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Thegrocery store chain was founded in 1915, and it was later merged withAlbertson. It is mainly known as Safeway, but it also operates undervarious names across the country. Each one is composed of severaldepartments ranging from 5-6 or 11-15 different departments. It alsohas a broad client base with each one of them having its uniqueenvironment.

EthanBrown is one of Safeway’s workers. He is currently the 1stAssistant Store Director of the store chain. He has worked withSafeway for 2 and a half years. Ethan first got a job with Petco whenhe was 17 years. He was then promoted to a shift supervisor when heturned 18. He then left Petco to work for Starbucks as a Barista, buthe was promoted to the position of a Shift Supervisor within a shorttime. He was later promoted to become an Assistance Store Managerafter 1 and a half year and then promoted to the position of a StoreManager 9 months later. He then changed to managing a small businessfor 9-10 years before joining Safeway where he started working as a2ndassistant. He was then promoted to the position of an acting 1stAssistant Store Director after ten months. Ethan was then requestedto be an acting 1stAssistance in Potrero store. He underwent the RLD training programafter which he was officially promoted to a 1stAssistant Store Director.

Onething that Ethan would have done differently in his career is that hewould not have spent 9-10 years in the small business. If he hadstarted earlier to work for Safeway, he would have moved very faralong his career and would be running his store by now.

Thethree main things that one should look for when hiring new talent arethe person’s honesty, attitude, and ambition. One should ensurethat the person is honest enough and own up to his or her pastmistakes. The person should also have a good attitude and ambition.

Lastly,the advice that should be given to a student entering hospitalityindustry is that they should always remember that they are there forthe customer. This is because the client does not only pay for his orher paycheck but also for the boss’s. The student should hence makesure that the customer’s experience is very good.