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Youmade a brilliant choice in deciding to analyse the article thatcompares the effectiveness of a eutectic mixture of local anaesthesiato placebo in pain reduction during paediatric phlebotomy. Ievidently see the article’s point in trying to find a solution tothe pain that paediatrics undergo during a venipuncture but myquestion is what if EMLA cream has some side effects on the infant?What if the effects are more disadvantageous to the child than thepain that it could have experienced during the standard venipuncture?

Itis true that children undergo pain during blood collection processthat involves a venipuncture. Pediatrics is, however, a vulnerablegroup and any drug being introduced to them should be analysed in acomprehensive manner. Toxicity due to local anaesthesia is rare inpaediatrics, as put by Berde (2014). However, some cases of adverseeffects have been reported (Berde, 2014). Also, some of the localanaesthesia have delayed metabolism and elimination in neonates,which pose a risk to their health.

Toconclude, the article is helpful as it generates an insight of whatcan be done to reduce pain in the paediatrics. It gives an elaboratedescription of how the research was conducted, which makes thefindings more reliable. The researchers should, however, consider theeffects that EMLA may have on the paediatrics.


Berde,C. (2014). Local anaesthetics in the infants and the little children:An update. PediatricAnesthesia,14(5),387-393.


Thisarticle is great in reviewing fall prevention in hospitals. The papereven correlates the interventions to successful fall preventionprograms which is commendable. By looking at the article, thequestion that comes to my mind is what are the major causes of fallsin hospitals?

Forthe development of proper fall prevention strategies, there is a needto know the major causes of the problem. Evidence-based research intothe issue is also important in ensuring that the findings arereliable and that they can be applied effectively in finding asolution to the problem (Weyant, 2013). The article has been wellarticulated as it even offers knowledge on what can be done to tacklethe falls in hospitals.


Weyant,R. J. (2013). Clinical Research Designs. Huang/Evidence-BasedOrthodontics Evidence-Based Orthodontics,15-29. doi:10.1002/9781118688489.ch2