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Margolis,Jaclyn and Jonathan Ziegert. &quotVertical Flow of CollectivisticLeadership: An Examination of the Cascade of Visionary Leadershipacross Levels.&quot TheLeadership Quarterly27.2 (2016): 334-348. Web.

Inthe article, Margolis and Ziegert explore the application ofcollective responsibility in executing leadership duties. Collectiveresponsibility is essential in the management of a team of a group ofpeople working to achieve the same objectives. They argue thatcollectivistic leadership allows people team members to participatefreely and provide their expertise where needed.

EthnographyResearch on a Football Team

Theterm ethnographic research refers to a survey conducted throughobservation and recording of information about the target groups orusers. Some of the information observed and recorded in this contextis the group’s natural context, lifestyle, social status and theirpossessions among other things. The main objective is to collectinformation on how they live, do things and use things. The researchis also aimed at exploring their daily needs and professional lives.In this research, I will target a group of male football players forthe school team. I will base the information about the footballerswill be based on observation and face-to-face interviews.


Throughinterviews, I was able to collect data from the footballers regardingtheir physical description. Many of them were tall with heightranging from five feet to five feet nine inches. They were differentraces with different family backgrounds. However, I learned that theyhad adopted almost similar lifestyles. Almost all of them had tattoosin their body. They had different hairstyles based on race andpersonal likeness of the style. Because of the exercise, they do allthe time I realized they had developed strong muscles. Duringpractice, they wear games kits and football shoes. They take much oftheir time practicing and doing exercise to stay physically andmentally fit for the following much. During the exercise, the headcoach takes the leadership responsibility and direct activities andactions of the players during the practice sessions and when they areplaying. The technical management ensures that the team members haveeverything need to improve their performance.

Theplayers were admitted from different races and therefore their skincolors include white, red and black, although none of them had athick black skins. Perhaps this explains why they all had tattoos ontheir body. Another aspect of physical description is the dressingroom. The team had 25 players each with his self where they keeptheir games skits and boots, pads and socks. Besides each self is adressing or changing room for each player. The selves are arrangedon either sides of a long corridor. At the end of the corridortowards the entrance is a small space where players and the coachconduct meetings before they begin practices or games.


Theplayers were doing their best to improve their self-image. From theinterviews I conducted with a few players, I asked them about theirself-images and things they do to improve it. I gather diverseinformation about self-image improvement. Some of them told me thatimproving one’s self-image is similar to improving any skill.According to the players, it takes time and practice. Talking frompersonal experience, I realized that developing good self-esteeminvolves encouraging a positive, but the realistic attitude towardoneself and the world around us. Through that, I from the playerslearned the best ways of appreciating one’s worth as one exhibitbehavior in a responsible manner towards others. To them, self-esteemis not self-absorption it is self-respect. By working from theinside out and focusing on changing my focus and thoughts beforechanging the circumstances around my, they have been able to developself-esteem (George 33).

AsI carry on to explore new ways of developing self-image among thefootballer and their team managers, I have realized the importance oftaking certain actions. One of them is according to the players is toavoid exaggerations and accept reality, especially during challenges.Consequently, one learns to correct inner voice when it exaggerates,especially when one tends to exaggerate in the negative way (Rogerand Michael 948). Many players told me they have been trying to avoidthinking in exciting terms because that would lead to theimagination, which leads to false hope and disappointment when thylose a game. It is essential to tweak the negative thoughts in thebud. I have realized that stopping negative thoughts is easy if oneaccepts the reality. Encouraging one another to adore positive thingsand give priority to realistic objectives has been the key to theplayers’ success and ability to develop a good relationship withothers (Ogunleye par. 15). For instance, one player told me duringthe interview that when he sees a person yelling insults at anotherperson, he would possibly tell that person to stop because he feelsit is not right. It is the reason he does not want to accept thebehavior for himself.

AsI continued with the observation, I realized that another importantfactor that has helped the team is the positive accentuation. Insteadof focusing on things they believe are their negative qualities, theyaccentuate strengths and assets (George 37). Through that, they haverealized the importance of testing what they do, including the thingsthey study during practices so that they can evaluate their practicalapplication. In addition, hard work and perseverance in duringpractices are also important because it always provided betterresults compared to previous ones. According to the team captain,when what one does mean something to him, he should strive to achievethe best by working hard. From his comments, I also noted that hardwork might provide varying results based on how consistent it is(Meinecke, Klonek, and S. Kauffeld par. 8). The idea of consistencyis very important, and team members have been using it to realizeimprovement without noticing it.

Fromthe observations and interviews, I have to acknowledge that everyoneoften feels nervous and self-conscious when working under challenge,presenting his thoughts or doing playing a game under pressure. It isthe nature of many people, and no one is ready to work under pressure(Margolis and Ziegert 339). In this context, the coach asserted thatplanning and following a specific schedule is important so that onedoes not rush things when the deadline is almost approaching. Manyplayers I interviewed said that trust is an important aspect ofbuilding self-image. For that reason, they do not like the idealetting their boss and co-players down (Wang and Yang par. 19). Theyalways strive to do their best in order to enhance an outstandingperformance. One of the motivating factors is their great love ofrewards and gifts for their outstanding performance. In this sense,players feel appreciated for good course.


Inthis context, I described the players regarding the position theyhold in the society and the meaning they give to the society. Theplayers are aged between 21 and 25 years. The head coach and otherstaff member are aged between 45 and 55 years. While some of themwere born to and raised by very wealthy parents, others came fromhumble backgrounds. They have various family backgrounds concerningtheir parents, economic, social and cultural status. However, theyhave all adopted the modern life culture of the West. The youngerplayers aged below 25 years have not married.

Inthis context, I decided to interview the coach and two othertechnical staff about their social status. One of the two technicalstaff members had vastly invested in other businesses. The other onetold me that he does not belong to the high-class. However, he hasmade enough wealth for his family of a wife and two children. TheCoach had interesting information regarding his social status. Eventhough both of his parents studied business, he always knew that Iwould be a leader. Shortly after his 16th birthday, he joinedfootball academy of one of the largest clubs in Europe. He wasappointed the field campaign for his class and that where he learnedof his leadership ability (Meinecke, Klonek and S. Kauffeld par. 11).One year later, he joined the under 17 squads and the midfielder.

Atthe age of 19, he was promoted to the main team, and his outstandingperformance emerged immediately. At 21 years, he was a superstar anddecided to marry his long-term boyfriend who he had a set ofidentical twins. As the coach, the team fans give him high regardbecause of his excellent and consistent performance. The coach toldme that his parents are the motivating factor behind his success(Ogunleye par. 25).


Manyplayers love pets, especially cat, bird and one dog. They givedifferent names to their pets. Only one player told me does not likepets. Instead, he has a field at home where he rears peacocks. Hetold me he loves the birds for their attractive feathers. Anotherplayer also told me that he loves the car his father gave him as abirthday present.

GroupValues and Beliefs

Iinterviewed the coach and some players about the group values andbeliefs they practice. The coach said he has a great love for groupwork both at home and in business. He believes that groups alwaysprovide better outcomes compared to individuals because of thediverse experiences they share with each other (Yeo and Joe 146). Tomaintain cohesiveness within the group and ensure that it achievesits primary mandates, the coach believes in creating a strong andprofound communication strategy as a way enhancing interaction amongteam members. This occurs in line with the values and beliefsdeveloped, which confirm to the nature of the project that the groupundertakes. He further explains that where humans are involved, evenif they are experienced, problems and errors cannot lack during theexecution of the activities. To maintain the group values andbeliefs, the coach told me that he practices several things thatenhance equality among the members (Style 229).

Theteam captain told me that accepting flaws of being human and treatingone another with respect is an important part of team development. Heargued that a person might be facing problems related toself-presentation or lack of confidence. In this sense, he alwaysencourages his teammates to talk to each other as well as the teamcoach about what they feel went wrong, especially when they lose agame. This way, the captain said they would try to address theproblem so that it does not occur in the future and improve theirstatus as a team. After the interview, I realized that all peoplehave flaws and they can make mistakes depending on the situationunder which they work or do things.

Thecoach and some players told me that they always accept imperfectionsas part of human development, especially in the execution of a newproject or work plan. To them, perfection is a high goal to beachieved, but it is not necessary to start at that point or even endit. No one can attain the ideal conditions expected to be obtained,and the only thing to do is to encourage the players to achieverealistic goals (Roger and Michael 952). Players have always focusedon what they gained from the practices and how they can use the gainin the future. He encourages them to avoid focusing on things thatare not done or those that they should have done differently. Whilein a group, players encourage themselves and other members to allowthemselves make mistakes and learn from the experience. Nobodydesires negative results, and if it happens once, the players willalways do their best to avoid it.

Thecoach encourages his players not to bully themselves. Instead ofregretting, it is important to focus on how to improve ourselves.Even though criticism is encouraged as part of learning process, itis not good to succumb to sharp and negative criticism, especiallywhen they suffer heavy defeats from the opponent. However, hebelieves that players should build their careers and experiences bydeveloping knowledge from harsh critics. He does not create standardsthat he does not expect from other people. Although it is a good ideato do well, the coach and the captain told me they do not expectthemselves to be perfect by punishing players when they fail todeliver. To them, that is a vicious cycle to me and cannot earn themsuccess.

Inorder to learn more about the players and their managers, I decidedto explore their response to various challenge through interviews andobservation. The coach and his players told me that regrets are notgood because they lower self-esteem and a person lacks the motivationto move to work. That is why they prefer replacing criticism with theencouragement. That will give them a constructive criticism ratherthan them being critical to what they have done. As a result, theycomplement themselves as well as those around them on what orachievement to focus towards attaining great values and workingconformingly to the goals. The team members embrace the core valuesand standards of a football game as well as the team values thatencourage individuals not to feel guilty about things that take placebeyond their control.

GroupMeetings, Locations, and Behavior

Theteam holds group meetings in at two in the dressing room before goingto the field. As a leader, the coach always organizes the teammeeting at two o’clock in the afternoon before they startpracticing. During the meeting, players are given equal chances toraise issues that emerged from the previous days. Through discussionand understanding, members make suggestions. The coach quicklyarticulates the suggestions and creates decisions that will guide theday’s practice session. Through democratic approach as the generalleadership skill, members raise their hand, and the coach giveschances to talk. This behavior enhances order, and it is time saving.One person talks at a time, and the meeting takes one hour. There isno order of hierarchy in giving suggestion and contributing to theongoing agenda. However, as the chairperson of the meeting, the coachdirects discussions by giving chances to people. Since all membersspeak English, the language is always used to record meetingproceedings for future references and in the developing values andstandards for the cohesion and strength of the team.


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Partone: Article Summary

Investmentindustry and trade, 12 November 2016,

Thisarticle explores about a recent decision by the Egyptian governmentto apply a currency floating technique so that they can salvage theEgyptian currency. It was predicted that floating the Egyptian poundagainst the American dollar would increase the number of exports byabout ten percent. It implies that the rate of globalization anddiversification in Egypt would increase. The decision is the righttrack towards the agenda of economic reforms, and it would ensurethat the nation propagates adequate development in all the industrialsectors. It is also projected that the initiative would positivelyimpact on the countries, international trade and is likely toincrease the nation’s balance of payment positively. Therefore itis a right approach towards globalization in the country, where moreand more relations will be created with other potential tradingnations.

