Request for Proposal


Requestfor Proposal


Theclient, who is a home owner, has expressed his desire to have thechef`s kitchen renovated to a higher-grade. The kitchen is outdatedand crowded, and the objective of this project is to upgrade it intoa modern exotic kitchen. He has contacted Allmillmo Company toconduct the renovation of the kitchen. The homeowner has demandingexpectations. Hence, the company has to contract a high-qualityvendor to meet these prospects. Allmillmo will determine the qualitythat each shortlisted vendor has to offer regarding the services,appliances, and items they can provide. The renovation exercise willinvolve updating the flooring by installing high-grade tiles. It willrequire adding built-in air conditioners and wiring systems. Inaddition, the contractor will install high-quality lighting systemsand electronic systems like ovens, fridges, and cookers. New windowtreatments will be installed to give the kitchen an exotic design.The furniture will be of imported high-quality wood and plasticchairs and tables to make up the dining area. The entire process willmake use of high-grade fabrication, materials and installationappliances. Allmillmo will pay attention to detail and carefulplanning. The walls will be painted and the plumbing updated. Thefinishing detail will be of superior quality. The kitchen isapproximately twelve cubic meters in size and rectangular in shape.The existing cabinets are a meter and a half high but can barelyaccommodate the available kitchen tools and therefore need to bereplaced or expanded. The kitchen has a corner sink that is modifiedinto a U- shape. The only entry intersects the bar passage and therefrigerator hence, multiple cooks cannot be accommodated. Thekitchen is separated from the other rooms by a wall with a seethrough fireplace. The cooking surfaces and appliances are outdatedand need to be replaced with newer versions with a Tuscan reminiscentstyle. To achieve the desired design, materials and color effectswill be selected to recreate the effect of the Tuscan`s region. Thehomeowner chose a cherry cabinetry laced with a dark green stain. Heprefers granite counters with some blue-green patches and a naturallystoned tile backsplash. The furniture color will be fossil beige, andthe existing bar tools will be re-purposed with the same color. Whenit comes to cooking, the client selected a 36` gas Thermador whichcomes with a custom exhaust hood. A separate microwave and bakingoven will be built in the adjoining wall. The kitchen, eating area,and the entire house will be fitted with hand-scraped hardwood tiles.The existing fireplace will be replaced. With added windows, canlighting and antique trim, the kitchen will be bright and airy.

Thecontractor will include some additional items, requirements andappliances in his scope of the work. This will include:

  1. Efficient management cost and control system (MCCS). This will assist in providing a detailed budgetary estimate and report of all the activities that will be undertaken including all purchases to be made.

  2. Critical timelines including the implementation period. This will ensure the completion of the project on the stipulated time and avoidance of absenteeism. Any project schedule issues that might arise will be addressed and defined in the proposed revised schedule.

  3. Quality assurance through training in risk and safety management and outlined quality requirements which the client has to agree to (section 2).

  4. Material purchases will include stainless steel freezer, microwave, burners, marble counter tops, additional lighting systems, tiles, gas, and cabinets.