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Youdid an incredible job in sharing HIT’s effect on protecting patientprivacy. The post reminds me of the role that healthcare has onmaintaining patient confidentiality. It is well known that healthcareprofessions are required to maintain confidentiality when handlingpatient’s information. The probing questions that develop in mymind are what if some of the information needs to be distributed toother bodies such as the statutory bodies? What procedures should befollowed when channeling patient’s information from the hospital toother bodies?

Itis true that nurses should be at the forefront when it comes toprotection of patient’s information. In some situations, however,patient information needs to be shared so as to help bodies such asthe judiciary conduct some required processes (Naylor, 2012). Properguidelines are necessary when it comes to such situations so as toensure that the patient understands and that his rights are notviolated in the process.


Naylor,K. (2012). Data distribution for patient welfares: ApplyingInformation Revolution to the Telehealth in the UK. IntJ Integr Care International Journal of Integrated Care,12(4).doi:10.5334/ijic.933


Acommendable job was done in the development of this posting. The postoffers a great insight on how the nursing field has transformedregarding protection of patient information. The question is whatmeasures have been taken to ensure that technology does not create aloop through which patient information can get lost?

Itis known that technology is both advantageous and disadvantageouswhen it comes to storage and sharing of information. The article hasclearly outlined the advantages of technology in enhancing privacy onpatient information. However, according to Menachemi (2011), mosttechnological gadgets are prone to vandalism, hacking and breakdown.Any event where a system is interfered with may lead to loss of vitalinformation. Hence, there is a necessity to ensure that thetechnological tools for handling patient information are wellprotected and taken care of.


Menachemi,N. (2011). Paybacks and shortcomings of the electronic health recordsystems. TheRiskManagement and the Healthcare Policy,47. doi:10.2147/rmhp.s12985