Research Proposal Analysis and interpreting how the concept of apprenticeship functions in “Black Cuban, Black American” by Evelio Grillo and “Mama`s Girl” by Veronica Chambers

ResearchProposal: Analysis and interpreting how the concept of apprenticeshipfunctions in &quotBlack Cuban, Black American&quot by Evelio Grilloand &quotMama`s Girl&quot by Veronica Chambers

ResearchProposal: Analysis and interpreting how the concept of apprenticeshipfunctions in &quotBlack Cuban, Black American&quot by Evelio Grilloand &quotMama`s Girl&quot by Veronica Chambers

Genre, period,author, concepts, theories, or sources your paper will explore

The proposed paper will explore the memoirgenre by EvelioGrillo and Veronica Chambers and other sources outlined in thebibliography


Thenotion of a researcher as apprentice is not new. This proposed studywill take this analogy further by exploring similarities between ayoung African-American girl (Chambers) transition from low class intomiddle class in racially charged American society and a small blackAmerican child growing in a society that is socially raciallyseggregative. These two memoirs (i.e., Black Cuban, Black American&quotEvelio Grillo and &quotMama`s Girl&quot by Veronica Chambers)explore the theme of racism as lively topic that has continues tofeature in debates in the American society (Rajnessh 2005). Theyfocus more on life-changing events notably the experiences of growingup in society dominated with racial segregation. In the two memoirs,the authors learn through apprenticeship to become better people asthey live in these radicalized societies. Importantly, the researcherwill approach the subject of racism in the 20th and 21st century byexploring its associated characteristics as revealed in these twomemoirs.

Rationalefor Pursuing the topic

Racismremains a lively subject for debate with scholars investigating thetreatment of different kinds of discrimination in literary worksbased on gender, race or religion both present and past as well asviews and attitudes of authors themselves toward the subject ofracism. In some studies, racism is the chief or prominent theme(Anshuman, 2013). In other works, racist attitudes have served asunderlying assumptions, but less evident to readers. Some researchershave approached the topic of racism by exploring its associatedcharacteristics in genres. For instance, Niesen De Aruna exploredimperialist and racist current within the Caribbean literature. Onthe other hand, Cava and Engel cited example of racial prejudiceagainst women, Jews, and Blacks in a detective fiction. Other generalapproaches to studying racism in literature have included exploringthe role played by Whiteness in fiction. Some scholars have beenshown interest in discussing how racism has been treated in fictionwritten about and by African Americans. For instance, Pearsondiscussed the attempt by Charles Johnson to combat racism in America.In another study Karen (2001)&nbspcommended on how Evelyn Scottdepicted mulattors in his novels composed during the HarlemRenaissance. Similarly, Jerry Bryant examined the depiction of racialviolence in the “Native Son” authored by Richard Wrights. Stillfocusing on a similar topic, Margo Perkins examined the way CadeBombara handled the image of an African women in her 1970s shortstories. Steven Kelleman discussed the easy relationship betweenJews and African Americans in a modern contemporary city as revealedin the “Tenants (1971) by Bernard Mulamud.

Otherresearchers focused on examining the subject of racism in theirindividual works. For example, Frances Kaye continues a vigorous andlong-standing discussion about racism in America in “Adventuresof Huckleleberry FinnbyMark Twain. Shannon Alfebein explored the manipulation of gender andracial stereotypes in theAwakening (1899).Surprisingly no study has explored the racial prejudice in memoirs.More revealing none have explored how apprenticeship functions inmemoirs. Informed by this gap, the proposed study will examine howapprenticeship functions as revealed in two memoirs: Black Cuban,Black American&quot by Evelio Grillo and &quotMama`s Girl&quot byVeronica Chambers. The choice for memoirs was informed by the factthat memoirs analyzes, interprets, and seeks a deeper meaningunderlying the surface experience of an event. Importantly, memoirswill allow the researcher to respond to the following questions: whatis the event? Why does it mean? Why is the event significant? Why isit important? Memoirs also shed light on both the past and presentand seek to make sense of a person’s life.


Theconcept of apprenticeship functions has been represented in &quotBlackCuban, Black American&quot by Evelio Grillo and &quotMama`s Girl&quotby Veronica Chambers as young African-American girl and small blackAmerican child learning in a racially charged American society.




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