U.N.World Tourism Organization Meeting, first of November 2015,

Accordingto the text, about 140 representatives from 40 countries attended theExecutive Council of World Tourism Organization in Luxor, Egypt. Themessage portrayed by the delegates was that Egypt was safe fortourism. A significant portion of the Egyptian population is employedin the tourism sector. The industry not only provides employmentbenefits but it also allows the citizens of other nations to interactwith the Egyptians, therefore, increasing the levels of culturalawareness and diversity. It also permits the sharing of ideas andinnovations. According to the text, the tourism sector offers anexcellent opportunity to work collectively to increase the economiccontributions of the industry and to protect the environment andmaintain the cultural heritage. There were further propositions tohold discussions about the influence of technology in the tourismindustry and how it might impact the sustainability of the sector. Itwas stated that there was the need of increasing the levels ofglobalization by restoring the lost confidence in those destinationsthat are widely affected by the chaos.

Egyptraises to 122 in the World Bank’s 2017 business report, 2 November2016,

Accordingto the report, the growth of international trade and increasedrevenues from the same has provided people from around the world, anexcellent opportunity to access more and better products. Egypt wasable to scale four ranks higher in the global trade positions due tothe practices of international trade. The government played asignificant role in the propagation of business growth through theintroduction of follow-up units. However, there was more difficultyin the obtaining and processing processes of different documentsafter the involvement of the government as it placed restrictions inthe forex imports withdrawals and deposits. There were approvals forindividuals to start some one-person companies that would assist toenlarge the small and medium enterprises sector.

Egypt’sstrength is critical for all, November 13, 2016,

SheikhMohammed bin Zayed visited Cairo, and it was a symbol of thesignificance of the Egyptian economy in the Arabic world. It affirmedthe strong ties between the Egyptians and the United Arab Emiratesespecially during the time of Egyptian economic transformations. TheEgyptian currency had suffered difficulties due to low levels ofsupply and it had devalued by almost a third of the initial value.The Gulf nations have provided unwavering support to the Egyptianeconomy over the past years,, and this relationship will bemaintained for years to come. It is a symbol of globalization wherevarious nations work together with an aim to achieve some economicobjectives and reforms and to assist the countries to attain highlevels of economic diversification. The IMF proposed a reduction inthe oil aids and to float the currency.

NewEgyptian Capital, November 2016,

TheHuman Resource Management (HR) field faces many challenges fortransformation. Several variations and shifts occur in the nationaleconomy, the globalization trends, local diversities, andtechnologies, resulting in new demands for organizations and theChinese initiative to construct Egypt’s new capital. These newpreferences drive the Human Resource Departments to some entirelyunknown directions. It is possible that these challenging encounterswould lead to various opportunities for the HR and the wholeinstitution. This article analyzes the opportunities and threats thathave an impact on the future of the HR and overviews other items inthe particular issue. The globalization trends are not felt in asingle HR department but among all the departments in the world,where one practical aspect is likely to be beneficial to anotherorganization in a distinct region. The diversity in the HRdepartments ensures that there are numerous opportunities for thehuman resource departments to benefit. It is necessary to considerthe implications for future research and practice in the field

Globalizationis a decisive factor for any international relations. Egypt soughtthe partnership of other diverse nations such as the United States toform a trading union, where they can exchange their products andsupplies at a beneficial price. The Senior Advisor to the U.S.Secretary of State, held a business delegation to Cairo, Egypt thataimed at promoting the US-Egypt economic relations. The diversitybetween the two countries and the embracement of globalizationprompted for the union that would ensure mutual benefit from trade.In the past, the relation between the two nations faced challengeswhen the United States temporarily suspended its military grantsfollowing the military coup against President Mohamed Mursi in 2013.The aid was however resumed in the year 2015.


Egyptis one of the sources of civilization, and for a long time, it hasbeen a leader among the Arabic nations regarding economic andsocietal progress. The country’s history provides an adequatehighlight on the obstacles and effectiveness of establishingglobalization. From the article, titled Investment-&nbspIndustry&amp Trade,published on Saturday 12 November 2016,(,Egypt transformed its economy from a centrally controlled system to afree market plan, through the aid of the IMF and the World Bank in abid to arrive at diversity in the economy. This transformationresulted in many challenges for the residents as the public serviceswere stopped and the living standards rose.

Accordingto the above article the economic conditions of Egypt have beenaltered. The Egyptian economy is diverse with rich natural resources,a flourishing manufacturing sector, a well-established agriculturalsector and a thriving tourism industry( local labor force provides the economy with the skilled workforcethat is crucial for sustained development. Globalization built theEgyptian economy through heightened production and operations due tosome factors such as technology exchange, increased level of skillsamong the workers and enhanced international competition.Globalization and technology can be considered as the major drivingfactors for the changes in the manufacturing sectors in thecontemporary world( adopted technology in many of its sectors and industries thataid the nation in attaining high levels of globalization.

Theweb was introduced in Egypt in the year 1993, with the establishmentof a small university network (Nelson,56).The commercial use of the Internet services, however, began aboutthree years later with extensive assistance from the government. Upto date, the nation has experienced high levels of the use ofinternet technologies for various activities and sectors tofacilitate a quicker globalization process. Egypt participates invarious global activities such as trade with the neighboringcountries and other economic blocks such as the United States thatallow it to maximize the benefits it reaps from globalization. Thecontemporary world is remarkably characterized by high levels ofconsumer selectivity by such criteria as the price of the commodity,the quality of the products and the sales services offered for thesame such as free transportation, installation, and warranty.Globalization has enabled efficient location of the most suitableproducts among the Egyptian clients, where they can import theproducts they require and acquire them at more convenient prices andquality. There is however some challenges encountered in thedistribution process of the products in the global and the localmarkets making the delivery process a crucial feature ofglobalization.

Tomeet the requirements of globalization, Egypt ensured that theworkers obtain the necessary skills through empowering of the team ofemployees, increasing the diversity of the workforce and developingaccelerated integrated learning process( companies opt for active but well-skilled labor force to minimizethe cost and maximize the productivity. The increase in the nation’slevels of globalization has necessitated the manufacturers to attaina highly-skilled and flexible workforce.

ThoughEgypt has high levels of diversities ranging from socio-economicbackgrounds, economic and religious differences, the nation hasadopted some adequate techniques that aid in the transition toglobalization. The adoption of technology is one of the significantfactors propagating an efficient and quicker development toglobalization through heightened transfer of information and moreeffective communication techniques(

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AnalyzingFiction: Everyday Use by Alice Walker

EverydayUse is a story that is based on a black family in the era of blackempowerment. Mama, the head of the household and mother of two girls,narrates the story in the first person. Dee, the first child, movesout of their home in the rural South to study in Augusta. Maggie, onthe other hand, remains at home and is about to get married.

Messageof the Story

Everydayuse is a story that illustrates how education can cause division inthe family as well as erode our heritage.

Inthe book, both Mama and Maggie have little education. Mama could notstudy as her school closed down and the rate of racism did notencourage southern black children to attend schools. Maggie, on theother hand, attended school but did not proceed to tertiaryeducation. She can read but with difficulty. Dee, the eldestdaughter, can read well and often visits the family.

WheneverDee visits her family, she constantly tries to impose her knowledgeand ideas of the world to her mother and sister much to theirdiscomfort. Dee`s education gives her a sense of superiority andambition that mesmerizes even her mother. Dee`s exposure andeducation has robbed her, the understanding of her heritage. NamedDee after her mother`s mother and a family name, she opts to changeher name to Wangero. Dee claims the name is African and in tune withher new African culture. The move is naïve as she knows nothingabout Africa and does not even understand the southern black heritageof her immediate family.

Beingaway in pursuit of education has made Dee materialistic increasingdivide within her family. She wants to have the quilts made by hermother and aunt to preserve them as forms of trophies. Dee does notvalue the symbolism of the quilt but just considers what it wouldmean to have it on display. Maggie on the other hand, though not asexposed as her sister, appreciates the artifacts like the churn madeby their uncle because she understands their everyday use in makingbutter. Maggie even remembers which of her relatives made theartifacts because she is in touch with her heritage.

Lackof education on Maggie’s part has had its effects as well. She is ashy girl who is alienated from the world. She has no views of her ownand cannot stand up for herself. Maggie is comfortable with thesimple southern life and the instructions of her mother. Lack ofeducation has not given her the confidence to stand up for herself.As a result, she almost loses her inheritance of the quilts to Dee.At the end of the story, Dee tells Mama and Maggie that it is timefor empowerment. Education has empowered her but drives a division inher family as they are modest people content in living in thecountryside.

Useof Literary Elements


Conflictamong the characters is the center of the whole story. Dee is inconflict with her mother and sister because they appear backward toher due to their lack of education. Both Mama and Maggie cannot readwell and live simple lives. Though Maggie is humble and quiet, thereis a conflict between her and her sister. Maggie thinks that Dee hasan easy life because she left for school while she remained home.Maggie is not confident of herself, and the division in the familymeans Dee cannot help to improve her sister.

Conflictbrings out how much Dee is out of touch with her heritage. Dee hasaccumulated many secular ideologies to be able to relate to herfamily`s modest way of life. Turning away from her heritage issomething her mother disapproves. It indicates the lack of respectfor her ancestors. Dee says that she dropped her name as it is fromoppressors, yet those were her ancestors.


Deesays that her family does not understand their heritage during thefight over quilt ownership. It is an ironic statement as it is Deewho does not know her heritage even with all the education. Deeillustrates selfishness by trying to have all artifacts to herselfand not sharing with her sister. She refuses to learn how to make aquilt, which is part of the family tradition, unlike Maggie.


Thequilt is a symbol of the history of the black community in Dee`sfamily. The quilt is made of a collection of clothing items used byDee`s great grandparents. Making the quilt was a creative activity ofthe women to be able to make classical pieces to pass on to theirchildren. There was a bond that was created when Mama and her sistermade the quilt that Dee wanted. Dee does not understand theimportance of such a relationship, as she does not have one withMaggie. Even as children, Dee did not assist her sister with readingexercise, but instead looked down at her.


Thebook presents a conflicting cultural attitude that discriminatesagainst race and gender. Some of the proposals that can be includedto solve the highlighted issue and make communities peaceful includethe promotion of girl education and appreciation of their efforts.When women are appreciated, a society development is enhanced.Similarly, when a family has an educated member, the member acts as asource of enlightenment to her family, and this will increase socialdevelopment. Enlightened women are usually consulted during conflictresolution amid their stubborn husbands who stick with theircultures.

Heritageis a cultural aspect that must be reviewed to reduce conflicts. In myproposal, heritage and ownership should not be limited to any genderor races. All members should be allowed to inherit their folk’sproperty, and their ownership of such inherited assets must beprotected. Inheritance increases people`s confidence and self-esteemboosting healthy community relationships


Thebook provokes the reader to think deeply about the divisive effect ofeducation and how education can erode the heritage of an individual.Education should start with understanding our immediate heritagebefore we learn world ideologies. Education should also enlightenpeople on how to resolve conflict, and not being the source of it.Had Dee taken the time to help Maggie with her education, bothsisters would be empowered and share a sibling bond.


Walker, Alice. In Love &amp Trouble Stories of Black Women. New York: : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,, 1974. Print.

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Obligation to Endure

The use of chemicals has significantly increased food product andcontrol of crop pests and diseases. Farming has become easier than itused to be. The continued use of farm chemicals has some impacts onthe environment (Armstrong, 220). These problems are likely tomagnify in the future due to the less attention human beings give tothe environment. The most evident effect of man’s on theenvironment is the pollution of air, soil, and water with hazardousmaterials. Carson, in “Obligation to Endure,” examined thethreats posed by human activities to their surroundings. This papersummarizes the article and provides evidence to supports that peopleare not worried about the environment.


Thelarge-scale production of synthetic chemicals has done more harm thangood to the world we live. The primary effect is the indiscriminatekilling of pests. The secondary effect is the accumulation of thesechemicals in the soil making it toxic. There are several questionsthat Carson sought to answers in her quest to create awareness of theharm the synthetic chemicals are doing to the environment (420).Human beings, due to their greed to manipulate the nature of theirworld, have caused adverse effects which they only have to endure.


