Psychiatric Illness




Peopleoften get worried or dismiss their friends and family when theyrealize that he or she has a psychiatric illness. If one is uncertainof their reactions, to the discovery their friend or family has themental disorder, it is helpful to compare it with other forms ofphysical illnesses. It is worth noting that mental illness is justlike any other bodily infection that someone cannot merely avoid. Forinstance, few people develop pneumonia from many cases of flu andcold. If they develop pneumonia, they will have to take medicine.Similarly, people often feel sad, worried, or may experience sleepproblems that can be intense leading to mental infection (U.S.DHHS, 2016).These individuals often need support and guidance in seeking medicalcare to get better. Therefore, supportivefriends or families have vital roles in psychiatric disorder recoveryprocess.

Oneof the ways of helping a friend or family is to find out whether theyare getting the care required and in case they are not, one shouldfind an option to connect them to help. Helping them seek for medicalservice is by far the best way. Secondly, it is important to expressconcern and support to their condition. Showing a friend that youcare may not be a medicine but may be a relief to the patient.Moreover, they may feel less burdened when one offers his or her helpwith everyday tasks (U.S. DHHS, 2016). They may also feel thecloseness when you assist them to perform their regular daily duties.

Oneof the ways I would offer my support is through educating otherpeople using facts related to psychiatric illness and making themlearn to avoid discrimination. I will also treat mental healthpatients with respect, empathy, and compassion. Unfortunately, somemental health patients may not welcome the support offered. It mayseem to them that weakness has been identified and that they can nolonger perform their normal activities.

Inconclusion, mental health condition requires those who interact withthe patient to comfort and talk to them in a manner that will notdemoralize or aggrevate their stress level. Loneness can lead todepression, which is detrimental to those diagnosed with psychiatricdisorders. Therefore, it is a condition that requires unconditionalsupport and attention of friends and families. Most importantly,advising the patient to seek medical services may be the best way toback people with mental disorders.


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