Race Race



Thedistinctive characteristics that are only found within a particulargroup of people are referred to as race. Even though humans mayappear different, for instance, regarding skin color, there is nonotable difference in our body appearances. Due to the immensesimilarities among all races, human beings can always interbreed. Alarger proportion of the genetic material is shared among all theraces. Anthropologists have categorized race into three groupscomprising of numerous subgroups. These main groups include Negroid,Mongolian, and Caucasian, each comprising of different subgroups suchas Africans, Koreans, and Semites respectively.

IfI were given the opportunity to select my race, I would prefer to beAfrican. I adore everything about the African culture and thedetermination of elders to pass sociological concepts to the youngergeneration.

Someof the pros of being part of this group include

  • Connectedness: Africans embrace the idea of togetherness hence there is always time set aside for interactions amongst the family and community as a whole. They maintain mutual relationships through being a keeper for their fellow colleagues (Nguyen et al., 2016).

  • Emotional vigor: Africans are always enthusiastic about life, eager to face a new day.

  • Humor: in times of tragedy or happiness, they do not hide their emotions. They are usually eager to display it through facial expressions and body language.

  • Spirituality: Africans are strongly attached to their religious beliefs which act as a driving force in times of hardship and hope (Ajibade et al., 2016).

  • Resilience: they have the capacity to overcome their shortcomings and move on firmly.

Despitethe existence of these advantages, the African race has various consattached to it. These include:

  • Africans are exposed to racial stereotypes hence discriminated against (Ajibade et al., 2016).

  • Most African countries are impoverished due to the lack of appropriate infrastructure and technological advancements which are critical in propelling development.

  • Most African traditions embrace retrogressive cultures, for example, female genital mutilation which goes against the rights of the girl child.


Accordingto the post on the Asian race, one of the pros mentioned regards theability to allocate funds for emergencies. I believe this is anaspect that is embraced by every country and culture. Disasterpreparedness is a vital aspect since no one can tell when the wrathof nature would strike despite the existence of sophisticatedmonitoring systems. However, there is no doubt about the quality offood among the Asians. They have some of the best culinary dishes.Asians also have strong family bonds focusing on unity andtogetherness to grow the family lineage. Asians are not widelyaffected by the concept of radicalization hence they are unlikely tobe affected by terror-related events. Asians are slowly adapting totechnological advancements hence some of the poor areas are slowlypicking up. To further this ambition, there is a need to deviate fromtheoretical education and embrace the learning that is practicallyoriented. Even though some Asian countries have flourished under theideology of communism, there is the need to deviate from this systemand embrace capitalism which has better returns.


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