Theabove image represents the concept of ecology in biogeography. Theimage shows the existence of the various bird species in thedifferent parts of the world. In biogeography, the reasons whyanimals inhabit the regions on earth are studied (Myersand Paul 49). Thestudy involves animals that are alive or dead. The image aboverepresents both historical and ecological biogeography. It shows thehistorical biogeography of the birds in terms of where theyoriginated and their dispersal over the given millions of years.

Inthe picture, the taxonomic classifications of the birds is alsoincluded. Some of the birds have many taxa while others have only onetaxon. As it appears the more the number of taxonomy classification,the higher the possibility of the species` survival across the years.For example, the Pomareainitiallyhad ten taxa, but five of them are extinct. The birds originated fromthe continental monarch but spread over the millions of years tooccupy the different parts of the world.

Theecological biogeography of the above image suggests that the birdsfound various parts of the world more suitable for their survival.Also, the different environmental factors such as climate and soilcomposition influence the presence of the various birds in the world.Some birds will thrive in dry and hot areas while others will do wellin wet and tropical regions. For example, the M.fraterand M.melanopsisexist in both New Guinea and Australia which have a similar tropicalclimate that is also hot and humid. The image is important because itexplains that the dispersal of the birds shows that they have movedfrom the area of origin and that is why they are spread across theregions. This dispersal also increases the range of a species leadingto a dissemination of the population (Myersand Paul 57).


Myers,Alan A., and Paul Giller, eds.&nbspAnalyticalbiogeography: an integrated approach to the study of animal and plantdistributions.Springer Science &amp Business Media, 2013.


Lifeis always full of dark moments, and some are there to uplift us whileothers if not handled properly can tear us apart. Personally, I tendto focus on why I am facing the challenge and what could go wrong.The resultant impact of this is that I have always been extra-carefulwhen undertaking some tasks. Such characters have their advantagesand disadvantages. For instance, it has allowed me to thinkcritically before making decisions. When faced with challenges, I candescribe myself as someone who focuses on what could go wrong and asin the case of Lazarus who relied on Jesus to unwrap his problems, Ialso look up to close friends to come to my rescue.


Thestory of Lazarus in the Gospel teaches the importance of havingreliable friends. According to the story, Jesus understood thefragility of human life. Lazarus had been in the tomb for four dayswhen Jesus arrived. Lazarus and his sisters were the friends ofJesus. By raising him, Jesus showed friendship, divine power, andlove. This story is a representation of the challenges we face inlife and how friends can help us overcome them (Podmore, 2011).Sometimes we are at dark moments like in the tomb. The stonerepresents the despair and negative attitude. Jesus is therepresentation of the help we get that enables us to gain freedom andnew life.

Aswas evident in the case of Lazarus whom Jesus came to his rescue,called him out, moved `stones` and helped him to unwrap his problems,I also have similar friends with whom I confide. Most of the timewhen I am discouraged I seek help from them. Sometimes I could go forcounseling. Religion is also another source of hope. It makes usbelieve that there is a super-powerful God who can make things rightdespite the situation. Reading the scripture like Lazarus story andthe resurrection of Jesus give Christians hope and make them believein the divine powers of Christ. Spiritual guidance has the power tochange the way we think about life. The scriptures fill us with thehope that anything is possible before God.

Froman individual’s perspective, when I share my problems with myfriends, I believe that they are half solved. Most of them usuallyoffer advice and in some cases they are always there to help mephysically. In some cases, when I am straining with my budget, I canget help from a friend. My situation is similar to that experiencedby Lazarus in that when someone helps me, it feels like they aretaking the stone of problems and helping me unwrap my lifechallenges. Being around a friend takes away the negativity in lifebecause one can always discuss problems and find practical solutions.Additionally, guidance and counseling help one view problems indifferent ways. After such sessions, I always feel encouraged to facemy problems with a positive mind.


SinceI tend to focus on what could go wrong and I often worry aboutmatters that are out of my control, it is evident that people whoshare similar traits should have close friends who can call them out,move `stones` or helped them unwrap. The anxiety that I feel keeps metrapped to various things, and sometimes it becomes hard to engage inother activities. Conclusively, the story of Lazarus teaches theimportance of real friendship. It also encourages people to view thepositive side of life. No matter how dark our situations may be, oneshould always be hopeful and hope for the better. Someone will takethe stones away and unwrap us from the miseries we face.


Podmore,S. D. (2011). Lazarus and the Sickness Unto Death: An Allegory ofDespair.&nbspReligionand the Arts,&nbsp15(4),486-519.