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Response 1

Since EBP does not mean there is room forimprovement, are there any plans forimproving nursing practice in the organization?

For a long time, hospital organizations have been using EBP becausethey are guaranteed of handling thepatients with care (Kelly, 2011). As a result, embracing new methodswith better performance has been an issue. The culture of EBP needsto be reinforced and combined with other new approachesof modern nursing practice. The culture in this organization needs tobe improved by incorporating more policiesand procedures of caring for patients. Since new changes ought to gothrough examination from the nursing council, the examination shouldnot be such a lengthy and bureaucratic process.

Response 2

The organization is looking forward to changing.What are the particular measures of change management and adoptionwill be utilized?

Any organization intending to introduce or make any changes ought tohave a plan (Sullivan &amp Garland, 2013). Introducing new policiesand procedures in the organization are notguaranteed to run smoothly. There are numerous challenges associatedwith change transition. In this case, members of the organizationsuch as the Council have been resistingsome proposed changes. Others may take too long or even becomeconfused about what isexpected from them after the amendments.

The most efficient way of introducing change to both the council andother members is awareness. Train the members on the significance ofthe amendments and how they will benefitfrom it. Show them how they could adopt it quicklywithout experiencing discomfort and many inconveniences.


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