Response Paper 3

ResponsePaper 3

ResponsePaper 3

“Thegrandfather, dead for more than thirty years, had been twicedisturbed in his long repose by the constancy and possessiveness ofhis widow. She removed his bones first to Louisiana and then to Texasas if she had set out to find her own burial place. Knowing well shewould never return to the places she had left. In Texas she had setup a small cemetery in a corner of her first farm, and as the familyconnection grew, and oddments of relations came over from Kentucky tosettle, it contained at last about twenty graves. After thegrandmother’s death, part of her land was to be sold for thebenefit of certain of her children, and the cemetery happened to liein the part set aside for sale. It was necessary to take up thebodies and bury them again in the family plot in the big new publiccemetery, where the grandmother had been buried. At last her husbandwas to lie beside her for eternity, as she had planned” (Porter,2016).

Theparagraph indicates psychic distance. The distance or proximity levelbetween the reader and the events in the literature work is showneffectively using the psychic distance. Super close psychic distanceis used in the paragraph because the reader relates closely with thehappenings in the story. Porter (2016) indicates that the grandfatherwas dead for a minimum of thirty years. All people in the societyhave dead relatives.

ThePoint of View (POV) in the paragraph is the third person. The authorexplains the events in the story. Porter (2016) indicates that “Sheremoved his bones first to Louisiana and then to Texas as if she hadset out to find her own burial place.” The author explains that thewidow changed the burial place of her deceased husband.

Theunstable situation is shown in the paragraph. The deceasedgrandfather does not have one burial place. The grandmother “removedhis bones first to Louisiana and then to Texas as if she had set outto find her own burial place.” The unstable situation is denoted bychanges experienced in the story for example, transfer of burialplaces.

Plantsand payoffs explain how information in the first part of the story isdiscussed in the later stages of the story. The event that iscontinuously discussed throughout the story is transfers of burialplaces. The grandmother transferred the bones of the dead grandfatherto a burial place in Texas. Also, dead bodies of relatives weretransferred to the new public cemetery (Porter, 2016).

Coherenceis shown in the paragraph through the usage of verbal bridges. Thekey terms used in the paragraph represents verbal bridges. Cemeteryis a keyword that has been used in several sentences to demonstratecoherence. Porter (2016) illustrates that “the cemetery happened tolie in the part set aside for sale” and also “the family plot inthe big new public cemetery.”

Theparagraph has unity because of discussion of a single event. Theevent is the transfer of burial places. Porter (2016) explains thatthe grandmother “removed his bones first to Louisiana and then toTexas.” The burial place of the grandfather was transferred toTexas.

Thethesis statement is indicated by the topic sentence of the paragraph.The topic sentence shows that the grandfather “had been twicedisturbed in his long repose.” The widow changed the burial placeof her dead husband because she wanted to have a final resting placenext to her husband.

Thereader easily understands the information in the paragraph. This isbecause the sentences are written in simple language. The paragraphdiscusses how the grandmother changes the burial place of herhusband. The reader understands the events because burial is a commonoccurrence in the society. The sentences can be read and understoodby learners with different knowledge levels.

Theparagraph is effective because it has evidence and sufficientexplanations. The grandfather “had been twice disturbed in his longrepose” (Porter, 2016). The evidence is that the widow relocatedthe burial place of her dead husband several times. The explanationis that she transferred the bones to a new burial place in Texas.

Theparagraph has sufficient development. This is because it supports themain or topic sentence. Several explanations of transfer of burialplaces are discussed in the paragraph. Porter (2016) denotes that “itwas necessary to take up the bodies and bury them again in the familyplot in the big new public cemetery.” Approximately twenty bodieswere transferred to the new cemetery.


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