Response to Soojin`s Post

Responseto Soojin`s Post

Responseto Soojin`s Post

Itis accurate to argue that the vision and mission of the health centerconstitute its marks of strength and declaration of the notion ofquality care. Providing quality healthcare should not only be apractice but also a culture of staff members in the health center.Soojin`s post outlines the mission and vision of the clinic as toprovide excellent, professional patient care that strives to improveand lead community health towards better patient outcomes andeducation. I agree with Soojin that it is vital to develop staffresearch and development programs that facilitate their training inthe healthcare center. One would echo the post for highlighting thistechnique as it creates a platform for the staff to learn and work inclose cooperation with patients (Williams, 2012). The concept ofpatient activation is also integral to providing quality care. Whenan individual has confidence and skills to manage his health, thehealth care workers find it easy to deal with him/her (Gilhurt,2014).

Dueto a large number of patient’s visiting the clinic, the managementshould consider expanding the number of staff. The expansion shouldfocus on various positions that need to be filled to cater for theshortage and provide quality care. For instance, the clinic shouldfacilitate more staff at the frontline department (Swensen, 2013). Alarge frontline force will enable a fast and efficient response tocritical cases. This will facilitate better quality healthcare andimprove community health for a better patient outcome as desired bythe clinic. In their quest to establish a dedicated frontlineworkforce, the hospital will ensure that patients receive propermedical doses and prescriptions on time (Williams, 2012).

Iwould support the clinic’s practice of providing education andmandatory training during the meeting hours. This practice does notonly integrate the staff into the system but also facilitates abetter and more efficient caregiving workforce (Swensen, 2013).Regular meetings and discussions on the strategy to improve careprovision are also mandatory for quality health and education in theclinic.


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