FromCarson’s article, it is clear that human beings are not worriedabout their environment. Instead, we have been spending much of ourtime and money to maximize the output of our economic activities atthe expense of our surroundings. A good example is farming. It isbelieved that the use of chemicals maximizes the productivity offarmland (Larry and Marlin, 435).

Somespecies of insects have been in conflict with human beings bycompeting for food and transmitting infections (Carson, 422). Thehuman race is willing to suppress any animal or insect that may delaythe achievement of objectives. In their quest to control insects,farmers have been using sprays and aerosols to remove disease threatsand increase food production. Some of these chemicals arenon-selection and thus, indiscriminately kill both “good” and“bad” insects. Every organism plays a significant role in theenvironment. When they are eliminated, some vital processes in agiven ecosystem are affected.

Globalizationhas resulted in the introduction of new plant species and insects ina country. A good example is the US which as introduced nearly200,000 species and varieties of plants from various parts of theglobe (Carson, 423). Approximated half of the insects introduced intothe US are pests. In case people were worried about theirenvironment, they could seek the knowledge of animal population andtheir interaction with their surroundings that an equilibrium (Wongand Ulrika, 671). In fact, the methods we use to suppress insects aretemporary. According to the principles of Charles Darwin “survivalof the fittest,” the use of chemical has led to the evolution ofinsects with a super immunity resistant to insecticides. Insects withsuper immunity are more destructive than their predecessors (SimonY., 167).

Thelife of human beings is dependent on the environmental resources. Theuse of chemicals increases the rate of depletion of natural resourcessuch as aquatic life and insects. Some of the agrochemicals arecarried by surface run-offs into water bodies such as lakes andoceans where much of their effects are felt. High levels of thesechemicals in lakes and oceans cause death and even extinction of someaquatic organism (Linders, 78). There are traces of DDT and otherpesticides in plants, insects, fish, birds, wild animals, domesticanimals, and finally to people. Carson considers DDT as a carcinogen.This shows how our own activities affect us and our surrounding(Carson, 419).


Humanbeings continue to use chemical without doing an advanceinvestigation on their effects on the environment and eventhemselves. Human beings are less concerned about their environment.This is depicted by their activities that are aimed at benefitingthem without considering their effects on the surroundings. Peopleshould come up with sustainable strategies that guarantee theirsurvival without causing harm to the environment.


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Wong, Bob BM, and Ulrika Candolin. &quotBehavioral responses tochanging environments.” Behavioral Ecology. 26.6 (2015): 665-673

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Character,Setting, Symbolism

Inliterature, a character is a person involved in a story, drama, or anovel as an actor. Nonetheless, a character can also stand forsomeone’s personality regarding thoughts, feelings, and behavior.The setting is a literature element which concerns the geographicallocation and the time in which a story take place. Setting bringsabout the mood and the backdrop of a story thus it dictates thecharacter of an actor in a story. Symbols can signify ideas andqualities of a character in a story with symbolic meanings differingfrom their literal sense an aspect referred to as symbolism. Anevent, an action or words by a character in a story may have asymbolic value. However, depending on the context used, symbols mayshift their meanings. This paper uses short stories &quotthebirthmark&quot and &quotthe yellow wallpaper&quot by NathanielHawthorne and Charlotte Perkins Gilman respectively to exemplifycharacter, setting, and symbolism in literature.

&quotTheBirth-Mark,&quot a short story written by an American authorNathaniel Hawthorne examines the obsession with human perfection. Theshort story is composed of several characters among them Aylmer andGeorgiana. Georgiana, irrespective of being beautiful and perfect,she has a small red birthmark on her cheek in the shape of hand.Aylmer gets obsessed with Georgiana’s birthmark such that he dreamsof cutting his wife’s birthmark out of her cheek (Sagawa, Aki andHajime Kijima 20). However, until Georgiana asks about the meaning ofAylmer’s sleep-talking, Aylmer does not remember his dream.Georgiana intends to risk her life by having the birthmark scrappedout of her cheek when his husband remembers about his dream ratherthan to endure the discomfort that his husband goes through wheneverhe sees her. Aylmer eventually decides to take Georgiana, her wife tohis laboratory with the intention to pursue perfection on her cheek(Thompson, W. R. 413).

Fromthe above happenings, imperfection is the setting of the story wherethe mood and feelings of the characters are determined. Aylmerundergoes horror and distress whenever he sees the imperfection whichis the birthmark on Georgiana’s cheek. This imperfection promptsthe wife of Aylmer to want to risk her life to please him by cuttingthe birthmark off her cheek. Aylmer is depicted to have a caringcharacter by taking her wife to his laboratory with the pursuit ofcorrecting the imperfection on her cheek. Georgiana uses a symbolicword “cutting” to symbolize the removal of the birthmark on hercheek.

“TheYellow Wallpaper” is another short story Charlotte Perkins Gilmanan American writer illustrating physical and mental attitudes towardswomen’s health in the 19th century. John, a physician, married to asingle wife, rented an old apartment for the summer. John’s wife isforbidden from working as a form of treatment, and she is alsoencouraged to eat well as well as to get plenty of air and exercise.The practice was to treat temporary nervous depression. John’s wifehides any evidence that can cause her be reproached for havingoverworked herself. The effect of under stimulation of the woman’smental health is depicted in the story where she becomes obsessedwith the color and pattern of the wallpaper without anything tostimulate her (Martin, Diana 713). The yellow wallpaper makes thewoman think of all yellow things she has ever seen. The yellow thingswhich come into her memory are the negative ones. However, the sweetsmell of the paper makes the woman want to remember things as that‘yellow smell.` As the story ends, the woman imagines of otherwomen creeping around the wallpaper and then believes to be one ofthem. The woman refuses to leave the summer rental apartment butinstead locks herself in a room where she feels safe outside thereone has to creep on the ground where everything is green instead ofyellow (&quotA Non-Feminist Reading of &quotThe Yellow Wallpaper12&quot). She believes that she can creep freely on the floor of theroom thus she does not want to lose her way.

Under-stimulationof woman’s mental health is the setting of “The Yellow Wallpaper”story where the woman becomes obsessed with the color of wallpaperdue to her medical condition. John assumes a caring character as heexempts his wife from responsibilities but instead recommends her toeat well and exercise so as to address her medical situation. On theother hand, the woman hides any evidence which can make her bereproached for overworking herself thus assuming a character ofsomeone who does not care about her health. The yellow wallpaper issymbolic in that the woman does not want to leave her comfortableworld and go to another world where there is no freedom but insteadoppression (Sagawa., 19).

Thecharacters in a given story can assume responsibilities which one canemulate to build a better society. The setting of a story also caninfluence the impact different stories or narrations have on thesociety. Symbolism is a tool which is used to convey messagesindirectly mostly in stories. It is, therefore, advisable for authorsto use symbols which correctly convey the intended message ratherthan the ones which can easily be misunderstood in the literatureworld.


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Everyoneis entitled to practice their faith. There are diverse beliefs in theworld, and different people belong to different religions. There arevarious ways of interpreting Biblical creation accounts, and thisarticle elaborates more on the major themes of the accounts. PopeBenedict argued about the reasonableness of faith in creation. Thisarticle also wishes to respond to the Pope’s argument.

Themajor Themes.

Biblicalcreation is believed to be as a result of the work of a supernaturalbeing, God. It is by a miracle that the earth, other heavenly bodies,animals, and humanity came into being (Chittick, Olson, and Bakernp). The Book of Genesis tells of who carried out creation and thingscreated, but it does not tell of the ‘how’ of creation.Everything that God created is important as He did so out of Hiswill. Biblical creation is creation ex nihilo which means that atfirst there was nothing and then later there was everything. Thecreator did not require any matter, energy or a lot of time to createeverything and this is a sign that He is first and everything else issecond (Chittick et al. np). The reason as to why biblical creationaccounts come out as the real creation story is that in all othertheories, the creator is not the start of creation like the Biblicalcreator (Chittick et al. np). In other theories, the authors startfrom an already developed world. They start their creation story fromthings already in existence (Chittick et al. np).

TheBible identifies God as the creator (Chittick et al. np). He is not aset of moral rules or an idea created in people’s minds. Anothermajor theme of the Biblical creation accounts is humanity. Theaccount illustrates human beings as having a spirit and a mind.People are in the image of God (Chittick et al. np). Other theoriesshow humanity came to be as a result of the evolution process.Creation accounts form the foundation of the gospel (Chittick et The Book of Genesis illustrates the account of the fall of man.Human beings were perfect creatures, but since they failed the testof truth set by God, they became of sin.

Responseto Pope Benedict Argument about the Reasonableness of Faith inCreation

PopeBenedict argued that a secular person should still live their livesin acknowledgment that God indeed exists. This argument is reasonablebecause though such people do not live according to the word of God,it is wise for them to acknowledge that there is indeed asupernatural being. The Biblical creation accounts are proof that Godexists and so secular people can have this belief. This same notionbrings Christians and non-Christians together, and it solves theissue of moral normativity.


Thecreation story as illustrated in the Book of Genesis is evidenceenough that it was God who created the world and all that dwells init. Pope Benedict tries to unite the world by having everyone agreeon the fact that man and all creations are attributable to God. Tobelieve in the creation story, one needs to have a reasonable amountof faith. Everyone needs to know that indeed there is a supernaturalbeing that is above all other creatures.


ChittickD., Olson W., and Baker S. Whatis Biblical Creation and why is it important.1:1 Answers in Genesis. August 4th,2016. Retrieved from


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Proposal Essay

Today, there are high levels of interaction in the online spaces,where the individuals navigate using an electronic identity (Olsson,193). It makes up the digital traces that people leave behindas they use the virtue world. The social media is the primary factorbehind the creation of (e)dentity across the globe. Students usesocial sites to interact and derive different types of information.Recent studies indicate that the students comprise of the highestnumbers of social media users. People leave digital traces which makeup their (e)dentity each time they upload a photo and store it on asocial networking site, create a personal impression for instance inonline games, write a blog or a tweet about their life, or makeonline purchases (Olsson, 193).

While learning, the students can locate researches, innovations andother factors that enhance their conversations in the social media. Alot of data is shared through these sites including pictures,messages, class notes, news updates among others. Social media is ofgreat importance among the students in their daily activities such asresearch and interactions (Olsson,196). For instance, the students can interact with theirinstructors on some social platforms such as Twitter and deriveinstructions to observe during the lessons. The lecturers can alsoinform the students about their class lineup through such sites andavoid a lot of confusion.

The learners can hold online discussions with their colleagues fromthe comfort of their rooms, which enhances efficient sharing ofideas. It is even possible to share learning materials among variousinstitutions offering similar courses. The use of social media amongthe students has advanced to a level of electronic learning. Manyuniversities have developed social sites where their students canaccess the class notes even without attending the lessons (Olsson,194). It makes the process of learning easier as the studentscan conduct their activities and study at will. Social media useamong the students has more constructive than destructive effects.

Oppositional Visual Rhetoric

However, various issues make the use of social media a nightmareamong the students. Often some learners use these sites to bully andtint their colleagues` image, which results in devastating effects.The issues of cyber bullying are quite evident where individuals leaksensitive conversations or even photos belonging to another person sothat they can humiliate the individual (Olsson,196). Hackers illegally access an individual’s account onthe social media platforms and post humiliating information or derivesensitive data about the individual. Social media contains irrelevantinformation that is distracting to the students. Therefore, it maynot be taken as an entirely suitable invention because it has itsdark side.

