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HarrisonBergeron masterfully demonstrates how technologies can be used tocontrol and torture the people. Extraordinary individuals always freethemselves from the deceptions. The film mainly applies a somber moodand sarcasm to present the events. The emergency reporter is unableto communicate without the use of his handicaps. The plot unfoldswith considerable tension as the reported culprit appears in a liveshow in public. After demonstrating to the audience that they canlive effectively without the use of the technologies, the authoritiesintercept and take him out only to be exposed (Reed,67).


Thegovernment uses mind control mechanisms such as handicapping tosuppress the entire population and only a selected few control theaffairs. However, human nature always rises above the odds and fightsfor the rights of the people. It is possible that the pastcivilizations such as the Egyptians, Romans, and Mayans crumbledbecause the people were tired of suppression (Reed,46).


Thestory starts with comments about the government’s efforts to createabsolute equality among all individuals. The intelligent individualssuch as George were fitted with mind control devices and distractionsto make them average people. The Handicaps General kills George’sson and Hazel cries stating that there is something sad on thetelevision (Reed,74).However, life returns to normal with people still wearing thehandicaps.


TheNational Geographic magazine would be cheating by digitally alteringa cover photograph of the great pyramids of Egypt. As the titlesuggests, the institution should only provide unaltered factualinformation about the geographical features from different regions.Adjusting the real nature of the landmarks would only mislead theusers of the magazines (Reed,102).In a similar way, one cannot trust the work of a nature photographerwho digitally duplicated photos of a herd of African zebras. Thepractice is in violation of the career title. It is a common practiceamong individual to digitally manipulate images. Therefore, as longas no one is directly offended, the above cases do not violate a codeof conduct. However, as an audience, the assumptions of the truthabout the pictures may remain unchanged as few people are concernedwith the details of an image (Reed,92).


Digitallyaltering the image covers in magazines is not cheating. Images aresubject to many alterations once stored as digital information. It isimpossible to trust a photographer who digitally alters their photosbecause they are not genuine. Photographers violate a code whenchanging their pictures. The perception of an image will change ifthere is no assurance that the photos are authentic.


Othellohands a handkerchief to Desdemona as a gift and a symbol of love.Lago convinces the wife to steal from Desdemona as he knew thehandkerchief had a sentimental value attached to it. Lago was awarethat Othello took it as a symbol of Desdemona’s fidelity. WhenOthello spots the handkerchief with Cassio, he is convinced thatDesdemona is unfaithful and that she has lost her chastity. Thehandkerchief is a symbol of Othello’s mysterious past (Dwivedi,195).

Itis evident that Lago hates Othello and Cassio and tries to seekrevenge against them because Moor did not appoint him as a lieutenantand opted for Cassio. Lago kills Roderigo as a cover up to the plotthat they had about Cassio after the plan backfires. Lago killsEmilia as retaliation for uncovering his plots. Lago spreads rumorsabout Desdemona so that he could spark a conflict between Othello andCassio (Dwivedi,195).

Othellofires Cassio because he is convinced that he had an affair with hiswife and Cassio was his subordinate. Othello proceeds to killDesdemona to revenge for her unfaithfulness because she was hissuitor (Dwivedi,195).

Thetheme of perception is evident when Othello spots the handkerchiefwith Cassio and resolves that Desdemona was unfaithful. The realityof the situation is only known by Lago who convinced his wife tosteal the handkerchief and drop it in Cassio apartment. Jealousy isevident in the way Othello reacts to the perception that his wife hasan affair (Dwivedi,195).Othello is happy when Cassio is wounded. The theme of love is evidentwhen Othello hands Desdemona a handkerchief that is a symbol offidelity. Othello indicates personal insecurity when he decides tokill Desdemona after resolving that she was unfaithful (Dwivedi,195).


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