Reaction Paper The Butler

ReactionPaper: The Butler

Reaction Paper: The Butler

The Butler is a movie that captures the life of Cecil Gainesas he moves from the cotton fields in the South to the White House.In fact, he serves seven presidents that had ruled the nation.However, the movie portrays a number of stereotypes that the WhiteAmerican society has against the Black people. For instance, theAfrican Americans are painted as people that do not have the requiredskills and they are exposed to various kinds of discriminations underthe Jim Crow legislations. This essay will reveal how TheButler depicts the Black people like the ones that deserve themenial jobs, and they undergo the discriminations that the Jim Crowlegislations propagate.

More specifically, The Butler reveals how the Black people areforced to settle for the low-skilled job positions while thelucrative jobs are left for the White people. In this case, CecilGaines was given the option of being a butler since it was some ofthe few jobs that the Black people could undertake (The Butler FullMovie, 2013). For instance, the scenario matches the commonstereotypes that the minorities are often low-skilled people thatlack the knowledge and the experience to engage in the noble jobpositions. Hence, they have been forced to settle for the menial jobsthat are often less-paying. Cecil talks about the poor workingconditions in the cotton field where they are exposed to multiplekinds of mistreatment such as the hate sentiments (The Butler FullMovie, 2013). After moving out of the cotton plantations, he acquiresthe skills of a house servant and gets jobs in various hotels.However, it is evident that Cecil is unable to get lucrative jobssince the Jim Crow legislations had prevented them from getting abetter education. Besides that, the White dominated society stillbelieved that the Blacks were industrious people but, they could notattain financial independence since they did not have the skillsrequired to reach the upper economic status.

The movie also illustrates the discrimination of the minorities sincethey are unable to find legal help or the respect they deserve. Infact, the movie begins with Cecil Gaines in a plantation, and later,it reveals how a White farmer rapes his mother and shoots his father.Shockingly, they do not get any justice since they are just Blackpeople that do not have any rights. The scenario reveals thechallenges that people had to undergo during the Jim Crow era wherethey were not protected by the constitutional provisions. Apart fromGaines’ parents, other Black people were also lynched and rapedyet, they were unable to get any justice instead (The Butler FullMovie, 2013). The movie also fails to describe the objectives of thePanthers but, only paints them as men with afros that are violentand seek radical approaches in solving their issues. However, they donot portray the movement as one that fought for the civil rights inthe American society. Instead, the image shows that the Black peopleare unable to a significant role in the society instead. As Cecilworks in the White House, he is exposed to various racial remarks andother scenes where he is asked to reveal how he feels about theracial segregation.

In conclusion, the movie reveals how the Black people deserve themenial jobs since they have not acquired the required academicqualifications. In the movie, Cecil moves from working in the cottonfields to the White House but, the two job positions reveals how theBlacks are made for the unskilled occupations. The scenario somehowundermines their position in the society since they cannot get otherlucrative jobs. Besides that, the movie also reveals how the AfricanAmericans had to undergo multiple challenges that were a result ofthe Jim Crow laws. For instance, he was unable to seek justice aftera White farmer had murdered his father and raped his mother.


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