Role Of The Sonographer During Invasive Procedures


RoleOf The Sonographer During Invasive Procedures

Roleof the sonographer during invasive procedures

Sonographer’sroles revolve around the process of ultrasound. In this case, thesonographer passes the ultrasound transducer over the parts of thepatient that are under examination. The sensor produces pulses thatare reflected as echoes, shown by the ultrasound machine as images.This enables the doctor to examine the issues regarding the revealedorgans.

Thesonographer, however, has various general responsibilities that hecarries out in the sonography process. First, the sonographer takesthe patients through a thorough preparation of the sonographyprocedures (Sikka,et al. 2013).The sonographer does this by considering the history of the patientand also responding to any question that the patient raises about theprocedure.

Thesonographer has the responsibility of maintaining the imagingfacilities. He has the responsibility of ensuring that the equipmentto be used are in good and usable condition (Sikka,et al. 2013).He is also charged with the task of preparing the imaging instrumentsto be used during sonography.

Sonographeralso applies a gel on the patient to ensure that the sound waves areable to show inside the body of the patient. He also operates theequipment to enhance the capturing of the images of the areas oftarget in the body of the patient.

Thesonographer then analyses the images seen to determine the qualityand the adequacy of the covered area. This leads him to theresponsibility of differentiating the normal images from the abnormalimages.

Afteranalyzing the observed images, the sonographer comes up with thepreliminary findings that will form the basis for the physicians toact(Sikka, et al. 2013).After the entire process, the sonographer summarizes the results andrecords the results of the whole process. After recording, thesonographer keeps track of the patients` record to ensure that theyare safe and available whenever a need for referencing arises.


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