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The article &quotThe Terrorist`s Tacit Message&quot provides aproper analysis of the militants’ activities. Laurie Calhoun, whois the author, reveals that the terrorists often believe that theylive in a society that lacks justice, and they will use any means toachieve their purpose. The author also illustrates that thegovernment leaders believe that the terrorists are people that do notreason yet, that is not the case. Deep down the acts of violence,the terrorists are often trying to present a certain message wherethey are complaining about the way the government runs specificissues. However, the government has ignored their political agendas,and they have even combined their cases with the murderers and othercriminals that lack any purpose in their activities. The article alsouses the “just wars” concept to look at killings they commit. Itseems like the acts of war are just a way of getting the attention ofthe government and ensuring that they understand the cause they arefighting for. Calhoun also provides a comparison of the military andthe terrorists’ use of violence in their course of work. Forinstance, the author insists that both of them use the concept of“just wars” to reveal that both sides will insist that the deathof the civilians is the “collateral damage” (Calhoun, 622). Thepaper then argues that the difference between a terrorist group andmilitary force is just the formality and the way people have acceptedthem. Hence, the concept of “just wars” is wrong, and thegovernment should not undermine the terrorists. Instead, the leadersshould take their time to understand their terrorists and what theywant to achieve. In fact, discussions between the two groups will bethe appropriate way of seeking peace and finding a common ground.

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