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ProfessionalNursing Practice

Differencesbetween the General Idea of Taking Care of People and Orem’s Modelof .

Orema’smodel focuses on assisting people (patients) to become self-reliantand meet their therapeutic self-care demands. Orema’s modelbelieves that every individual can perform self-care activities tomaintain their health, life, and well-being and are also responsiblefor their health and that of their dependents. When it reaches apoint where an individual cannot perform self-care activities, then aprofessional nursing assistance is required to help people meet theirhealth needs. According to Orema, the patient is the major focus ofthe nursing care, and their environment mediates the health of anindividual. Also, healthy persons can carry out their self-careactivities and nursing care is required to assist persons who havelost their ability to complete their self-care (Nursing Theories,2011).

Onthe other hand, the general idea of taking care of people involveshelping them to improve their emotional and physical health. It mayinclude family, loved, neighbors and friends helping a person to meettheir health needs. For instance, in home care, a person can beassisted in various daily tasks such as cooking, bathing or walking.It may also involve helping people feel human, empowering them, easetheir fear and treating them with respect. Additionally, the generalidea of care may include providing nursing services such asadministration of medications, injections, and treatments to improvetheir health and well-being (Magin,Goode &amp Pond, 2015).

Therefore,the general idea of care and Orema’s model of professional nursingcare differ in the sense that the general idea focuses on caring forpatients to improve their health and wellbeing and Orema focuses onproviding assistance to individuals who have lost their ability toconduct self-care activities.


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