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Responseto Ai Weiwei

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Responseto Ai Weiwei

Themain events and the subject of the film are the open criticisms by AiWeiwei. He was primarily involved in activism mechanisms andprocesses whereby he mainly criticized the violation of democracy andhuman rights by the Chinese government. Ai Weiwei labeled thegovernment as corrupt and he, in fact, investigated the cover ups andcorruption deals that were done by the administration for example,the Sichuan Schools corruption scandal.

Theartwork by Ai Weiwei portrays political issues as it mainly focuseson dubious dealings in the state, which result in corrupt practicesand violation of human rights. Oneof the artworks that were created by Ai Weiwei is Laoma Tihua, whichrelates to the disturbing of peace.It was a studio production that involved the documentary ofincidences where there was obstruction of justice during a trial ofan advocate of the civil rights1.The artwork was produced in 20091.In this art piece, the police in Chengdu engaged in violencemechanisms through detaining witnesses who were to participate in atrial of the case. Thus, it relates to political issues basing on thefact that justice was denied to the witnesses. The art also focuseson the corruption that saw the building of weaker structures inschools.

Theissues that are presented in Ai Weiwei work have a relation to thepresent day issues. Governments in our societies are engaging incorrupt activities at the expense and suffering of the citizens. Mostgovernment officials are corrupt, and some governments even protectthe individuals who violate human rights2.Thus, I think these issues are important as they create awarenessamong citizens. They enlighten residents on the need to fight fortheir rights and avoid being oppressed. The film and the eventsdepicted were entertaining. Also, the character play and role, aswell as proper staging, are what struck me.

Inconclusion, Ai Weiwei was an important critic who helped in puttingthe government of China under checks through criticism and artwork.His pieces of art such as the obstruction of justice video showed howthere was violation of the human rights and prevention of justicethrough the detaining of witnesses. Therefore, it is important forsuch individuals to exist in various countries to create awareness tocitizens and prevent the government from oppressing them.


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