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Chapter9 talks about the relationship and perception of Mr. Gradgrindtowards Miss Louisa. According to Mr. Gradgrind Miss Louisa offersthe best alternative in the discussion of the different elements ofpolitical economy (Sissy`s&nbspProgress, 2016). Politicaleconomy builds one’s publicity by developing their public attentiondue to their capabilities, however on the other hand does not fulfillsociety’s needs.

Thequote, “what is the first principle of this science?’ the shallowanswer, ‘to do unto others as I would that they should do unto me.”Under this Mr. Gradgrind claims that the concept of social scienceoffers no meaningfulanswer to the principle of humanity since it hasacquired an array of changes throughout generations. The statementgoes to show the extent to which one canreceive an increased sense of public attention duetotheir potential. In this text, Mr. Gradgrind holds Miss Louisa inhigh esteemthiswas pegged on her earlier attempt to ensure self-impositionof defiance against all calculations within the arithmetical process.

Imainly picked this quote due toits ability toquestionand identify the inability of elements within political economy. Thesentence provided adequate answer to the question “what is thefirst principle of this science?’. Usingthe dialogue between Mr. Gradgrind and Miss Louisa, I find theconcept of political economics being unable to satisfy the principleof life fully.Although the expression projected by Mr. Gradgrind is confusing, itgoes to provide a clear demonstration of the different ways throughwhich the complexity of life can beunderstood.Thisis achievedthrough the psychological understanding and perception of Mr.Gradgrind towards the personality of Miss Louisa and life in general.

Thechapter contains various dialogue entries between differentcharacters that could be used to provide a clear emphasis on theaspect of the politicaleconomy. According to the dialogue, it is clear that an individualcan gain popularity when engaging in political activities. However,the political economy does not really satisfy the demands of asociety.


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