Social Reflection

The issue of social media use among the students has raised a mixedreaction among the public and the intellectuals. Many individualsadvocate for the use of social media as a learning aid, while othersee it as a factor that should not be introduced into the curriculum(Olsson, 193). While theworld is slowly turning to a digital village, the antagonists of thesocial media are losing their ground as more and more benefits arebeing derived from the use of social media (Olsson,196). Today most of the sites are customizable. Hence, itwould be lame for an individual to conclude that adoption of socialmedia by the learning institutions is likely to result in adverseeffects

Annotated Bibliography

Chen, Xin, Mihaela Vorvoreanu, and Krishna Madhavan. &quotMiningsocial media data for understanding students’ learningexperiences.&quot IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies 7.3(2014): 246-259.

In their study, Chen, Mihaela and Krishna analyzed how social mediacan inform the researchers about the learning experiences, feelingsand concerns among the students. Their study focused on engineeringstudents Twitter posts. The complexity of the experiences among thestudents requires human interpretation and automatic data analysistechniques. The study applied both qualitative and quantitativetechniques which add to its suitability in this research. There wassufficient data analysis including that from Purdue University addingto the viability of the study.

Tavernier, Royette, and Teena Willoughby. &quotSleep problems:predictor or outcome of media use among emerging adults atuniversity?&quot Journal of sleep research 23.4 (2014): 389-396.

Tavernier and Teena conducted a three years longitudinal study toevaluate the connection between social media and reduced sleep timeand sleeping problems among the students. They conducted a survey of942 university students. The study confirmed a statisticallysignificant association between sleep problems and the use of socialmedia. Tavernier and Teena conclude that sleep problems are aprediction of longer hours spent on social media and not the otherway round. The study indicated that intellectuals use the socialmedia to cope with sleep problems. The study provides sufficientinformation that is essential for my investigation.

DeAndrea, David C., et al. &quotSerious social media: On the use ofsocial media for improving students` adjustment to college.&quot TheInternet and higher education 15.1 (2012): 15-23.

Deandrea conducted an analysis on how social media enhances theperception of institutional support, among the students, beforeenrolling at the institution. This study concluded that social mediaincreased the student’s perceptions of acquiring different supportin the system once they have enrolled for the first semester.However, this investigation was shallow and did not inform my studyon the effects of the use of the invention.

Wang, Zheng, John M. Tchernev, and Tyler Solloway. &quotA dynamiclongitudinal examination of social media use, needs, andgratifications among college students.&quot Computers in HumanBehavior 28.5 (2012): 1829-1839.

Wang, John, and Tyler conducted an analysis of the various uses ofsocial media and effects on the gratification of the student’slives. The study applied experience sampling information collectedfor four months. The inquiry concluded that the use of social mediaamong the students was highly influenced by emotional, cognitive,social and habitual factors among the students. Social media does notgratify all the needs, and they accumulate prompting its subsequentuse. The study provided a shallow explanation about the impact ofusing social media among the students and only explores the reasonsfor its use making it shallow for my investigation.

Sponcil, Megan, and Priscilla Gitimu. &quotUse of social media bycollege students: Relationship to communication and self-concept.&quotJournal of Technology Research 4 (2013): 1.

Sponcil and Priscilla analyzed the use of social media among thecollege students and evaluated its influence on communication andself-concept. The study mainly used questionnaires to collect dataabout the individual communication practices. The inquiry concludedthat there was a profound relationship between social media use,communication, and self-concept. This study provided sufficientinformation to understand the increased adoption of media among thestudents.


The popularity of social media in the society increases withtechnological advancements (Olsson,194). Though the use of social media among the students hasboth the positive and the adverse effects, the usefulness outweighsthe evils making social media an overall pearl to the society.

Works Cited

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Tourism’sPositive Impact on Person

Manycountries rely heavily on the tourism industry as a source of earningincome. Tourism is thus, a sector that has been transforming people`slives over the years. It is, therefore, useful to preserve historicaland other scenic features that attract visitors from other nationbecause they come along with many benefits. The tourism industry hasbeen applauded because of the impact it has on the psychologicalsatisfaction of a human being, some people have expressed theirconcerns on tourism quoting that it helps them to appreciate thenature of their environment and the surrounding world. In rarecases, the number of visitors falls due to occurrences of disastersor because of war or unrest (Woo,Eunju, Hyelin, and Muzaffer 84).

Thispaper will deliberate the impact of the tourism industry to manynationalities. It will highlight positive aspects associated withtourism sector and the economic implications of the areas involved.Also, the author will seek to encourage more people to explore theirworld through tourism to experience the benefits associated with it.

Tourismindustry helps to create jobs. One of the economic merits of thetourism sector is increased employment opportunities. Employment caneither be direct employment within the tourism sector whereindividuals are elected to be tourism officials for tourism boards orindirectly offering transportation and tour guiding. Tourists,therefore, are core employees in tourism industry because the moneythey spend helps jobless persons to earn a living improving theirlives. Money spent in-form of wages and salary on the goods andservices offered to them is known as a multiplier effect that createsmore jobs.

Peopleare thus encouraged to travel widely to provide opportunities forsmall-scale business enterprises based in rural areas where jobs arenot sufficient. Some tourist extends their generosity throughdonations and grants offered to local communities as a way ofallowing them to visit their community. The grants have been used todevelop social amenities in most cases. People who travel a lot havegained a wider exposure and impacted social lives in different ways.Social development in areas that receive a high number of touristshas been increasing over the years. The improvements ofinfrastructure development of new leisure joints have been as resultof tourism benefits that have trickled down to the local community.Tourism has been a way of promoting the preservation of traditionalcustoms through appreciation of handicrafts and local festivals.Tourism can thus be described as a pillar that creates civic pride.Interactions between the hosts and community members lead to a bettercultural understanding that is capable of promoting global awarenessof issues facing third world countries such as poverty and violationof human rights (Woo,Eunju, Hyelin, and Muzaffer 86).

Travellingbroadly means a wide exposure to the world famous places. Exposure isa great experience amongst aggressive people who are willing to findnew destinations and learn the local cultures of the community.People are, therefore, advised to travel a lot to see morepleasurable architecture and neighborhoods that could help them toredesign their urban centers in a more sustainable way. Learning newlanguages has also been associated with cultural acceptance anddiversity to increase humanity across the globe (France 16).

Travelersand explorers bring about social changes. When the visitorsappreciate the culture of a place, the local communities developpride and self-confidence. Similarly, a tourist who buys the locallymade art crafts helps in promotion of their business raising theirliving standards. When compared to manufacturing industry, tourismbusiness is more sustainable because it does not damage theenvironment (Munar,Ana, and Jens 68).

Ecotourismhas been successful in promotion and conservation of wildlife andother natural resources like rain forests. People who are passionateabout the environment travel globally to areas that have faceenvironmental conflicts as a way of sensitizing the community on theneed for environmental conservation. Rainforest and other naturalresources offer beautiful sites for tourists that attract visitors.Upon their visitation, the visitors empower the local community onthe need for preserving and protecting their sensitive environment toreduce the global warming effects. Consequently, tourism also helpsin the preservation of wildlife services through the money generatedin the form of fee charges on the tourist services. Additionally, thealternative sources of employment reduce environmental problemsassociated with overfishing and deforestation among developingcountries (Hudson,Simon, et al 68)

Thefollowing factors are the outcomes of a Sustainable Tourism: reducedpoverty through creation of jobs, increased cultural diversity, andmaximization of tourist grants to enhance the preservation of bothwildlife and other delicate ecospheres. Lastly is the promotion ofstate`s economy through the foreign exchange.

Inconclusion, tourism is an economic sector that has significantlyhelped in shaping people`s social lives. It has been able to createmore casual jobs for the unemployed youth bridging the poverty gapsin the third world countries. It is the only sector that seeks tosafeguard the environment when compared to other commercialindustries that have great impact to the global warming effect(France 36).


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Analysisof Andre`s Mother by Terrance McNally

Andre`sMotherby Terrance McNally is a play that highlights the theme of acceptanceof death and homosexuality. The play features Cal, Penny, Cal’sFather, and Andre’s Mother who are seen in the introduction scenemourning the death of Andre. Unlike a common death, Andre died ofAIDS that he contracted in the course of engaging in same-sexrelationships that the mother rejects as unconventional. The motheris unwilling to accept that his son died of AIDS, and worse sherejects the fact that Andre associated with men instead of women. Theplay Andre’sMotherexplores the theme of acceptance of Andre’s death andunconventional sexual orientation.

Inthe play, Arthur’s family is consciously aware and consents theunconventional sexual orientation of Cal and Andre, but the latter’smother rejects the fact. Arthur and his daughter, Penny, accept toaccompany Andre, who is attending the funeral Andre, his lover. Eventhough Arthur accepts his son’s sexual relationship with a man, hestill expresses his reservations against Cal’s association withhomosexuality. “I won’t say he was like a son to me. Even my sonisn’t always like a son to me” (McNally 1). Likewise, Pennyregrets the homosexual identity of Andre and wishes that he werestraight so that they would have a lasting relationship. Andre’smother rejects the idea that Andre was gay because she expected himto marry and start a normal family. Therefore she remains silentwhile Cal explains the circumstances surrounding the his son’s lifewith the Arthur family. Moreover, Andre knew very well that hismother would disapprove of the same-sex relationship that his son hadwith Cal. The mother takes time to appreciate the fact that her sonwas gay, which hurts her emotionally.

Theacceptance of death is highlighted in the play from differentperspectives that reveal the relationship between the characters andAndre. Cal, Arthur, and Penny accept the death of Andre however,Andre’s mother lingers letting go of the balloon symbolizing theacceptance of death. The closing scene shows Andre’s mothertrembling with anguish after that emphasize her denial of death. Theplay emphasizes the psychological and emotional anguish of friendsand parents who suffer to see Andre die of a sexually transmitteddisease. Instead of releasing the balloon to represent acceptance ofAndre’s demise, the mother holds it tightly to it and only lets goat the end of the play as though by force. The play explores theacceptance of death from the perspective of a mother and closefriends represented by Arthur’s family to assert that only the amother suffer most when confronted by a demise of a son.

McNallyuses the play to highlight the theme of acceptance in regard to thedifficult of admitting the death of a close family member. Inparticular, Andre’s mother lacks the strength to accept that hisson died of AIDS. Equally, both families exhibit a characteristicdislike for homosexual behavior, but they are forced to accept bothCal and Andre because they sympathize with them as family. Unlike theArthur family that readily releases the balloons, Andre’s motherhesitates to let go of her son because she remains in denial. Inconclusion, the entire play exposes theme of acceptance in relationto death of Andre as seen from the perspective of his mother, Cal,and Arthur’s family.


McNally,Terrace. “Andre’s Mother.” In FifteenShort Plays by Terrence McNally.Smith &amp Kraus, 1994.

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DeathBe Not Proud

Foran extended period, poetry, just as other forms of artistry work, hasplayed a significant role in entertainment, worship, solace and thegeneral undertakings geared towards the reaffirmation of hope. Giventhe interactive nature of life, the aspiration that people have andfeel also cause them to try to interact and reconcile with someaspects of their lives. In this milieu, the analysis of the poem,Death Be Not Proud, by John Donne, will serve its audience with anecessary understanding, thereby informing a measured knowledge ofthe circumstances that may have occasioned the need for this kind ofimpressive work. The beneficiaries of this paper, who are mainlystudents of literature and language, are also destined to be equippedwith the analytical approach and the need to simplify, with utmostprecision, any art of poetry that will be emphasized. I shall also beable to contact other secondary sources in an attempt to deliver aholistic synopsis of the poem, Death Be Not Proud. Undoubtedly, theneed to capture and depict our feelings through literary art remainsa relevant, strong, and reassuring if only the same intention toportray our feelings remain genuine and in tandem with humanrealities that concern our livelihoods.

and Analysis

Thepoem begins with a line where the poet addresses death as a person,and as though they are together. One would adopt the view that thepoet is keen in debriefing death, whom he observes, has disguisedhimself as scary and dreadful for long, an instance which has beenmisconstrued by many to believe. In so doing, the poet points out theineffectiveness of death and emphasizes the effectualness of hope.The spiritual undertones associated with the piece which ismagnificently portrayed as a painful experience, according to many,is herewith depicted as just rest. Also, the poet warns death againstpride and the presumption that he (death) is powerful, a matter thepoet terms as merely an illusion since the presumed pain death causesto men is indeed a deserved rest taken after a life on earth. In thiscase, the author is keen on bringing on a reflection on death,generally, coupled with the contemplative view and observation oflife as a whole. Understandably, the impermanent and the transientnature of life would necessitate a person to look yonder past theexhibitions of the present life. The hope tied to this kind ofimagination, as far as the poet is concerned, cannot be held inapprehension by the presence, actions, and omissions of death.

