Race Wars Race Wars



Racialwars are among problems that are out of control in the world today. There are a number if pros and cons associated with this act. Ibelieve the cons are more and that is involving division in thecommunity and death. The pros are almost nonexistence, but l thinkmotivation can be found from racial wars.

Divisionin the society

Whenthere is some disagreement between various ethnic groups, we have alack of unity and peaceful coexistence among the warring groups. Thisis very dangerous since it will affect each and every individual’sway of life. That is through considering schools that often have amixture of races implying that children will be denied that basicneed. These and other social activities show how race wars bringabout division in the society


Racewars are the main cause of gangs all over the world. That, therefore,affects the freedom of movement and sets out ground rules which willseem uncomfortable to the opponent race. In a case of conflict, warand death will be the outcome. Considering all these, we can statethat racial conflicts can be an instigator of death if not taken careof in due time.

Dependingon the level of these ethnic wars, there will be pros associated withracial wars. At mild levels, ethnic wars can prove to be a motivatingfactor towards achieving high levels of success. Those discriminatedagainst will work hard in proving the other groups wrong and showingthat they are equally important. This is evident where low levels ofethnic wars exist such as schools.

Inconclusion, we can see that racial wars have both pros and consdepending on the levels that they have been exercised. At extremelevels, we can see division in the society or escalate of racial warsthat will lead to death. On mild levels, there might be improvedlevels of motivation such as in schools, therefore, motivatingindividuals towards success.


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