Research Ethics




Anoverview of literature indicates that there is a notable absence of adiscussion of ethics in customer segmentation. Categorizing of theconsumers according to their specific traits is vital to marketingand ethics should be considered in the process. Firms shouldincorporate morality into their decisions regarding customersegmentation. The ethical practices need to consider theenvironmental and community as well as the rights of the customers.There should be fairness in the segmentation process. The absence ofa discussion of ethics in customer segmentation could be because ofthe clients` concerns regarding the process as well as pricing amongothers. The segmentation requires critical analysis of the customers’behavior, demographics, psychographic, and the geographical aspectsto determine their features. The consumers can be served better bythe businesses if they are categorized in specific groups since mostof them differ based on their needs and preferences. Grouping ofcustomers enhances the efficient distribution of resources andconsequently makes customer service better. The business can becomemore competitive following accurate customer segmentation because itcan identify new products depending on the needs of consumers(Meunier-FitzHugh &amp Douglas, 2016).

Theother reason for the little publication on ethics in customersegmentation could be insufficient knowledge regarding theircharacteristics and the need to consider ethics in the process. It ishard to study the behavior of clients, and this makes it difficultfor scholars to publish related works. In marketing segmentation,honesty by the firm should be paramount. The business should not bedeceptive about the products and services it offers. The company canabuse the consumers’ interests by cheating about the quality of theprovided goods and services.

Inconclusion, when a firm is honest in its operation, unethicalpractices are avoided. I would ensure utmost honesty in the customersegmentation practices of my company by not being bias in theprocess.


Meunier-FitzHugh,K., &amp Douglas, T. (2016). Achievinga strategic sales focus: Contemporary issues and future challenges.UK: Oxford University Press.