Response to a Good man is hard to find

Responseto a Good man is hard to find

Agood man is hard to find by O`Connor is an excellent depiction of thesociety where she lived. The whole story is based on the callousmurder of a family by escaped convicts called the Misfit. One themethat stands out in the reading is religion. O`Connor spends asignificant section of the story depicting salvation through violentexperience that the major characters are forced to undergo.


Thetheme of extreme violence is also well brought out in the story. TheMisfit can be said to represent those in despair and sinners. For astart, there is a lot of disrespect and dissension within the family.The grandmother can be said to be self-centered or selfish while

Thegrandmother is brought out as a manipulative person. She uses thistrait to persuade her family to change their vacation destinationaway from Florida where it is said that the Misfit are hiding. Thiseventually results in the death of her family, and she is alsocaptured.

Additionally,it can as well be said that there is the use of symbolism in thestory. For instance, at one point, the grandmother takes the babyaway from the mother, and this later happens when her child is shotdead and thus taken from her. Consequently, the readers are informedthat at one point, the car passed near an old family burying groundand the grandmother is able to point six graves.


Conclusively,it is evident that the O’Conner’s story is very educative andentertaining. The author effectively uses techniques such assymbolism to bring out the major themes of extreme violence, religionand salvation and family values. Additionally, it successful depictsome of the social values that were predominant in her society.