Besides,the speaker claims that ‘Andpoppie or charmes can make us sleepe as well,’a standpoint which allays the belief held by many that death wieldsthe sole power when it comes to letting people rest. He questions thepower and influence of death if he can hang around bad associateslike war and sickness, aptly implying that death is not on his ownand therefore is solely ineffective. The speaker paints the futurebeyond death as he proclaims that, ‘Oneshort sleepe past, wee wake eternally, And death shall be no moredeath, thou shalt die.’ The poet admits to the existence of death but sticks to hisassertion of a short stint of sleep which shall be ensued by aneternal rest. He is adamant that death himself will be a victim as heis bound to die forever.


Greenblatt,Stephen, and Carol T. Christ, eds. TheNorton anthology of English literature. WW Norton &amp Company,2012,believe in the application of multiple techniques that attempt totell the situations concerning the prevailing circumstances. Theytake cognizance of the fact which is explicated by the literary worksin the execution of thoughts, the change of societal settings and thepossible spiritual functions associated with literature. Given theposition, this poem signifies a central part as had been contemplatedby the three writers.

Hoffman,Frederick John. MortalNo: Death and the Modern Imagination. Princeton University Press,2015,in their assertion, argue otherwise, stating that some articles havebeen put forth to inaccurately speculate on the death and itsaftermaths. The authors are emphatic that there has been a paradigmshift in as far as death and imagined life after it is concerned.

Patel,Ramesh B. &quotRe-critiquing/Redefiningthe Nature of Death: A Study of John Donne’s ‘Death Be NotProud’.&quot International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach &ampStudies 2.2 (2015),however, is of the opinion that indeed, death is not the absolutefinality in life. Further, he asserts that the poet was inspired byboth the then ongoing situations and by his faith because he was aministering Christian.


Indeed,the application of literary materials is a powerful tool, whichedifies in given disciplines in the lives of human beings. Also, thesocial composition is actually into dimensions, some of which arehypothetical and would solicit arguments without arriving at anyparticular point of generality.


Greenblatt,Stephen, and Carol T. Christ, eds. The Norton anthology of Englishliterature.

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UniversityPress, 2015

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‘DeathBe Not Proud’.&quot International Journal of MultidisciplinaryApproach &amp Studies 2.2 (2015).

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SceneContext and Significance

Theanalysis of a movie is an undertaking of literature that is aimed attesting the learners’ capability to apply diverse skills obtainedin real life situations. In this regard, this paper seeks todemonstrate such ability through the synopsis of the movie called,“Raise the Red Lantern.” The purpose of the review is toemphasize the importance of settings that have been adopted in themaking of the video (Tenaglia, 2015, 54-56). Besides, the work ofthis review will also serve to critique the movie.Characteristically, any work of literature such as movies or videosserves the purpose in the society like to entertain, admonish, remindand educate or inform. Through the lens of movies, the audience willbe able to relate the present to the past and thereby allowing theparticipants an opportunity to gather the knowledge based on variousbackgrounds. More importantly, the essentials of filmmaking arelearned with the aim of advancing and improving the film industry forbetter prospects. As so, the intended product herewith is expected todisplay the most current and relevant trends that are of the essencein both learnings about filmmaking and teaching of literature fromsuch works.


Themovie is cast in lowly lit and dull background, with cameras focusingor zooming quite often on the leading actress, presumably starringSonglian (Dzemann1) (Yue, 2014). The movie, which was released in1991 and directed by Zhang Yimou, is about woman concubine engaged toa wealthy man during the warlord era in China. It describes sexualenslavement which was rife at the time. The setting of the movie isdepicted in lavishly designed graphics and striking colors. Thecasts unveil an episode where Songlian’s father died but leavesnothing behind for the family to inherit. Faced with the challengeswhich required her to fetch for her needs, Songlian is pushed to thestate of her life. She is offered a gentle treatment by Master Chenwho ensured her foot was massaged while the background lit with redlanterns. At this point, camera angles movement is unsettled,focusing on various objects in the room. Overwhelmed by thehospitality, Songlian begins to think that all the concubines hostedin the household are treated the same as she experienced. Conversely,she remains in utter surprise upon realizing that Chen makesindividual decisions on which concubine to spend the night and afterthat releases her for the next. The trends make it possible for theother three women to engage in a scramble to get Chen’s attentionso as to be treated the same way as was Songlian’s turn. Availableat

Consequently,Yuru, the first mistress and with whom the master had borne a son,gives up, a step believed to have been informed by her advanced age.On the other hand, Zhuoyun, the second mistress, cultivates a closerelationship with Songlian and warns her about Meishan, the thirdmistress. Mainly, the film illuminates an adventure of an exceptionalelegance coupled with angry passions that are stoked by cases of fearand negligence (Yue, 2014).


Themovie is explicit in its attempt to highlight the extent of whichhuman beings are capable of ascending to deal with challengingsituations in their lives. However, producer fails to explore moreoptions which are available in such scenarios like when a Songlianlost the father. Besides, there is no clear correlation between thedeath of the girl and her hurried choice of being a sex worker. Eventhough the movie succeeds in its acme to exhibit the abuse of womendue to their perceived economic weakness, the film does not suggeston any possible panacea to the depicted social ills.

Inconclusion, the importance of movies in the effort to highlight thesocio-cultural issues cannot be overemphasized. Nevertheless, thestudents and other beneficiaries of literature are supposed to employresearched and comprehensive presentations that shall be helpful ineducating, informing, as well as giving prospective audiences`possible solutions.


Tenaglia,I. I. I. &quotMassaging the Ears: The Centrality of Sound in Raisethe Red Lantern.&quot

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Lantern&quotin Post-colonialism Context.&quot The Science Education ArticleCollects 3 (2014): 043.

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TheArt of Racing In the Rain-journal writing

TheArt of Racing in the Rain reflects on one`s life using a dog’spoint of view. In the book, Enzo is a name given to a dog belongingto Denny Swift, who works at the auto dealership at Seattle as wellas an upcoming race car driver. The narrator, Enzo, tells the storyof their final moments, recalling his moments while he was alive andthat of Denny at the car racing activities, and the entertainment hegot while watching TV for a prolonged period. The novel appliesprinciples from car racing to reflect real life situations. Enzo`snarration accompanies the life of his family including his wife Eve(Stein 11).

Enzobelieves in life after death among humans. At the beginning of thenovel, he discusses how he will meet new world vision that isinformed through continuous watching of TV shows. This narrativecomes at a time when the author is suffering multiple sicknesses.However, he helps him to visualize his life and get prepared to getback to earth even after his death. He believes in a spiritualjourney similar to Christians who assume that after dying humanbeings will meet again (Stein 15).

TheArt of Racing in the Rain book is worth reading. It gives a narrationof a deep, uplifting story on the value of family, hope, love, andloyalty. Enzo knows that he is not equal to other dogs because ofpossession of a human soul. The book presents the art of racing inthe rain as a wonder of the absurdities of human life events thatonly a dog could tell. This makes the story to be funny indeed andinsightful at the same time (Stein 21).

Theauthor uses both Denny and Enzo to achieve a tremendous insight intohuman conditions. He compares life to a form of racing that is notjust based on the cars speed. This has been emphasized via theactivities on the eve of his death where Enzo takes a journey of hislife experiences narrating all he has faced together with his family.It is thus an encouraging story of how life can be challenging forpeople who are not hopeful while the bold ones survive (Stein 122).

UnderstandingCommunity Injustices: Ilustrado by Syjuco

Ilustradois a winning novel by Syjuco, Miguel written later in 2010. The storybegins with a suicidal of a great suicidal middle-class writer whohad previously highlighted the decaying status of the state. Theauthor describes different crimes that are led by Filipinos rulingfamilies using a dramatic saga. The body of Crispin Salvador is foundfloating on the river Hudson he is described as a bold student whofought against corrupt government and officials in their regime(Syjuco 34).

Thebook presents a theme of community decay whereby the society has beencaught between reckless decay amid hopeful progress. The author goesahead to describe some of the hidden truths that haunt the respectivefamilies. It reflects on the modern issues that affect developingcountries that face crimes such as terrorism and corruption. In manytimes people who reveal shady deals and scandals suffer abduction anddeath under unclear circumstances. The author’s themes make thebook relevant in the modern world context thus is a great literaturefor many readers across the globe (Syjuco 23).

Theauthor uses a unique language style that makes his story captivating.He introduces historical fiction to help the readers understand themystery of the social, political impacts on the society. For example,he uses a portrait of historical of the Philippines theirdeteriorating creative social class’s class. Also, the book usesthe voice of main characters in the form of interviews and incompletebiographies to highlights characters traits.

AmazingGracie: A Dog`s Tale

Unconditionalsympathy for all living creatures

AmazingGracie is a dog’s tale that highlights humans and animals actionsof sympathy and compassion. The book stories are not only funny butinteresting to read repeatedly. The two puppies express theirtenderness and kindness for each other as an expression of love foreach other. Dog’s overs find this tale to be creative due to theplot the author has used to relate the animals life through romanceand compassion. The author is a lover of dogs and is determined tosee that all the pets are treated right without ant loneliness. Thecharacterization of the dogs helps in the inspiration of people toextend their kindness to humanity like I am evident in some animals(Dye et al. 12).

Theauthor has created a theme of self-development and transformation. Heuses a metaphor style to describe how Gracie`s delicate constitutionsteadily turns into anorexia, in a few days, Dan learns how to cookand bake correctly. His intentions to increase appetite is successfulwhen he finally launches dog’s pastries with a bakery achieving hisgoal of transforming dog’s lives forever (Dye et al 17).

Personalizationof the main characters in the book has been used to portray peoplesympathy within their society. The author uses good traits of thecharacters abundantly to highlight the significance of goodness inhuman existence. Qualities such as Courage, Compassion, and Kindnessemerge out to be possessed adequately and shared with everyoneincluding both humans and. Additionally, the author used the imageryaspect of the dog to illustrate the struggling king people go throughto achieve endless happiness of their loved ones without beingselfish (Dye et al 15).

InherentVice Pynchon, Thomas:

LoveGone our

Thisbook is beautiful before the eyes of the readers. It manages to befully comical by describing how the author distinguishes love, atfirst sight, using a private eye story that well uses language stylesand human skills to describe Chandler virtues. The author hasintensively used humor making the story interesting and funny aswell. It is a story that readers can turn into in times of despair.More often, people turns into literature whenever they feel indespair or while they feel lonely (Pynchon 34).

ThomasPynchon works in an unaccustomed genre that is exciting andaccessible. His works provide a classic illustration of a principlethat was vivid in the sixties. It’s a story of Doc Sportily his ex-girlfriend who suddenly creates a plot to kill or kidnap abillionaire land developer she has fell in love with. During thepsychedelic sixties, L.Alove was a powerful enemy that led manypeople to commit crimes in the name of love, yet they are looking formaterial gains. Today many relationships are tragic especially if onepartner decides to kill the other secretly as a result of infidelityor inheritance of wealth (Pynchon 44).

