revised NBA Positions

Onthe NBA basketball court, five players are playing different roles ina particular position. Each person, on the court, has a role to playin more than one area as the match continues. This factor is due tothe nature of the game since it allows the players to move aroundfreely and flexibly play while doing the right thing at the rightspot. Anyperson interested in playing basketball should first learn the fivebasic positions as well as the roles taken by the players.

BasketballPositions in the NBA


Itis an extremely pivotal position in the game of basketball as theplayer is depended on at every end of the floor. In most cases, he isthe tallest player and is usually situated around the basket to beable to jump as high as possible and make the rebounds. His physicalabilities should be domineering and athleticism in general.

Inan offensive function, he is supposed to be ready to pass and alsoshoot. He blocks defenders and creates space for other players todrive towards the basket and make a goal. They are also supposed towin rebounds that are offensive and put-backs. Other abilities of acenter player include the potential to make jump shots quickly, hookshots and use the backboard when making his shots. His defensiverole is to bar the opponents from shooting by blocking their shotsand passes within the key areas. They are supposed to win most of therebounds because of their height.


Theyare second in height after the center players. Their physicalqualities and style of play are almost the same too although theyhave more speed than the centers. Their position is usually under thehoop or likely to be found in the wings and corners. Apart fromstrength, they enjoy a lot of physical play style, are activerebounders and can effectively be inside shooters, just like thecenters` players. Another difference is that they can shoot from longrange, unlike the centers that shoot from a closer range.


Inthe field of play, he is a typical creative scorer and soliddefender. He is always the shorter one between the two. Nevertheless,the height must be right to enable him to play inside, emulate thesame style as the center and power forward players as well as becompetent in everything he does. They are also the second or thethird finest shooters from a range since they can also take up thedefensive roles.


Heis possibly the shortest player on the court. However, they are a bittaller than the point guards. They bring the ball down the floor andset up the offensive play.

Heneeds to have an excellent dribbling and passing ability, good courtvision and accuracy in shooting from a three-pointer distance.


Heis expected to be the best at ball handling, dribbling, and passingas he is always in contact with the ball on most occasions more thanother players. He is also supposed to bring the ball down and createan offensive play. Potentially the shortest players too and it isrequired of them to use their creativity and vision to coordinateothers on offense. This position calls for real long range shootingability though it is not crucial.


Fromthe discussion, one can easily point out the NBA basketballpositions, the qualities of each player and the role they play in thefield. There are five major players namely the center, the pointguard, the shooting guard, the power forward, and the small forward.A basketball team is made up of several players nevertheless, onlyfive can be on the field of play at any given time.