of moving out of a house is the many successes hadachieved while in that house. The amount of assets I had acquiredwhile in that house. I simply could not wish to entertain the thoughtof ever leaving that house.

  1. How did you adjust to your new surroundings?

Anew environment can be challenging. I spent my first few weeks indoors. Later I joined a local club where I got to interact withpeople that we shared common hobbies and likes. That was my firststep of adapting to the environment.

  1. What did you do to ease the transition?

Joininga club in the neighborhood. I also attended church regularly andparticipated in the community service activities. The participationgreatly helped in my transition the new environment.

  1. What material object do you remember bringing with you that held sentimental value?

Ilove playing lawn tennis. I carried with me the racquets and tennisballs. I could not leave behind my photo album as well.


1a.whatdo you think the author means by ‘all-my-life-in-one-package’trunk?

Basicallywhat the author means is that the trunk contained the stuff thatmeant everything to the couple. The stuff stored on the trunk is thethings that formed the most precious memories of their lives.

1b.whatdo we learn about the Mueller’s in the essay?

Themost important lesson about the Mueller’s is that they loved eachother and they treasured the little things they did for each other.

2a.Explainthe significance of the teacups

Theteacups show the level of attachment the couple had for each other,that even if they broke, they could not be disposed but mended.

2b.why do they help to unify the story?

Theteacups help the author of the story relate to the things that shetoo holds dearly.

3a.Rereadthe concluding paragraph. What does it show about the author’s lifetoday?

Itshows that the author has issues that they treasure so much that theycannot let go regardless. However she is unable to explain it topeople.

3b.what do you think the concluding paragraph says about the Americanculture?

TheAmericans have a culture of keeping memories and it is passed on totheir generations.

4a.what tense is used throughout the essay.

Thepast tense

4b.When does that change?

Itchanges on the concluding paragraph.

4c.Why is this significant?

Toshow us the implication of the story on the author

5a.if the essay had been written by a man, how might the narrative havebeen different?

Thenarrative would not have detailed information on reasons why theobjects are found on the story.


Menare generally not emotional beings



1a.did your parents ever have expectations of you that you could notfulfill?

Yes did you handle that?

Iwould cry myself out but as I grew I leant to communicate my feelingsto them.

2.Did you ever tell a lie that you do not regret telling?


3.What are some of your most vivid memories of childhood?

Watchingstars and taking walks at the park with my dad.


1a.what does it mean to be save in most faiths?

Tobe Christian who has made a confession and responded to an altar call

1b.what was Hughes’s interpretation of being saved?

Tosee Jesus practically

1c.why does young Langston Hughes expect to be saved at this meeting?

Becausea sinner once was saved there.

1d.why does it take him so long to walk to the altar to be save?

Hehad not seen Jesus

2a.why do you think the audience reacted the way they did when Hughesfinally approached the altar?

Becausehe had taken so long to accept the call.

2b.what did they believe happened?

Theythought he had been fully convicted of the decision he made.

3aDo you think it was right for the aunt to create a concreteexpectation for Langston before he entered he attended the revival?


3b.why or why not?

Heshould have let him have his own experience.

4a.why does Hughes cry in bed after his experience?

Helied had he expected Jesus to help him?

Bycoming physically

4c.what does this reaction tell the reader about Langston?

Hewas an innocent young boy.

5a.why do you think this event was so significant in Langston Hugheslife?

Hewanted to have that encounter of God always living in him.

5b.Have you ever had a similar experience?



  1. How do the short, one sentence paragraph aid Hughes in telling his story?

Theyhelp ideas follow chronologically

  1. How does Hughes’s choice of words help to establish a realistic atmosphere for a religious revival meeting?

Itpaints the exact picture of what happens in our churches

  1. What does the title mean?

Itis in relation to the events that took place on the day he isnarrating about.

  1. Great deal of dialogue is used in reading this. What is the effect of dialogue

Toshow emphasis

  1. Find three examples of Hughes rich description with words and write them here.

Joyoussinging filled the room

Theroom broke into a sea of shouting

Womenleapt in the air

TheGood Daughter


1a.have you lived to your parents expectations?


Complyingto their expectations

1c.what were the expectations?

Performingin school and going to church

2.If you have children will you have similar expectations?


2b.Why or why not?

Becausethey will mould their character and build their future.


1a.what is the author’s purpose in her essay?

Tovent about her identity

1b.who is her audience?

Childrenof immigrants and her parents

2.What did the dry-cleaning woman teach the author about herself?

Lackof identity

3.Explain the line ‘my parents did/t want their daughter to beKorean, but they don’t want her fully American either

Herparents lived double standards lives. They wanted to be identified asAmericans and better still as Koreans

4a.How were the author’s and her parents’ dreams different?

Shewanted to be a writer her parents wanted to be a lawyer

4b.has this ever happened to you?


  1. What dreams will you have for your children?

Thatthey will be great people in the society


  1. How did the author organize her essay?

Ina well understandable way

  1. What is the significance of the title?

Toshow how the author lived to the expectations of their parents

  1. How is the use of dialogue effective between the author and the dry cleaning lady?

Itemphasizes the problem at hand

  1. How would you characterize the title the good daughter?


  1. How did the author conclude her essay

Ina frustrated tone it effective


5bwhy or why not?

Itdepicted her emotions.