TheMonkey Wrench Gang: Abbey, Edward

Environmentalpreservation and safety

TheMonkey Wrench Gang is a classic novel written to focus onenvironmental activism. Environmental degradation has increased theair pollution as well as contamination of different ecospheres. Abbeyactively addresses the issues of the human activities and theirplights on the pollution of the earth as the home of a human being.Metaphorically, he describes four rebels who have recently declaredwar on strip miners citing that their effect may not be feltimmediately but may cause disasters to future generations to come(Abbey 23).

Manyactivists find this novel to be educative because of the awareness itfosters to the readers to gourd their environment. Today, many peoplehave destroyed natural resources in their attempts to lead theirluxurious and modern social-economic activities. The author uses awheedling tone to call upon all the other environmental activists toform with the goals of saving the environment against humanactivities that continually contaminates their ecosystem. Destroyersof the environment and Raiders of natural resources must face the lawjust like it has been described in Abbey`s novel to ensure that theglobal warming effect and extinction of wild animals are reduced. Thebook is thus interesting to read and educative to all humans wholoves their environment (Abbey 29).


Abbey,Edward. TheMonkey Wrench Gang.Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1975. Print.

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WeChatvs. WhatsApp Messenger

Overthe years different social media applications have been developed toimprove messaging. Today many applications have been designed toincrease messaging that incorporates picture, videos, and freemessages across different networks.

Millionsof people across the world have selected their most comfortablemessaging style and installed them on their mobile phones for securecommunication or connect with each other across the globe. Theapplication is compatible with various operating systems such asAndroid, Windows, and Blackberry. This assignment will outline someof the differences between what`sApp and WeChat messagingapplications (Che,Wanxiang, et al.,67).

WeChathas portrayed a high contrast with other messaging applications suchas WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. For example, it has been able tocreate a platform for itself. Such platforms include features thatallow users to make electronic payments, exchange of currencies, taxibookings and e-commerce using the WeShop feature. Users have enjoyedthe application because of its new WeShop feature that has made itmore competitive among other messaging applications. The WeChat hasalso managed to build an e-learning HTML based application to be usedalongside the program (Anderson, 42).

WeChatallows for group chatting up to forty members of each group formed.These members can easily connect with each other through wholeconversations. Additionally, users can link their photos on othersocial networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This feature does notexist within the WhatsApp application because it is independent.

Mediasharing is quite limited in the Whatsapp messaging application.WeChat has been designed to function like the Skype by supportingfull video call function. This application allows subscribers toexamine pictures sent to them and post back the responsive pictureson the walls of their senders direct as it has been observed inFacebook. This feature does not exist among the WhatsApp applicationusers.

Usersadmire applications that enable them to locate their folks quickly.In this matter, users have praised WhatsApp for being useful in thiscase admitting that the WeChat app allows users to search for thepeople they know. Whatsapp is quite personal since users can onlyconnect with the people saved within their contact list unless it`sfrom the group made for them. Moreover, Whatsapp has been highlycommended for lacking gimmicks. The WeChat allows pictures taken byusers to be transformed into emoticons. Also, it has various tricksincluding the Drift Bottle that provides users with the option tosend messages to contacts that can be described to be random to them.

TheWeChat application has the finest aspect of the program. As a result,users who need to obtain WeChat from their PC can do so by logging into the service through the browser and their existing records andcontacts available on their telephones will be visible on the PC. Whatsapp does not have this kind of functionality because it has beendesigned to be more personal and privatization is highly maintained(Anderson, 39).

Althoughthe two applications allow the users to send and receive messages andadditional audio files, video files and images some applicationsplaced subscription fees. However, this is not applicable in WeChatbecause its services are free once the application has been installedon their gadgets. With WhatsApp, users require an annual subscriptionafter their first year of using the application that is approximately0.99 per year. The subscription is not applicable to IOS usersbecause they pay their charges before downloading the WeChat app(Anderson, 81).

Despitethe advantage that the WeChat requires no regular subscription forits free text messaging services, the app provides their users withan added opportunity to send and receive free voice and video callsthat can be shared with other friends as multimedia files. Also, theapp allows users to live-stream content that has been shared withboth local and international friends. With WeChat modified featuressuch as Shake, Look Around, and Drift Bottle offers the WeChat usersan opportunity to create new friends and increase their networks(Zhao, Yang, et al.,618) Whatsapp users do not have such a feature, and thus users arelimited to connecting with other users saved in their contacts. It isevident that its social networking capability is limited (Che,Wanxiang, et al.,70).

TheWeChat is more secure when compared with the popular WhatsApp mobileapps. This has been made possible because the users can use the addcontact feature to accept and connect with the preferred individualsin their circles. This approval technique allows the users toacknowledge their contents before sending any files or messages tothem. Whatsapp does not have such a feature except for the contactblocking option that sounds rude to many users. Once two users haveinstalled the WhatsApp application, they start chatting and sendingfiles without any approval request from each other (Che,Wanxiang, et al.,54).

Inconclusion, mobile phone users must be keen when installing messagingapplications within their phones and PC. Some applications are lesssafe and can lead to breaching of confidential data. Other messagingapplications are also expensive compared to WeChat because it has noannual subscription.


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Criticalresponse to William Faulkner’s “Burning the Barn.&quot

Accordingto Benjamin DeMott, in William Faulkner’s “Barn Burning,&quot aconflict between the society ensues where it is depicted that AbnerSnopes perception towards the rich represented by Harris and De Spainas a product of his lack of knowledge and brutality. DeMott describesAbner as a victim of class, a product of oppression and inequality ina bid to present the social injustices that take place in thesociety. It can be seen from the story that Abner destroys belongingsrepeatedly, of those that seem above him in the society.

Thestory begins with a case facing Abner of burning Harris barn. Hisstatus in the society is definitely below Harris`s going by thedescription &quotthe boy could remember the battered stove, thebroken beds, and chairs, the clock inlaid with mother-of-pearl, whichwould not run.&quot He repeatedly does this by destroying De Spainrug intentionally and later on burning his ban. This can be looked atas a presentation of a conflict that burns down Abner due to societaldifferences. Brutally Abner looks down upon the Negroes, againbringing a subject of conflict. He does not listen to the Negro at DeSpain’s gate, he instead harshly howls at him, &quotGet out of myway, nigger,”

Satorinon the other hand is just a boy torn between loyalty to the familyeven in the face of injustices and evils presented in his father.Just after the court proceedings that saw him skip questioning fromthe judge Abner reminds the boy that he should lean to stick tofamily, &quotYou`re getting to be a man. You got to learn. You gotto learn to stick to your blood, or you aren’t going to have anyblood to stick to you.” Satorin loves his father despite all thisjust because he is a father. But at the end of the story, the boygives what can be looked as the childhood loyalty to his brutalfather he mourns his dad, and &quotnever looked back.&quot

DeMottfeels like apart from Abner Snopes ignorance and brutality, hepresents a viciousand primordial indecisiveness in his judgment of the existence amongthe well-off and the poor in the society. In his class, the crimesAbner commits can bring him to a rationalization acquitted to hisstatus in the society at large. He steals horses, burns barns,destructive to almost anything that comes his way. His life seemsbitter, and whatever little power he holds within him he used it inrevenge in the way of destruction.

&nbspInhis Essay, DeMotts also presents that Abner represents an experienceor a conflict between right and wrong in the society.Abner approaches his take on culture through the exercise of hisnascent intelligence he makes sense of the world, and reaches thevisions of the relations between labor, money and the beautiful. Oneexperiences right and wrong through Abner (DeMott 1). However,through Sartorius, Faulkner represents a different view from the eyesof a child who does not seem to notice or harbor any bitterness onthe society. He observes things keenly and does not hold any beliefon what`s right and wrong. All he exhibit is loyalty to his fatherwhich in the end comes with much hesitation in helping his fatheraccomplish his mission of burning yet another barn and eventually tobetrayal as the boy feels bad concerning his father`s actions.


&quotBarnBurning Summary.&quot&nbspShmoop:Homework Help, Teacher Resources, Test Prep,


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TheRoman Catholic Church is designed to make the congregation have asense of participation rather than feeling like observers. For theCatholics, each part of the church has a symbolic meaning, with mostfurnishings in the church serving a particular purpose. At theentrance of the church is the Vestibule. A large font, usually usedduring the sacrament of baptism is kept on one side with the paschalcandle standing next to it. Smaller fonts of holy water are alsofound near the entrance for the Catholics to bless themselves beforeleaving or entering the church. This serves to renew their promise ofbaptism.

Atthe interior of the church is the nave. This is the area of the wherethe worshipers seat in rows of pews. Each of these rows of seats hasa kneeler for the congregants to kneel during the Mass. The walls ofthe nave have fourteen plaques or pictures illustrating the story ofthe crucifixion of Christ. They are referred to as the Stations ofthe Cross.

Atthe front of the Church and separated from the navel by the altarrail is the sanctuary. The sanctuary has a prominent crucifix toensure visibility to all members of the congregation. To the left ofthe sanctuary is the pulpit, from which the teachings of Jesus Christor the Gospel, is read. The lectern is found on the right side, fromwhich the reading of the word of the Apostles is done. Chairs aremade available at the sanctuary for the altar servers, layassistants, and the clergy members celebrating the mass.

Atthe center of the sanctuary is the main altar of the Church, which isusually made from natural stone. The altar is enclosed with an altarmaterial during the mass, and it is lit with candles. During themass, the wine and bread, which are symbols of the last supper, aresanctified on this altar using a paten and chalice. The Tabernacle isanother feature, located behind the altar, and is used for housing ofthe Blessed Sacrament. Suspended above the Tabernacle is thesanctuary lamp, which shows the presence of Jesus. The light isalways shining except for the two days coming before Easter (Turner).The priest wears the Alba, which is a lightweight, plain,ankle-length tunic with long sleeves. The nuns, on the other hand,wear long white dresses and cover their heads with a white piece ofcloth. They both carry the rosary with them.

Themass starts with the priest proceeding to the sanctuary of thechurch, followed by a gathering song and the greeting of thecongregation. This is followed by the Penitential Rite prayer, andthis session is closed with the opening prayer. Following thissession is the Liturgy of the Word in which several readings aredone. The readings comprise of the first from the Old Testament, theresponsorial psalm from Psalms in which the congregation offers aresponse and is usually in the form of a song, the second readingfrom the New Testament. The people then praise the presence of Christin the sacred word of God. The Gospel reading is then taken from thebook of Mark, Matthew, John, or Luke.

Inthe homily session, the priest addresses the congregation as per theabove readings. At the end of this session, short petition prayersare made by the faithful, with the congregation responding by saying‘Lord, hear our prayer’ at the end of each petition prayer. Thecommunion, along with the Liturgy of the Eucharist follows. All theCatholics kneel during the prayer of the Eucharist. The offertoryhymn is sung as the wine and bread, alongside other monetaryofferings collected from the congregation for the poor are brought tothe altar. The priest says a prayer over the offerings. Thecongregation then kneels for the prayer of the Eucharist and theEucharistic Acclamations which include the Great Amen and the HolyMemorial Acclamation. This is followed by the priest prompting thecongregation to show a sign of peace, usually done through theshaking of hands while saying ‘Peace be with you.` The priestbreaks the bread which is followed by distribution to members of thecongregation. The people proceed in queues to receive the HolyCommunion and then return to their seats and kneel down in prayer. Aprayer is made after giving of the Communion. The announcements aremade and then the priest gives the solemn blessing to thecongregation. He dismisses the congregation by saying that the masshas come to an end, and the people may go in peace. He then proceedsout of the Cathedral amidst a hymn, after which the rest of thecongregation can leave. (Outline of the Roman Catholic Mass)

Thefaith of the Catholic Church revolves around seven commandments ofreconciliation, baptism, Eucharist, marriage, confirmation, the holyorders, and the sacrament of the sick. It also lays emphasis on morallaw and it has a great devotion to the saints. Moreover, it does notsupport the use of contraceptives and abortion, making it differentfrom other denominations (Stanford).


