Scholarship Essay



Asan individual who has had the experience to relate to diverse groupsof people, I learned the art of inclusion rather than tolerance.Diversity is anything that sets an individual different from anotherit can be based on race, ethnicity, one’s religion, sexualorientation, one’s gender, or background. The capacity to work withvarious groups of people is important in today’s world. Myexperience when interacting with different cultures or groups ofpeople integrated into building relationships.

Buildinga relationship with different cultures is key to attaining animportant goal. Whether you want to ensure there is a cleanenvironment, promote economic development, or bring health care tothe community, you will need to work with people from differentracial, economic group, language, and ethnicity. In order to workefficiently, you will have to build a good relationship based ontrust, shared goals, and understanding (Allen, 2011).

Whileinteracting with different people, I learned that trustingrelationships holds people together as they work towards a commonproblem. Working on challenging situations sometimes calls forhanging on when times are tough. They will have to support each othereven when it feels discouraging. You will have to develop arelationship with people whose groups you know little about.

Achievinga community goal will need each of us to establish a friendship andrelationship to get the necessary strength we need. If we are able tobuild the network of people and study relationship, we can worktogether to solve common problems.

Anonprofit career is an integration of working with different peopleto achieve a common goal. Learning to interact with people of diversegroups is significant you need their resourcefulness and trust tosucceed. Every day one interacts with individuals from differentcultures. Nonprofit career calls for reaching out and taking theinitiative more than you ever did in your life. People from differentreligions, economic groups, and races in most cases are usuallyisolated due to the societal factors that tend to discrete them fromeach other. For things to be altered, we need to undertake an activerole in making them different. Reaching out to people in the society,especially those who feel mistreated will take the time to associatewith you. Some may have built a defense around them, but it is notimpossible to make a connection.

Takinga risk to put yourself in a situation of the diverse group of peopleis core to the success of a nonprofit career. I interacted withpeople of different cultures this gave me the courage to show up inplaces where they met such as events or parties. People of a givencultural group will realize if you show interest in their way oflife. When you are enthusiastic to stand against acumen when ithappens, it will motivate people to know you, as they see yourwillingness to take a risk on their behalf.

Asa non-profit career person, one needs to respect and support theminority and their values. This can be done by entertaining thecultural differences and working towards making people sense thatthey can possess both worlds as a replacement for having to discardone set of values in preference for another, which forms the art ofinclusion.

Inconclusion, a relationship is a powerful tool. Establishingconnections with people from diverse backgrounds constitute thefoundation of making changes in our communities. It is possible tocreate networks and alliances in which people are aware of thestruggles faced by others from diverse backgrounds and cultures.


Allen,B. J. (2011). Differencematters: Communicating social identity.U.S.A: WavelandPress.