Marketinghas evolved over time. Business corporations and people concentratedtheir efforts in marketing the product they sold and profits, butwith time they changed their efforts and attention to how customersreacted to products and their services(Smith, 2013).Entities realized that customer relationship was important and theystarted to focus their attention on how they were perceived in themarket. As a result of that, the concept of public relation, whichwas a component of marketing evolved over time to be an independentventure that has been regarded important in the society (Smith,2013).

Organizationsrealized that the image they portrayed to the public was essentialfor future survival. As a consequence, many have been involved insocial responsibility actions, such as sponsorship, povertyeradication, and education scholarships among others. Though the gainthat is derived from these actions is not measurable, it is believedthat it creates customer loyalty, which has become essential forbusinesses that have established brands (Smith,2013).This research paper seeks to elaborate the importance of sponsoring Rio Olympics in enhancing their public relation. has managed to have a positive impact on how the public perceives itsbrand by sponsoring events such as Rio Olympics and other gameevents.

Benefitsof Sponsoring Rio Olympics

has established itself as an electronic hardware corporation that hasa wide market all over the continent. However, delivering up to dateproducts, which are quality has not been enough to create customerloyalty. The organization has gone a mile ahead to ensure brandloyalty by being concerned with events that the society regards asimportant. In particular, featured greatly in Rio 2016Olympics as a sponsor(, 2016).One would question what the organization was targeting to achieve byspending so much in the games, but from the perspective of creatinggood image, succeeded.

has been sponsoring these games since 1988 Seoul Olympics and hasmanaged to stand out as an exceptional sponsor that cares aboutpromoting the talents of people in the society and the unity of theworld brought by the event that is held after every four years(,n.d). Furthermore, when they give their hardware to be used inpromoting these events, they appear philanthropic in the eyes of thepublic. This has the effect of making the public feel that what theyhave given to the company is being used in a productive way,especially promoting talents. Thus, a sense of loyalty is createdbetween the organization and customers by enhancing a positiverelationship.

Furthermore,during this event involved the attendants of the event in aPin collection promotion where winners won various prizes and othersgot a fully covered cost for 2020 Tokyo Olympic (, 2016). Thispromotion made the experience at Rio for the attendants to be fun asit was intended to promote the Olympic spirit. The culture for to promote this social event has made people to alwaysassociate the Olympics with it. Thus, people might find themselvespurchasing more products from due to the impression that thebrand creates during these events.

Moreover, has managed to gain allies and supporters with whom they wishto work together and sponsor events jointly. This increases thegoodwill and image of . As a result, it becomes common topartner with when an organization wants to promote itsproduct in good light. Additionally, it becomes easier for them tosolicit funds from financial organizations as it has set itself apartin transforming the lives of people and banks that are also servingthe same customers may also want to appeal to them.

Additionally, has managed to get the media attention of many internationaland local channels. It is important to note that Rio Olympics was anevent that was covered by many media outlets. Thus, it was possiblefor people at a thousand miles away to see banners andhardware everywhere during the Olympics through their TVs and anyother channels used to air the event. As a result, was ableto use the media without paying for it at a wide scope than when itbuys time on air. Furthermore, as Rio Olympic was trending on socialmedia platforms, concurrently also did. This increased thepublicity of at the cheapest cost possible.

’sTarget Audience

Inthis venture, the organization had targeted mainly the competitors’fans. This target group was important as it comprised many peoplefrom all walks of life who are diverse. There were 42 Olympicdisciplines with 306 events and 300 medals issued, an incident thatattracted billion viewers(Olympic Sports, n.d).An event of this magnitude attracted people across the world hence,the action of sponsoring this event appealed to individualsfrom Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia.

Therefore, would be able to penetrate these markets with ease as it hasalready established itself as a good organization that promotespeople`s social welfare by sponsoring celebrities from thesecontinents. The public relation campaign also helped a lotin fact, the incident of the repairs of Galaxy 6 not beingcompatible, which were recalled in September has been watered down bythe goodwill image that has created over time.

Furthermore,the fact that the group that watched the Olympics were comprised ofboth celebrities, professionals, youths, adults and senior citizens, was able to promote various products that were suitable forthese people depending on their class, interest, and jobs. As aresult, it was able to stimulate its products to a wide market withina short period who would ensure global market success.

CommunicationGoals Exploited

Toeffectively reach the target market, had to utilize the actof giving and getting information. This was fully possible where thefans could interact with vendors and share informationconcerning their products while consumers asked any question that wasof concern to them. This would help to solve any problems and clearthe confusion, hence fostering understanding.

Subsequently, would persuade and request consumers to purchase theirproducts hence, initiating action. Persuasion is the principle actionthat is used to make people make a decision about purchasingproducts. Most people that are buyers of a particular brand becameconsumers through this method. The organization persuades people,then it promotes action by offering products with their prices aprocess of initiating action and behavior change.


Thus,the public relation has become an important aspect of the businessorganization that has proven to be essential in increasing consumerloyalty. has managed to initiate various socialresponsibility actions, which promote its image in the market such assponsorships, education scholarships, and poverty eradicationprograms among others. In 2016, was greatly involved insponsoring Rio Olympics, which helped it promoting its brand imageand publicity to a wide market target all over the world. Its majortarget in this event was the fans who came from all walks of life,and it gave information, persuaded and called people to action bychanging their behavior to adopt their products, which are effective.


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