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Thispost outlines the 4Ps of marketing to include product, price,placement, and promotion. The post goes ahead to mention anadditional P, which is position and suggests that they are 5.However, Booms and Bitner managed to extend them from the former 4Psto 7 (Smith &amp Chaffey, 2012). The post responds appropriatelythat some of the ways global marketers adopt the 4Ps include having aprice plan and considering other variables such as customer behaviorand market conditions. Concerning question 2, the post outlines theinclusion of support services by Microsoft and Dell in the launchingof products to foreign markets. I agree with this post that oneconsequence of failing to make modifications to the product is theloss of revenue. According to this post, GRIT team has done well inmarketing while AT&ampT has not performed satisfactorily. I agreethat AT&ampT, which is a multinational firm, should have donebetter.


Thispost sticks to the 4Ps (product, price, placement, and promotion) andexplains the way Coca-Cola has adopted the product, place, andpromotion. With regard to price, the post does not show how Coca-Colaadopted it. However, I agree with it on taking product and promotiongiven that they are integral to penetrating a global market(Fabrizio, 2016). I agree with this post that Microsoft Corporationand Dell need to upgrade the old systems before selling the new onesto the other nations. This post suggests that Maersk Line has donewell in marketing based on the simplicity and the ease of navigatingits website as opposed to other firms with poor translation.Promotion through the company website is regarded as important andhas the potential to increase sales (Fabrizio, 2016).


Thispost suggests that marketing should be focused on understanding theclient and the application of the 4Ps should vary depending on themarket. I agree with this post that promotion should be regarded asintegral to international marketing. Every market has different typesof customers and undertaking the appropriate promotion strategy willallow the firm to make inroads. The post suggests that Microsoft andDell need to understand the ways of ensuring that the customer issatisfied with their services and products. The post names Apple asthe best firm to have done a good job of marketing their productsacross international channels. I agree with this post because Appleproducts are the same across all markets and their promotion strategyis effective. The company has focused on recreating the mobile phone,and its systems are secured and exceptional (The Street, 2012).


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Domesticlogistics limits its operations to the country of origin. That is, itonly encourages logistic companies to only partake in localactivities. On the other hand, multinational logistics is used toencourage the expansion of companies both locally and with the globalmarkets. It is mostly used by institutions that operate within two ormore countries (Gordon, 2016). When transiting from the domesticmarket to localand international markets, one is likely to be faced with the problemof currency fluctuation that vastly affects the stable and efficientfinancial bookkeepingof a company. Theissue is broughtabout due to the difference in the shipping and arrival dates ofproducts.


Regardingmanaging logistics department, the managers can actasbrokers. Despite not being a logistic expert, a supply manager hasthe option of identifying and making special arrangements thirdparties or shipment owners in a bid to provide them adequateopportunity to take away their products (Pontius, 2016). Logisticsmanagers also have the option of short listing truck drivers,trucking companies or post ads on a job board in a bid to attractpropositions from truckers. By acting as third parties, the logisticmanagers hold an array of opportunities that can help enhance theefficiency within the supply and tender department.


3PLsexists to help enhance the logistic efficiency of a company withinthe global market. 3PLs provide adequate room for logistic companiesto re-evaluate their transporting option. That is, the 3PLs helps toenhance the efficientdecision-makingprocess of logistic companies. It assessesand offers different alternatives such as outsourcing that would helplogistic companies ensure faster delivery of their products to theirtargeted consumers (Brown,2011).It is mainly because of this that a company should hire 3PLs


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