Reality Therapy





Asa reality therapist, my first reaction is to create an understanding,supportive and trusting relationship with the client. That will beessential in creating a positive perception of my skills andknowledge. Similarly, I will demonstrate high levels of sincerity,concern, openness and respect to Janet. Apart from that, I will alsobe willing to listen, engage in facilitative self-disclosure, suspendjudgment, and avoid using humor inappropriately or doing theunexpected(Corey, 2013)..My feelings and thoughts are that Janet’s situation is notpermanent and she can successfully overcome it by subjecting her toproper counselling. I will also seek to make Janet realize that shehas a wide variety of choices to make to change her currentsituation. Lastly, I will think of the approach I will use to createa coercion-free atmosphere to enhance her freedom and creativity totry out new lifestyle behaviour. I will be fully devoted towardsworking with Janet by creating a satisfying that will eventually leadto successful relationships (Corey,2013).As a result, Janet will be able to reconnect with her family andrefrain from drug abuse, a situation that has been majorlycontributed by infidelity practiced by her husband.

Ata personal level, I will proceed to work with Janet by first askingher a few questions, for instance, what she would wish to get fromthe therapeutic process and the kind of choices that she is making inher relationship. Moreover, I will also be interested to know whosebehaviour is she able to control. The question will arise during thefirst meeting and subsequent sessions (Corey,2013).That is meant to give Janet a wider perspective on the problem,encouraging her to focus on what she can control rather thanconcentrating more on her behaviour. Additionally, I will encourageJanet to identify her basic needs, a reflection of her quality worldand help her make better choices which will significantly change thesituation (Wubbolding,2015).

Inmaking an honest assessment, I will give Janet the opportunity toevaluate every facet of her life. That entails what she intends togain from the counselling process as well as want she wants for herhusband, her 10-year-old son together with the daughters aged 8 andten years respectively (Corey,2013).Besides, I will also be interested to know the kind of person shewould have been if she wasn’t abusing drugs, some of the activitiesJanet would be doing and if she wants to change her life as well asthe factors that might prevent her from making those changes(Wubbolding, 2015). By doing so, Janet will be able to view her quality world, see howhappy and better it would have been thus motivate her to embracechanges. In case Janet resists looking at her behaviour, I will tryto make her realize that engaging in drug abuse wasn’t solving theproblem in any way, instead, it was even worsening the situation.Again, I will emphasize the fact the husband is the cause of theproblem. Therefore, she should embrace change and encourage herhusband to do the same.

Inmy view, substance abuse is a complex health complication wherequitting takes more than just a strong goodwill. The habit or initialdecision is usually voluntary for most of the addicts. It isdetrimental to one’s health, for instance, it results to memorylapse by affecting the normal functioning of an individual’s brain,their behaviour and even making judgments(Wubbolding, 2015).On the other hand, cohabitation is associated with the likelihood ofdomestic violence, divorce cases and unhappiness. Also, it isessential for parents to accept their values for better child rearingpractices (Corey,2013).ForJanet’s case, I will attempt to persuade her to change herbehaviour in the way, I think she should, that will her modify thehabit of drug abuse and have the kind of family she wants.

Itis my recommendation that Janet should formulate an action plan togain effective control over her life and that of the entire family.In this case, Janet should accept the consequences of the choices shemade and help her deal with them. Secondly, we should come up with aschedule for counselling on the effects of drug abuse and theimportance of having a happy family. Lastly, we should have afollow-up procedure to establish her progress in embracing reforms.


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