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Definitionof Family

Asthe human societies’ cultures evolve, the definition of termschange, such that some new words are developed, others acquire newmeanings or expand their definitions according to the particularcontext (Hollins,99).These words assist the individuals to describe and understand theworld and the events that occur in our daily lives. It is, therefore,necessary to comprehend the practical use of language and severaldefinitions of words in different contexts to understand theenvironment we inhabit effectively. Human beings are the only knownspecies that has adequately developed a communication system that isquickly and appropriately recognized by individuals living in aparticular society (Waltheryand Ian, 57).

Inthe English language, many words have multiple meanings, whichenriches the vocabulary and the culture (Coontz,34).Those words with a similar spelling and pronunciation but differentmeanings are defined as homonyms. On the other hand, those wordsexhibiting same spelling but different pronunciations and meaningsare known as homographs (Waltheryand Ian, 27).In this text, we explore the various meanings of the term family andhow the term may have changed in definition over time.

Itis necessary to trace the family in history and related texts so thatone can adequately uncover the cultural meaning of the term family.In the societal context, the word family is defined as a group ofindividuals who comprise of partners, kids, and relatives (Waltheryand Ian, 97).The term family in a social context is defined as a group of peopleliving in the same household and cooperates for mutual economic anddaily life support (Lewis,45).Virtually many of the individuals are brought up in a socialinstitution where their needs are met and experience love from thesociety members. This social setting defines who we can refer to asour kin and who is a stranger (Lewis,64).The family can, therefore, be represented a group of individuals whogrew up together and adequately recognize each other.

However,the family is composed of individuals with close social bonds anddoes not include everyone who a person knows (Coontz,45).There are distinct characteristics that exist that differentiate thefamily members from the rest of the society such as blood relations.Some people get detached from their families once they grow up. Manyindividuals form another impression of a family, which consists ofclose friends not related by blood (Hollins,79).The close friendship makes the people perceive their allies as familymembers. However, such types of families only exist for a short whileand are easily destructible because the basis of the bounds was notas high as that of the blood family members. This aspect isconsistent with the proverb that blood is thicker than water(Waltheryand Ian, 101).

Itis assumed that the contemporary family has gone through significantstructural adjustments. The occurrence of various social changes hasresulted in significant deteriorations in the numbers of thetraditional families (Waltheryand Ian, 72).The traditional types of families were the extended families thatcomprised of the father, a mother, children, grandparents and otherrelatives (Lewis,28).The prevalence of urbanization, the reduction of adequate housing andthe huge cost of maintaining large families, made it hard for theextended family structures to thrive in the cities (Hollins,71).The modern households are characterized by nuclear family settingcomprising a father, mother, and children. In the current times, theformation of a family is largely dependent on the economic factorsand other aspects such as family planning practices (Hollins,36).

Todaymost of the traditional dimensions of the family have changed. Forinstance, the requirement that a family should be comprised of twodifferent gendered individuals who have children does no hold today.It is evident that there are many cases of childless marriages amongthe modern societies. The hardships experienced by people especiallyin the trying and unpredictable economic times have prompted thecommunity members to marry but remain without children (Waltheryand Ian, 157).

Thefamily planning technologies have played a significant role in thepropagation of the childless families (Coontz,79).The women can undergo medical processes to prevent their abilities tobear children for up to a period. Some of the family planning methodstake effect for a much extended period of time of more than fiveyears, indicating the number of years a couple can go without havinga child. Traditionally, the women were suppressed, and they couldneither head their families nor participate in the regular activitiessuch as education (Waltheryand Ian, 37).However, today women are at the forefront of the societal affairs inareas such as career progress and academic learning (Lewis,63).Therefore many ladies prefer to have children in the later days oftheir lives, explaining the case why there are so many cases ofchildless families in the contemporary world (Hollins,59).The widespread use of contraceptives is the primary reason for theprevalence of childless households.

Anotheraspect of the family that did not exist in the past is the one parentfamilies. In the past, families comprised of a man and a woman and incase the spouse died, the individuals remarried if they were ofchildbearing age (Coontz,56).Today there are more cases of single parent families comprising ofsingle mothers than fathers. Many women opt to spend their livesalone because they can afford to take care of themselves and theirfamilies without depending on the men. The gender empowerment and thepropagation of equality among all the society members have resultedin this trend such that the women would rather spend their livesalone than live in misery at the hands of their husbands (Hollins,87).Some of the leading causes of single parent families include thedeath of spouse and divorce among the married individuals who resolveto live separately and not to remarry.

Today,the propagation of the gay lesbian and transgender rights hasresulted in the formation of a significant number of same-sexmarriages. Traditionally, homosexuality was highly prohibited(Hollins,105),and in some societies, it was punishable by death. However, some ofthe nations in the contemporary world have passed regulationsrecognizing the gays and lesbians and even validating theirmarriages. Many of the children in gay families had previouslyoriginated from families where the parents divorced and resulted inthe search for companionship from other people of the same gender(Coontz,97).A common practice used by the partners in gay families to bearchildren is the search for a sperm donor or a surrogate mother. Thisaspect indicates that there is an ever-increasing complication in thedefinition of the term family. The characteristic of a father, amother and children no longer exist, and there is more freedom in thetype of household one would like to form (Waltheryand Ian, 45).

Socialaspects and regulations no longer build families (Lewis,86).Today, many individuals enter into relationships and form familiesfor the purpose of personal gain (Hollins,178).Once a person achieves their objective, the relationships crumbledown leading to the separation of families. Globalization has had aprofound effect on the dynamics of the families. The long separationshave resulted in the indulgence of extramarital affairs, which leadto family issues and often divorces (Waltheryand Ian, 127).A lot of changes have occurred in the universal definition of theterm family.

Inthe contemporary world, the word family is applied in an entirelydifferent way from that in the society. It is used to describe agroup of objects with similar characteristics or close association(Hollins,145).For instance, a particular company responsible for the production ofvarious commodities can refer the collection of their produce as afamily of goods. Similarly, the products are categorized undersimilar characteristics and are titled as a family (Coontz,67).Today the word family is mainly applied to describe a similaritybetween the objects in a particular setting.

Someof the disciplines such as chemistry have adopted the term todescribe or categorize various elements with similar properties(Waltheryand Ian, 37).For instance, a scientist may state that chlorine belongs to thefamily of halogens or that hydrogen belongs to the gas family(Hollins,213).In this particular case, the term family does not mean any bondbetween the elements in the description, but it means that theindividual elements have some similar characteristics such as the waythey react when mixed with other items (Waltheryand Ian, 97).This meaning is far from the social context and involves things thatcannot interact or associate in any way.

Biologyhas similarly adopted the term family to classify the various lifeforms into their respective categories (Coontz,109).For instance, the biological scientists assumed the title to describea group of organisms sharing common natural features such as the typeof food they eat and the various modes of reproduction. Theseclassifications have assisted the scientist in making somesignificant discoveries in the discipline through the cross breedingof related animal and plant species to make other hybrid animals andplants. The genetic engineers apply the concept of family to identifythose plants or animals with the desirable characteristics andcrossbreed or make genetic alterations to them to create highlyproductive species.

Inthe business world, the term family mainly refers to partners orassociates of an individual firm. As the companies expand, they openbranches to capture as many customers as possible (Coontz,87).To attract or retain their clients the businesses forms someconventional products to be used by the buyers and term them to befamily products. All the partnering corporations are also termed as afamily group for the business.

Thedefinitions of the phrase Family vary according to the context. Inthe social setting, it implies the composition of blood-relatedindividuals, who live in the same house and depend on upon each otherfor survival (Lewis,23).There have been a lot of alterations in the definition of the termfamily, which today consists of newer aspects such as single parentsand gay households (Hollins,79).In a professional setting, a family can mean a group of similarobjects, products, elements or institutions. Biology applies the termin the identification of similar varieties of plants or species ofanimals.


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RhetoricalAnalysis of an Advertisement

Thesubject of the poster presented in this discussion explores theissues pertaining drugs and substance abuse. It was published by ThePartnership Organization which proposes various interventions andanswers about the matters concerning drug use in the society members.The ad mainly targets the academic community such as students,teachers, and even the parents. Some of the issues addressed in theadvertisement include addiction, personal testimonies and the legalstand of various types of drugs. The poster was derived from thePartnership for Drug-Free Kids website. Theuses of rhetoric effectiveness, clarity and simplicity in the adincrease the possibility of understanding the product by the targetgroup.


Theadvertisement depicted here is more of a request to the society toincrease the awareness about drugs and substance abuse among theyoung generation. Too much use of medication results in addiction(Donohew, Howard, and William, 34). The problems of drug abuse arevery common among the youths who comprise of the highest numbers ofpersons admitted in the rehabilitation centers. It is, therefore,necessary to create awareness among the younger generations about theadverse effects of these practices which do not only affect theirwellbeing but also that of their family members and their descendants(Holland et al., 98).

Manyquestions have often come to the minds of the youngsters because theyencounter drugs in many places such as homes, neighborhoods, friends,entertainment and other areas of life (Stoner and Sally, 78).

Thefirst aspect of the ad that contributes to its effectiveness is theuse of clear pictures. The advertisement makes use of several imagesthat play varied roles. For instance, the first image is a picture ofa frying egg. However, the image bears a message with it written that“this is a brain on drugs.” It is an example of pathos. Themessage here is quite evident for the viewers as it indicates thatthe use of narcotics would only lead to the destruction of one`sbrains. Though it is not the literal meaning, the audience canunderstand that a raw egg has many potentials such as feeding ahungry person or hatching a chick that would grow to lay more eggs(Holland et al., 108). Therefore the message here could be that theuse of drugs limits the potential of a person’s brain.

Theuse of short structured, meaningful sentences is a logo which triesto assist the individuals to reason on their own about the illeffects of drug use. In the long run, the drug users get wasted andcease to exist. The other images represent a rather confused younggeneration that does not understand the issues about the use ofnarcotics. The common situation among the young adults is ofconfusion when it comes to drug issues (Stewart, 57). While somesociety members strongly oppose the use of narcotics, others arelenient about the substance abuse issues. For instance, the subjectof cannabis use and legalization can be a hard to crack concept forthe kids. Many of the entertainment role models are on the forefrontof advocating for the use of weed and citing medical advantages ofthe drug. Other individuals strongly condemn the use of such drugs.This advertisement tackles the inquiry about the legality ofmarijuana.

Thead captured some of the common and most used drugs in the society.Therefore it acquires the potential of attracting not only theattention of the kids but also that of the adults. The messages areclear, short, and straight to the point. Therefore, the user canquickly assess the importance of the advertisement and determine ifthe product is relevant. There is a clear labeling of theorganization behind the publication which can assist to derive moreinformation about the subject from the main website (Stewart, 88).The advertisement uses some reflective questions to convey themessages. This technique helps in captivating the attention of theusers as they can explore one thought after another (Stoner andSally, 78). These reflective questions symbolize the use of ethos inthe advertisement. For instance, the question stating that “mom didyou ever try drugs?” can be a challenging one to reply as it may beindicating the prevalence of drug use across the society. If theparents had encounters with drug use, then the matter would seemlight, and the possibility of the kids falling into substance abusewould be high.

Theadvertisement depicted above uses a simple yet clear format thatallows the audience to capture the most important aspects of themessage. There is an efficient use of logos that instills logic intothe public and convinces them of the importance of the product. Otherimportant techniques applied in the advertisement include the use ofethos and pathos to evoke emotions among the audience. Use of imagesmakes the appearance of the ad more appealing and captivating (Stonerand Sally, 78).


