Self-IntroductorySpeech Outline

Tittle:Self-IntroductorySpeech Outline

GeneralPurpose: ToInform

SpecificPurpose:The speech will offer information about the greatest experience in mylife so far

ThesisStatement: Asa hopeful for a career in the film industry, I had the mostsignificant experience in life when I met and interacted with anexecutive producer Mr. X

AttentionGetter: Weall get to desire, develop and grow to be like someone we know of,who has already made it in a particular field of interest as a mentor(DuBois, &amp Karcher, 2013).

Theintroduction of topic:I recently had an unexpected opportunity of meeting my role model, awell-known and influential public figure in the country.

Credibilityand relevance:Ever since I was a child, I have always admired the filmmakingprofession.

Preview:Through my years in school, I have strived to perform well andimpress my parents even though I never told them that I lacked thedesire to engage in a commonplace white-collar job. I always knew Iwanted to work in showbiz, particularly in the film industry. Indeed,people ought to follow their dreams and aspirations in life if theyexpect to find fulfilment and help in their careers (Johnson &ampRidlley, 2015).

Transition:Tobegin with, I would tell you a little bit about myself. I will informyou about my background, passion, desire, hopes and dreams. I willalso tell you about my most exciting experience how I was privilegedto meet a role model that I admire and respect.


  1. As far as my background is concerned, I believe I come from an average family in terms of social status.

  1. My name is xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx.

  1. I love my surname because it reminds me of my grandfather, it turns out that he also had a passion for the motion picture industry and worked with some companies that produce commercials for TV.

  2. As for my middle name, it is from my mother’s side.

  1. Currently, I am xx years of age.

  1. I was born on xxxxxxx, in xxxxx

  2. Throughout my childhood and adulthood, my family and I have resided in xxxxxxx.

  1. I only have two siblings, an elder brother and a younger sister. I feel like an outcast sometimes because they seem to focus more on getting straight As in class while I appear to concentrate more on extracurricular activities

  1. Now, I will talk to you about my interests, dreams, hobbies, hopes and dreams- elements that have always influenced my life choices.

  1. To sum up all the above elements in one statement, I would say that I love movies and the ways in which they are created.

  1. Since I was a small kid, I always paid attention to the details that are in movies and any other motion picture that I could get, with the principal understanding of their properties as electronic images (Verberck, 2014).

  2. It was not until I reached high school that I realised I have a passion for directing and producing movies altogether.

  3. At that time I made a choice in my heart to pursue a career in the filmmaking industry

  1. As for the best experience that I have had in my life so far, I recently met with an executive producer, Mr X from Hollywood. We had a one-on-one talk with him, and we became friends.

  1. I met X when the crew of XX(movie name) that had travelled to XX (hometown) a few months back. I was helping a friend to deliver a package to their staging area when producer asked if I could do him a favour of getting him some drink from the local store. When I delivered it to him, I asked a few questions about the movie industry, how one goes about with interest in movie production, having in mind that Hollywood is experiencing rapid changes (Walls, &amp McKenzie, 2012). I think he liked me, given the fact that I am very interested in the film industry.

  2. I believe in establishing and maintaining professional relationships with the right goals in life. I now have a personal relationship with Mr , and I thank God for the experience


Transition:Finally,I am confident that I will pursue my desired career in the filmindustry.

ClosingStatement: Iknow I have a lot to learn and more experiences to come, but I ammore than ready and willing for it all. Thank you for your time, andGood bless you


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