Reflection Paper



Theconcept of sanity is hard to define and Merton (2000) did not find itany easier to understand how Eichmann could have been found to besane despite the atrocities that were committed under his control. Hetries to make a difference between being sane and being in the rightframe of mind (Merton, 2000). Specifically, some of the actionsorchestrated by sane people would place them in a state that wouldcategorize them as not being in the right state of mind. However,sanity in an individual could be inferred if that person is notimpeded by his/her emotions from acting in a manner that is orderly.Although Merton (2000) explains sanity in the realm of war, wherebyEichmann oversaw the death of many people but was still consideredsane. He adds the relationship between sanity and Christianity.Specifically, he states that sanity is irrelevant if it does notencompass justice and love. The concept of sanity can be applied inprofessional sports to discuss some of the things that are acceptedas sane but which may, in fact, be insane.

Watchingsports is fun as the spectators use this time to support theirfavorite sportspeople. However, several sanity issues that arise whyis watching sports so much exciting in the first place while thespectators might not have an idea about whom the players are? Forinstance, the English Premier League is one of the most watched inthe world. However, there are cases of suicide in several parts ofthe world when one team loses to the other from their supporters. Anexample of this is an individual dying in Africa because his/her teamin the UK has lost. Although this would seem to be sane consideringthe emotional attachment to the team, it is insane, as thisindividual may not have met any player in the team that he/shesupports.

Thevarious fouls that are committed during game time especially infootball make another case for the apparent insanity that is deemedsane. This happens when the referee has to issue a yellow card forthe first warning or a red card for dismissing a particular player.There are some incidences where players have been dismissed withoutactually committing a foul. Additionally, some players are consideredrough and would be high risk for either the yellow or the red cards.As such, the other players would provoke them so that they can becautioned or dismissed. Among the fans, they tend to believe that theperson who is not sane is the one who has been punished for a foul.However, little do they know that the one who is insane is thevictim, as he/she has provoked the other player. These incidencesshow how some players in professional sports are considered insanebecause of their actions without people believing that they areintentionally provoked or that the referee was biased.

Inconclusion, there are various incidences in professional sportsparticularly in soccer, that might seem sane, but which wouldactually be insane. In this regard, when soccer fans from remoteparts commit suicide because the team that they support in UK haslost is a show of insanity, as they might have never encountered anyof the players of that team. Additionally, it seems that the playerswho are dismissed on fouls are the insane ones while in fact thevictims are the ones not in the right state of mind.


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