Donohew,Lewis, Howard E. Sypher, and William J. Bukoski, eds. Persuasivecommunication and drug abuse prevention. Routledge, 2012.

Holland,Sally, et al. &quotParenting and substance misuse: Understandingaccounts and realities in child protection contexts.&quotBritish Journal of Social Work (2013): bcs197. todays-parents.html?_r=0

Stewart,Breanna C. Diss. Ohio University, 2013.

Stoner,Mark, and Sally J. Perkins. Making sense of messages: A criticalapprenticeship in rhetorical criticism. Routledge, 2015.

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Thereflection on the written paper is prompted by the writer`s apparentinterest and the underlying capability to improve on his or herwriting skills tremendously. The writer has a befitting setting forthe writing style and appears to have mastered the rules of writingprofessionally. Besides, the desire to perfect the art of writing isevident as he or she explicitly exhibits the same in her or hisoriginal parts where she or he apparently works to draw the attentionof the readers towards her intended message. It must be indicatedthis early that the student has the potential to do exemplarily wellif a few areas are given the necessary attention to having themimproved.

Inthat regard, just as the professor had pointed out, there is immenseroom for improvement. Firstly, the student will have to master therules of writing styles. The approach that was given to the paperunder review has questions over some clear rules of professionalwriting which must be learned soon enough. Given, the introductiondid not quite well do the guidance to point to the intended directionand arrest the interest of the readers. There should have been anattempt to briefly give a brief clue as to the topic of discussion orthe tip of the main theme, coupled with a thin but catchy thesisstatement.

Furthermore,the body of the paper never reflected the hypothesis and the means ofwhich it was tested. The results are scattered all over without anyproper order thereby leading the reader to confusion and disinterest.On the other hand, the writer did a good job in sequencing thepurpose of her or his message. Also, she or he conducted good in-textcitations, an attempt that must be encouraged.

Inconclusion, the body arrangement or organization is an area thewriter should work on thoroughly to be able to realize full writingpotential. Also, the repetition of words within a sentence, paragraphor in the entire work should be avoided.

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Gathering,Managing, and Using Outside Sources to Evaluate a Text

Inhis essay &quotWho are you and what are you doing here,&quot MarkEdmundson makes various claims on the subject of education.Edmondson’s first major claim is that the reason for going tocollege should not exclusively to obtain a diploma so as to secure agood job, but it should rather be inspired by attaining a meaningfuleducation which can help individuals to define themselves andposition themselves to something fulfilling in future. Edmundson alsoclaims that the effort people put into teaching and studying is justat the bare minimum, because to them is just a means leading to moreimportant goals that they want to achieve.

Furthermore,the author also describes in a nutshell that the standard collegelifestyle may be unfulfilling if people do not challenge it byembarking their journey. He refers to this as “the usual collegeperspective” by which he had to make a personal choice not to flowwith. A further claim presented by Edmundson is that students incollege end up being built by so many people who surround them duringthat period, in that they end up being molded to fit into variousterms thus killing who the private person was meant to be in the end.


Insupport of the above claims (who are you and what are you doing here(172) Edmundson states that “instead of using university educationas a means to an end, students should focus on receiving ameaningful education that will help them define themselves and laterallow them to obtain a fulfilling job. To further support the aboveclaims presumed from the essay, the author narrates of how he oncetold his father that in college he would like to study law becauselawyers are paid well. However, his father advises him not to studysomething he doesn’t like but rather asks him to follow hispassion. The author also asserts to the claim when he explains aliteral personified phrase that when teaching is what somebodydesires deep down, even though they may encounter financialchallenges they can achieve it through determination.

Tosupport that most of the time society and schools wants to takeresponsibility in shaping a person, the author outlines the variousexpectations imposed on students such as to be “father’s son”or “mother’s daughter” by their parents, while colleges requirethem to be a “well-rounded student, a civic leader, or to be peoplewho know what the system demands, and how to keep matters light”Edmundson claims that in the end, this habit of shaping up is“killing” in the long run.

Thespecific target audience to Edmundson speech is the newly joiningfreshmen in college to which he refers to as “the incoming class.”The statement is entirely attractive and would highly draw attentionof the intended audience as the freshmen are a young lot, with littleexperience, and just about to begin a higher level of education, eachwith their perspective and goal. Therefore, this information attractthe audience to enable them to set and align their targets correctlyat an early stage.

Afurther examination in light to David Foster Wallace: This is Water

Foster`sview reframes Edmundson idea in a simple manner. He states that incollege, one has to go through the stage of “adjusting default-settings.” Whereby we are forced to let off our naturalinclinations and personalities to uptake a task which he describes asto “cultivate a tendency to over-intellectualize stuff, to get lostin abstract arguments inside my head instead of simply payingattention to what`s going on right in front of me.”

Infact, foster admonishes that the real no-bull value of arts educationis all about “to keep from going through your comfortable,prosperous, respectable adult life dead, unconscious, a slave to yourhead and to your natural default-setting of being unique, completely,imperially alone, day in and day out.” He gives a real lifeexperience that well defines Edmundson`s perspective of having a lifethat is unfulfilling. Foster does this by illustrating how a typicalday of an American whose life is unfulfilling gets to happen.

Hefurther champions Edmundson`s ideas of making choices by presentingit as a “natural default” setting in that we don’t have to makea choice about. He supports the path of taking a different directionas proposed by Edmundson. He does this by giving a simple scenario bywhich a person is undergoing a rough day, all the same, can decide tothink differently concerning matters that seem obvious to the eye andthink further of what may have caused events to turn out that way.According to Foster in support to Edmundson view it all lies in thepower of choice.

Afurther examination in light to John Jeremiah Sullivan: Mr. Lytle

Sullivan’swork as a view to Edmundson`s propagation, admonishes the littlethings that people value as compared to what society and schoolbelieve would be a good end. For instance, he explains how he and hisfriends at the college saw it as a privilege to be mandated to keep awatch to Mr. Lytle after his decline. The subject of fulfillment aspresented by Edmundson can be seen in Sullivan’s work where hedescribed the old Mr. Lytle who was a writer as “a comrade to theFugitive Poets, a friend since youth of Allen Tate and Robert PennWarren a mentor to Flannery O’Connor and James Dickey and HarryCrews and, as the editor of The Sewanee Review in the sixties, one ofthe first to publish Cormac McCarthy’s fiction. “

Healso supports Edmundson`s view that not everyone can be pleased byour choices but rather as Foster calls it inclination to“self-centeredness,” we should live a life and make decisionsthat are about us as not everyone will be proud of our work. Theauthor shows that in as much as he admired Mr. little, not everyonedid. This is illustrated through the example of Smillty who, to beginwith, “spent a miserable four years at some private academy tryingto convince the drama teacher to let them do a Beckett play.” Theboy is bitter on what Lytle said in one of his books, that life is atragedy and only art is real. Further support to Edmunds view thatseems not supportive to the education system is shown when Mr. Lytle,a man full of realistic experience in writing, writes to Sullivan andsays that “College is perhaps not the best preparation for awriter.”


Fosterextends Edmundson`s argument in a much more practical way andconcludes that the essence of life all lies in the awareness of oursurrounding, to stay conscious and alive every day. This givesstrength to Edmondson view by way of choice as he proposes thatindividuals should champion a life of fulfillment rather thanslavery. However, it is important to note that Foster`s essay doesnot support the personified presentation of Edmundson`s lifeexperience with the intent that it works for the different freshmen. He begins by warning that he is not the big fish trying to explainwhat water is to the small fish. This position seems to be the exactone presented by Edmundson as it is based on personal experience, andmany generalizations of statements that occurred in his life to fitthe life of the audience.


&quotWhoAre You And What Are You Doing Here Mark Edmundson -FindPDF.&quot&nbspFindPDF- Find PDF and Docs File Here!,

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Compareand contrast Elizabeth Murray &amp Bruce Nauman

Artis a field that is utilized by individuals to express their lifeexperiences and opinions. In the 19th century, different authors cameup with unique strategies to describe aspects of their immediateenvironment using their imaginations. This report will highlight therelationship between Bruce Nauman and Elizabeth Murray who usedartwork as mastermind to explain life emotions using their lifeexperiences. They managed to achieve great honors following theirwork in the 19th Century. They use different shapes and colors tocome up with abstract artwork.

ElizabethMurray’s art career kicked off in the 1970s beginning with smallsized paintings using simple lines. Later, she transitioned into bigfinished pictures using curved lines and solid coloring skills. Moreoften, she used her art to replicate her private world throughpaintings. As she progressed on, Elizabeth used her artwork toportray different emotions that human goes, though. Just like Bruce,Elizabeth Murray used her paintings as a way of appreciating the joysof life as well as the deep emotional issues she had been battling inher personal life. For example, she goes ahead to paint “goofy”and “serious” works using similar styles to express the thoughtsthat had dominated her mind. She used the bright colors and boldshapes to display serious emotional issues affecting her. Followingthe death of her mother, she made another painting, Deeper than Dthat was colorful with darker shades to illustrate her sadness overher loss.

BruceNauman has also been honored severally following her success in art.Her famous art is the animal pyramid she made using bronze withdifferent shades. Darker shades portray multiple interpretations andhumor of the human condition. Unlike Elizabeth, Nauman includes thefight for animal’s safety being against animal hunting andslaughter. The two authors use art as a human language demonstratingboth the thinking process by interacting well with their viewers.

Elizabethuses bright formal strategies throughout her artwork. She usesabstract forms just like Bruce who uses shaped canvases to makedifferent shapes that are either wooden or metallic. Bruce alsoadopts this strategy as she makes an animal sculpture and animalpyramid using bronze. In this artwork, she relates her life usingbody language. Just like Elizabeth, Bruce uses this sculpture as aninterpretation of his life and the immediate world around. Incontrast, she uses traditional forms of materials in her workespecially the bronze metal that was rarely used. The body is used toimply his subjective matters of life. In Murray’s paintings,sculptures are well connected to explain how different thoughtsrelate with each other, they illustrate more power that couldexplode. Liz used multiple canvases to represent a person’s headand a small hole for the eye. She foreshadows her transition fromabstract forms to a cartoon-like way of painting.

Thetwo artists use color paintings to express their moods that changedfrom time to time depending on their experiences. They view life as aharrowing journey and funny sometimes because people must go throughstressful situations for them to succeed. Both Elizabeth and Brucehave been lucky and have managed to use variations in their art usingstill paintings and sculptures to express their personal life issuesindirectly.


Heartney,Eleanor, et al.&nbspAfterthe revolution: women who transformed contemporary art.Prestel Verlag, 2013..

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AnExamination of my Strategies on Commitment to Succeed

FirstlyI had to adjust to my surroundings and learn to coexist with manycitizens and international students in the university. The bulk in mycoursework seemed too much my plan was to make new friends so that Imay ask them some questions and even guidance on how I could improvemy organization and time management skills to help me not to worry.It worked for me as of now I am becoming more interactive, and I amlearning ways of how to improve my organization and how to understandconcepts better.

Sincemy strength lies in timekeeping, active participation through goodlistening skills, taking notes and asking questions. My first planwas to do away with fear I realized that the fear of making mistakeswould make me not to do anything at all. I, therefore, ensure that Iam in class on time and often practice writing down whatever Iunderstand logically in every day so that my ideas can flow. I alsoanalyze all my daily encounters from the time they happen to the endof the day to help follow a particular sequence so that I can be ableto improve on how to organize my ideas in a logical arrangement bothin writing and in speech. This plan is working quite well so farbecause I can see an overall improvement in my job.

Anotherarea I wanted to improve was my concentrations skills so that I canfocus on my studies without any self-destruction. On this, I ensurethat I plan my day ahead. I would set aside time for everything bycreating a time management plan where I divide the time for mystudies and the time for other activities that I love doing during myleisure time. However, I will further find a calm place where I canconcentrate well on my studies.