Self-Care of a leader

Self-Careof a leader

Self-Careof a leader

Becauseof the tiresome activities of the workplace environment, any leaderrisks developing physical and mental health problems. However, beinga great leader implies that one must know the benefits ofprioritizing physical and psychological health (Bouchard, 2012). Oneneeds to exercise daily as a way of keeping fit and evading physicalailments. Also, yoga meditation is important when a leader wants torevitalize the mind. The most important thing is keeping doctor’sappointments to ensure that one’s health is constantly assessed.Good eating is unavoidable when a leader needs to keep fit bothphysically and mentally. In the current global economy, good physicaland mental health is a significant aspect for success in business.

Aleader needs good physical and mental health so that performance andproductivity of an organization can be enhanced. A healthy leader ischaracterized by morale and the ability to encourage communicationand teamwork. An interactive environment is important for reducingemployee turnover and cutting on the associated budgets of staffing(Bouchard, 2012). A strong leader may also assist individuals to dealwith difficult circumstances.

Oncea leader is healthy, both physically and mentally, he or she can worktowards improving the status of an organization. Once the reputationof the business is boosted, it becomes attractive to potentialemployees and the wider public. A good organizational standing isassociated with an exciting and a vibrant environment where employeedevelopment is a component of the business culture (Bouchard, 2012).

Furthermore,a leader needs to have good physical and mental health to managestress that can lead to other ailments. Mental distress affectsphysiological susceptibility. The leader may turn to reliance upondestructive lifestyle habits such as alcoholism and smoking(Bouchard, 2012). Such social issues may have undesirable impacts atthe workplace, hence the need for a leader to maintain good physicaland mental health.

Consequently,being a great leader calls for an understanding of the benefitsallied to good physical and mental health. Maintaining good healthtranslates to improved organizational reputation and reducedworkplace related stress. As a result, before being a great leader,one must work on his or her physical and mental health.


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