Respiratory Disorders


Cigaretteis a drug widely used all over the world mainly as a stimulant. It iscomposed of a small cylinder of midget tobacco leaves. Apart from itbeing a stimulant, it causes more harms to the human beings, bothpassive and active smokers. Some of the diseases caused by smokingcigarette include asthma, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonarydisease (COPD), stroke, and heart disease.

Aman who has exorbitantly consumed cigarette for about 30 years isexperiencing shortness of breath, coughing, tightness in his chestand wheezing with difficulty blowing air out. Additionally, hereports that nowadays it has been difficult walking upstairs to hishome, which was not the case there before. According to the symptoms,it is clearly showing that this man must be suffering from a disease,which results from the consumption of cigarette (Shimodaet al., 2016).Examining the symptoms, this illness is most likely Asthma. This isbecause all signs seem to resemble those of Asthma.


Asthmais diagnosed based on one`s medical and family narration to theillness. In this case, a doctor will conduct both physical exams anduse test results to determine whether it is asthma (Shimodaet al., 2016).That is, the doctor will use a medical instrument such as astethoscope to listen to one`s lungs and check for other symptoms ofasthma like wheezing. On the side of Asthma tests, a doctor mayperform spirometry, which helps indicates how much and how fast onecan inhale or exhale.


Asthmacan be controlled or treated using inhaled corticosteroids such asFlovent to help in controlling lung swelling over a long time.Additionally, Quick-relief inhalers like albuterol are also used toreduce lung swelling but over a short-term (Shimodaet al., 2016).In conclusion, people are supposed to be cautious and should mindtheir health because cigarette causes more harm than good in one`slife.


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