Processes of Quantitative Data Analysis

Processesof Quantitative Data Analysis

Processesof Quantitative Data Analysis

BasicconceptsImportant to Nurses&nbsp

Oneof the basic concept that is critical to the nursing fraternityconcerns the logging in of forms as most of the forms are used tocapture data. Further, the data that is captured is then reviewed toensure that it is eligible and complete in nature. Also, whenentering data of patients or even nurses, it is important that uniquenumbers are assigned to help in the identification process. Anotherstatistical concept that is necessary within nursing is coding.Through coding, the raw data ultimately makes meaning. This conceptcannot be ignored. Understanding these kinds of information will beintegral to nurses as they touch on the different areas of theirstudy. For nurses they also need to be able to differentiate betweenthe two types of data, that is, quantitative and qualitative data(Dörnyei, 2007).Through this differentiation, classification and analysis of any datacollected are easy. It is also worth noting that nurses must be awareof what makes variables and the types of variables that exist.

Descriptionof Statistical Methods

Often,there exist two types of statistical methods when analyzing data, andthey include the descriptive and inferential statistics(Weiss &amp Weiss, 2012).Usually, for the descriptive statistics, there is a summary of datafrom a given sample (Weiss&amp Weiss, 2012).The summary is done through indexes like a mean or standarddeviation. On the other hand, there is inferential statistics thatdraws conclusions from the data, which is subject to randomvariation, and they include observational errors and sampling.

Examplesof the Use of Statistical Methods

Thereis the use of inferential statistics such as observing the height ofindividuals. Also, the researcher talks of observational errors wherehe or she states note that recording of height must be done withprecision to avoid the errors.

Explanationof Statistical Tests

Thestatistical test would be very important for this study and such testwould include the t-test. However, in this research, no statisticaltest has been applied.

Importanceof Nurses in understanding the Basics of Statistical Methods

Understandingthe basics of statistics nurses get to have precise data recorded andthus reflecting the right outcome(Munro, 2005).Also, upon understanding the statistical methods, nurses get the codethe data provided to them. In the end, nurses will have a meaning outof the data collected(Munro, 2005).


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