Self Reflection (Social Work)

SelfReflection (Social Work)

My decision to major in social work has been motivated by a varietyof factors. These factors include my personal achievements,experiences, problems and passion. My desired future career alsomotivated the decision to major in social work to a considerableextent. My experiences have been coupled with many obstacles andchallenges. I feel that majoring in social work is the best steptowards preparing me to help other young people (and the community atlarge) to overcome these challenges.

I have a great passion for changing people’s lives and changing theworld at large. Since I was young, my goal has always been to make asignificant difference in people’s lives. My personal joy isderived from the realization that my actions have made a major impacton the lives of the people. Payment through money or any other formof material resources is not enough to motivate me. Majoring insocial work will enable me to gain skills and competence to help thepeople and impact their lives in a caring and supportive way(Baldwin, 2016).

The one thing that I want to learn and get out of this program is thepsychological development of individuals of all ages ranging from thechildren, young adults to the elderly. This follows the realizationthat one must understand the lives, thought, and intentions of peopleif he/ she is to have a major impact on their lives. Beyondunderstanding their psychological development, I also intend to learnabout their general development at large so that I can stand a betterposition to provide better care and support to them. I believe thateffectiveness in social work is attained when care and support areprovided to the receiver’s satisfaction.

One thing that I learned this semester that will help me improve forthe next semester is the fact that good practice in social work isnot just about knowledge and skills but also personal values andethics. As much as I initially recognized the essentiality ofpersonal values and ethics in performing other careers, I rarelyrecognized their essentiality as a social worker (Burr, 2015). Ifound it very interesting to learn about identity and attachment andhow they are related to personal values that are an essential elementin good practice. My goal is to improve on my personal values andethics next semester with a view to becoming a better social worker.

It has been a major challenge for me to work with populations withlimited English language proficiency. As pointed out earlier, I onlyget fully satisfied after the realization that the person to whom Ihave provided services has been fully satisfied (McMichael, 2016).With limited English language proficiency, it becomes considerablychallenging for us to communicate. I rarely understand what theyintend to say just like they rarely understand my message to them. Inan attempt to ease this social problem, I intend to learn variouslanguages. This is what it would take for me to efficiently andeffectively work with them.

To sum up, I am very expectant about the knowledge, skills, andcompetencies that I will gain from this course. My personality andindividual temperament are well consistent with this career. I have agreat passion for helping people. The joy of the various social workpopulations is my joy. I believe that this study will enable me toperform my duty as a social worker in a better way. In the next andsubsequent semesters, I will focus on ameliorating my personalchallenges and learning how to overcome them. These challengesinclude providing social work services to people with little Englishproficiency. Besides, I also intend to improve on my personal valuesand ethics.


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